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Quote of the Day —

“Sure, there have been injuries and deaths in boxing, but none of them serious.” – Alan Minter, a former boxer

I want to ask Katie out. I’ll just say that. But I do not know how
to go about doing it. I sent her an IM asking how I should go about
asking her out…stupid, but necessary, I think. I also asked Michelle
how I should go about asking her out. Hopefully, between the two of
them, I will get a good response that I can use. For now, though, I am
just a fool involved in these stupid games of love. An inexperienced
fool, at that. Katie and Michelle are both going home this weekend, so
I may not actually get a reply from either of them until Sunday —
which isn’t so bad, I guess, it allows me to concentrate on football,
as usual, this weekend.

This all was brought on by my asking her jokingly if any guys were
trying to “take her off the market”. She left a couple smilies and
jokingly said that she wasn’t at liberty to discuss that. Which just
worries me. Every girl I have ever liked has had a boyfriend, or gotten
one soon after I started liking them. The list is not long — Michelle,
and Kristen, a girl I went to high school with. But regardless, I do
not want to lose another girl to the dating life. So I’m swooping in
early — much earlier than I probably should. Does it make me a loser
to be utterly and completely panicked about this? Am I crazy? Don’t
answer that. But I am extremely nervous…I’ve never gone on a bona
fide date in my life (for my purposes, a date being defined as
something that both parties know and want to be a date).

I could really use some advice here, but I don’t know where to get it, or how.

The first presidential debate was tonight, and I’m calling it a
draw. Kerry made a decent rebuttal to Bush’s allusion to his “voting
for the $87 billion before he voted against it” line and spoke clearly,
outlining his points pretty well. Bush went to the well a little too
often with the changing of Kerry’s positions, but made a great comment
about Kerry’s position about working more with our allies by saying,
“Who would want to join someone who says this is ‘the wrong war in the
wrong place at the wrong time’?” I thought that was a FANTASTIC
comment, and that’s what pushes it to a draw. However,
Bush made a major mistake by not attacking Kerry for voting
against military funding — he had a great chance to after Kerry
criticied Bush for sending our troops to war unprepared. A draw of
course is bad for Kerry, who’s losing in the polls by roughly six

Sigh…I don’t know what to do about Katie. Just the fact that she’s
a student at Ball State who doesn’t drink makes her right for me,
because how many people like that are around here? But how do I go
about making HER realize that? Sigh. Hopefully I’ll figure this out…I
am after all still a rookie in the games of love.

Coming tomorrow — my Week 4 NFL Picks and the complete Quote of the Day archive!


Ok, so last night after I got off here, I was hanging out in my room, and Allie, Bobby, and Tank, someone who lives on the first floor, came in and just kinda started talking. Bobby started acting like a douche hole just to piss me off like he always does around Allie – I guess he thinks it impresses her or something. Bobby doesn’t seem to get that I’m not pissed off about him doing stupid shit like grabbing my Panthers helmet, putting it on, and dancing like an idiot because it insults my team. I am pissed off about it because he just acts like a friggin retard just to get me mad, and I don’t see the point.

So anyway, Eric, Allie, and Bobby tell Tank the story of prom night. I will detail what prom night was: an unmitigated disaster. Bobby and Allie and Eric and everyone thought they were coming to pick me up. I never heard that from them, so I just had my mom drive around and look for them — at Allie’s house, then Bobby’s, then at the restuarant. Turns out they thought they were picking me up. After all that mess and dinner, we went to prom, which just turned out to be horrible. I was alone, no one else was, they put me in the middle of the picture, which was humiliating to me because it made it even more obvious that I didn’t have a date. By the time the night was over, I was pretty damn sure that Allie, Mitchell (Bobby’s friend who goes to Purdue), Eric’s girlfriend, Mitchell’s date, and the other two people there were all never going to talk to me again. I was wrong about the first two, thankfully, but Eric’s girlfriend still thinks I’m a little brat because of that night. It’s also a microcosm of why I can’t get any girls: I have no balls (to ask anybody out), I get too pissed too easily (the picture), and I’m unattractive (this is debatable, but I figure if I was attractive, someone would have asked me to go with them).

Ok, they start telling him this story, adding the requisite laughs in between because I don’t feel miserable enough about it…basically, it’s just mean. Do I make fun of Bobby about the night he and Molly broke up? Do I make fun of Allie or Eric about the worst nights of THEIR lives? No, I don’t think so. I just assume I deserve the same respect, but I guess I do not, because that’s at least the third time they have told that story to someone else that I barely know, effectively sinking any hope of being friends with any of those people. I have enough trouble making friends as it is; you’d think they’d look out for me and keep me from losing opportunities to make friends, but they don’t. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

Talked to Katie again today…I still don’t know if she likes me or not. I’m just going to take life as it comes (not grab life by the horns…just kidding) and wait and see. I’d like to hope she likes me, but remember, no girl in the history of mankind has ever wanted to date me…ever. And I had these same thoughts about Allie, and you can see how that turned out. I think I have more basis this time around though. I think. I’ll just wait and see I guess…I wish girls would just tell you if they liked you. I know I’m the same culprit the other way, but you know, Amy’s had the same boyfriend for how long now? Over a year? It’s self preservation not telling her I like her…haha.

