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Toni has an on and off boyfriend…and now they are on. I think. The person who told me this was not Toni. This is absolutely absurd. So this guy (I think it was a guy) tells me not to “mess” with Toni, because she has a boyfriend. Obviously this guy knows nothing about me. First, I would never try and meddle in a relationship unless one party was being horrible to the other. Second, I am not a guy who is going to be able to compete with any other for any girl, ever.

I simply cannot believe that I went on my first ever date of all time TODAY and already possessive friends are challenging me to stay away from taken girls. Do I not get any good things to happen to me before I get the bad stuff? Anyway, like I said, I didn’t hear this from Toni. I left her a facebook message asking about it, and tomorrow I assume I will hear back. I really don’t want to get in the way of anything, but I would appreciate an explanation for what happened tonight.

A. Bob

P.S. For those of you wondering why I insert random pictures of my favorite teams at the end of my entries sometimes, it is because my computer will not load the websites for the Bulls, Cubs, or Notre Dame, so I load in some pics from the lab, get on my regular computer, go to Xanga, and get them. I use them in my screensaver, which is a slideshow of pictures of my favorite teams. So that answers that.


I blow as a date. Horrible. Her roommate came so it probably doesn’t even count as a date. I was boring as usual and she seemed like she wanted me to leave when I was walking her to class. Which wasn’t her fault, I was sucking it up totally. But it’s not like I didn’t expect this. Now she’s just one more pretty girl I could never have…


This would be one of those times where I question if I was even meant to have anyone. You know those times, when you just wonder if you should become a priest, because at least that way you are scoring points for heaven while being alone.

Is there really not a single girl out there as nervous as I am with the opposite sex? Why am I always the one obsessively worrying about every little thing?

Update: She doesn’t hate me and doesn’t mind the fact that I was awkward, because it was my first date. So add “she’s understanding” to the list of reasons why I really like this girl. My first date hasn’t resulted in the loss of a friend, so it is a success.

A. Bob

P.S. A survey…bet you miss those, huh?

*-*Have you ever…*-*
Smoked Pot? not since it was illegal
Kissed Someone? not on the lips, at least not since I was a baby
Done a Cartwheel? I dont think so
Had a pedicure from a salon? no
Played tennis? once or twice
Swam in a thunderstorm? thats dangerous
Surfed? no
Drank strawberry milk? yeah
Been to California? no
Been to Florida? yes
Been out of the country? I went to Canada in summer 2003
Played strip poker? no, but that sounds interesting
Played regular poker? yes
Climbed a tree? not since before puberty
Broken an arm? no
Broken a mirror? no
Punched someone? not seriously punched
Ate Paper? no
Failed a test? just one time in freshman year high school
Skipped school? not on purpose
Been out to dinner without your parents? a couple of times
Driven without a license? no
Stolen something over 300? never stolen anything, not since I was 4
Been pregnant? surprisingly, no
Been to Walt Disney World? yes
Watched porn? yeah, but I didn’t enjoy it
Been to six flags? yes
Watched MTV Video Clash? no

Clothes: ND shirt (even though they fired Ty ), cargo pants, tennis shoes
Mood: alright
Music: none, I’m in the computer lab
Taste: Coke
Make-up: none
Hair: too long
Smell: that hospital room smell
Thing I ought to be doing: studying for tomorrow’s poli sci test
Desktop Picture: a Tyson Chandler background, even though the Bulls suck
Favorite Artist: none
Favorite Group: simple plan
CD in CD Player: the MVP Baseball 2004 soundtrack Lafree burned for me
Tape in VCR: I don’t have one
Color Of Toenails: flesh
Worry: none really…although I hope that Toni will like me the more she gets to know me…I already like her a whole lot…


What color are your walls? white
What color is your bedspread/sheets? blue
What color is your rug? dark reddish brown
Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room? a few
Do you have a TV? yes
Do you have a phone? yes
Do you have your own computer?  yes
Do you have a desk? yes
What are your most treasured belongings in your room? my DVD player…my TV…my CDs
What are your most favorite things in your room? the picture of my family, my TV, and my computer
Do you have any fancy lights in your room? no


What is the first thing you do when you wake up? roll out of bed and turn on the computer
Anything unusual? not really
Do you pick out your clothes the night before school? never
Do you try your best to look cute for school? why for school? I only look cute for Toni

// HOME //

When you come home are you. . .

Miserable? no
Happy? not especially
Tired? yeah

// OTHER //

Do you take walks around your neighborhood sometimes? I run for exercise when I am at home, around my neighborhood
What are some hobbies of yours? computer, TV, sports
What do you do in your spare time? computer, TV, sports


What do you do before you go to bed? i am usually on the computer before bed
Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say “goodnight”? I don’t live with my parents
What way do you sleep (ex: on your side, tummy, etc.)? it varies, usually fetal position under my ND blanket
Do you like your life? more than ever



Do you enjoy depressing music? mostly
What makes you sigh? worries about girls
How many hours a day, on average, do you spend feeling sorry for yourself? used to be a lot more, now just when the computer screws up and stuff
Who or what always brings you down? worrying too much
Do you wear glasses? no
What frightens you? nothing really frightens me
Do you wear sweaters all the time? not usually
What makes you tick? my heart
How many times has your heart been broken? never broken, just dented
What do you think of Dashboard Confessional? I love the song Vindicated from spiderman 2, other than that they’re just ok