Tonight’s plans…a Cardinal Sportslive meeting and some homework. Good stuff.

Oh, right, and the Quote of the Day:

“I’m not gay, I’m a homosexual.” – Mr. McNulty, my HS broadcast journalism teacher.

I’ll get the whole Quote of the Day archive posted this Friday probably, I won’t have anything to do so I’ll probably do that. I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

Ok, I’m back. I’ll probably post on this journal at least once a day and sometimes more if I am really bored so feel free to check back every few hours, even, if you want to.

Had a Newslink at Nine meeting today — that’s the student produced news show here for those who do not know. I am a photographer/reporter for the show. I didn’t get anchor for whatever reason, but at least they added that hopeful “/reporter” in there to give me something to shoot for.

Michelle was there for whatever reason. I didn’t get to talk to her at all because we were busy, but that is ok. She is so busy lately I hardly ever get to talk to her anymore, so when I do it’s a little more meaningful.

I was hoping to catch Katie online tonight…we met by going to Out of Bounds, our cafeteria and eating dinner together last Wednesday, I was going to ask her if she wanted to do this every Wednesday, but I haven’t gotten a hold of her yet and it’s Tuesday night so…maybe not.

The Cubs are losing in their chase for the wild card — 1 game up with 6 games left, losing 4-0 to Cincy right now, so hopefully they can come back.

Eric is going home again this weekend, for the third time in five weekends, so I will just once again have to search for things to do. Unlike the other two times, the other people are here so maybe it won’t be so bad this time around.

I have nothing else to accomplish right now, but I will leave you with the Quote of the Day, a feature special to this journal that I’m starting right now…why? Because I can. Deal with it. Since a couple days after I moved in, I’ve been leaving a Quote of the Day on our board that’s on our door. At some point, I’ll hit you all up with the complete archive of the previous quotes I have used. But here’s today’s…

“Just keep those expectations low and we’ll be just fine.” – Drew Carey on dating

Alright, check back tomorrow for more! And don’t forget to sign my guestbook and leave any comments you want to make, especially the ladies!  See ya

Hello, it’s me. Just starting a journal, so I can have one, since my AOL membership just got cut off, so I can’t have one there. Just to let you all know, I will be publishing my weekly NFL picks here along with some comments on the games, so you can ignore those posts if you want. My record so far this season is 16-28-2 on the spread, so I am a horrible picker, I just do it for fun though, so don’t worry, I’m not losing any money on it.

Quick introduction to my life…I have a massive crush on a girl here at Ball State, and that’s what I will probably be typing most about. Her name is Michelle. I am taking History 150, Political Science 130, German 301, Health Science 160, and English 103 in this, my first semester at BSU.

I will be publishing more entries in here as my life progresses, I’m just getting things off the ground right now. Since you don’t know my friends, here’s a quick primer on all of the relevant people in my life:

Bobby – Good friend since junior year of high school, he lives one floor below me here at Clevenger Hall at the U.

Eric – My roommate in Clevenger Hall, room 205, so leave a message on our board if you happen to be at BSU.

Allie – Friend since senior year and lives upstairs.

Molly – Friend since sophomore year, is an ex of Bobby’s, and she’s a confidant I guess you could say.

Katie – Person I know, my grandma is responsible for our meeting.

Michelle – The girl I would give anything just to have a remote chance with but I never will, because she has someone already…but anyway, she’s a sophomore here.

Pancho – His real name’s Matt Villa, but for all intents and purposes his name is Pancho. He’s Bobby’s roommate.

Tank – Kid from the 1st floor.

Mitchell – Good friend of Bobby & Eric’s, casual friend of mine. He goes to Purdue.

Lafree – Friend from home, works with me at the movie theater.

Randee, Mike, Myles, Cantoni, Brians (K. & M.), Seth, Matts (S. & B.) – Other co-workers at the movie theater. To clear up any confusion, Randee is a girl.

Mark & Brooks – My two best friends from back home in Granger, Indiana. Brooks is an alias that he got from wearing a Derrick Brooks Buccaneers jersey before we knew his actual name, and he’s used it ever since.

My siblings – Brendan (16), Megan (15), Connor (11), and Cameron (9) are their names and ages.

Mom and Dad – divorced, and I can’t stand my dad. At all. Look for more as we go along.

I think that ought to do it. I’ll add more names if they become relevant to the discussion, and I’ll post more later. So welcome to any readers.