Tell me about that time you broke that law! what?
What or who pisses you off? random things
Would you rather date a sissy or a homebody? sissy
Sex or drugs or breaking stuff? breaking stuff, i guess
The Clash or The Ramones? The Clash
What do you think about Anarchy? I hate liberals
Tell me about a prank you played: never really played a prank
Do you do things that are “bad for your body”? eating fatty foods sometimes…
How many times have/were you kicked out of that place? what?
Are you in trouble all the time? not usually


Do you want to die? not yet
What do you think about graveyards? depressing
Do you write poetry often? no
How much black clothing do you own? like two shirts, not goth related
What type of makeup do you wear? i dont
What do you think about pain? it sucks
Masochism or sadism? Masochism, at least you are not hurting other people…they’re kinda the same thing though
How do you feel about the rest of the world? usually sucks
Do you cry often? rarely
What do you think about vampires? they dont exist


How messy are you in general? pretty messy
Do you bang your head on things repeatedly? not usually
What do you think of mullets? yuck
Do you go to concerts often? never been to one besides stupid world pulse festival
What bands rock your pants off! see my sidebar 
What do you think about violence? bad
Who or what makes you homicidal? nothing
Worship Satan or practice black magic? neither
How wild are you in general? not at all


Are you wearing any clean clothes right now? all of its clean except my socks probably
How often do you do the laundry? not much
Do you wear flannel shirts a lot? no
When was the last time you showered? last night
Do you speak clearly? usually
Are you a lazy person? yes
Do you play any instruments? no
Who or what do you rant about a lot? my own life
Empathy or Sympathy? empathy
What do you think about Nirvana? the lead singer killed himself


What makes you different from the rest of them? I have never had a girlfriend (it feels so good not to have to say I’ve never gone on a date though…)
Who or what makes you bitter? when other people get undeserved rewards
What was the last big decision you made? to go to Ball State
Are you a happy-go-lucky type of person? not really
What do you think about conformity? not good, but I don’t like the Goth end of the spectrum either
How hard do you work to get what you want? fairly hard
What do you resent? not a lot
Why might some people consider you to be an asshole? most of the time I deserve it
Do you trust others? mostly
Are you a loyal friend? yes


Do you live in the ghetto? no
Have you ever even held a gun before? no
How much bling do you own? none
Would you rather have your best friend be a wangsta or a wigga? wangsta, but what is that
Would you rather be bustin’ caps or rollin’ joints? bustin caps is more fun
Big butts or big boobs? I’d probably pick big butts if forced to choose one
What’s your best pickup line? I can’t pull off pickup lines
“Fo’ Sho” or “Yeah, son”? neither
What race are most of your friends? white
Ever been to prison? no


Who or what makes you so excited you piss your pants? nothing makes me that excited
Prep or Yuppie? prep
How much money do you spend on bad music? rarely
Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter? can i kill them both?
Do you like mainstream music? yes
Do you want to be a pop diva? Can I date hot girls?
How many times, on average, do you say “like” in a sentence? once or less
OMIGOD or OMG? OMG, but I don’t say that
Ditzy or just plain stupid? ditzy

The Case of the Mondays Meter is set at 7 for this week. It would be 10, but I dropped 3 points from it because I spent the whole day looking forward to tomorrow. It’s not normal, I know. Just permit me a little wackiness for this date thing on Tuesday.

The Packers beat the Rams tonight, putting seven teams from the NFC within one game of the playoffs (yeah, almost half the conference is 4-7). With that in mind, here’s where the tiebreakers stand among those seven teams:

Carolina has the edge on everyone but Dallas.
Dallas has the edge on everyone but Arizona.
Arizona has the edge on everyone but Carolina.
Detroit has the edge on Chicago and Tampa Bay but they are behind the other four.
Chicago doesn’t have the edge on anyone.
New Orleans has the edge on Detroit and Chicago but they are behind Carolina, Dallas, Arizona and Tampa Bay.
Tampa Bay has the edge on New Orleans and Chicago but are behind the other four.

I will keep this updated throughout the playoff chase as it develops. I guarantee you this.

I have a revised English paper (actually two) due tomorrow. I don’t know yet if I will do some of it tonight or all of it tomorrow before the 3:30 class. I’ll probably end up doing a very small amount tonight and most tomorrow. I also have to start studying for a poli-sci test on Wednesday.

Boring day for the most part, but I have a date tomorrow so I don’t care! Really, I’m not always this crazy. Any prospective women out there…I really am not as insane as I seem in this thing, this is how I prevent myself from being insane at other times, lol.

Have a good night.

A. Bob

There’s a damn good chance that today could be considered one of the greatest days in my life, and the fact that Carolina beat Tampa and are a Rams loss to Green Bay away from being one game out of the playoffs is only a small part of it.

The real reason today might be the best day of my life is that I have a date. No, I’m serious. This time it’s a real live date. Tuesday at 11:15 I will be dialing a number at Schmidt/Wilson that may change my life. The girl’s name is Tonijo (I’d call her T.J., but one of my friends’ names is that, so I will stick to Toni). That’s right, another one. Another facebook one. I will be going to lunch with her in the atrium. She’s way too cute to be going on a date with me. I hope she is not quite smart enough to realize that. Anyway, my very first date…Tuesday….at 11:15 am. Strange time for a date? Yes. Do I give a shit? No. She’s catholic, she likes punk rock and did I mention she’s pretty? (Ok…settle down Andy…you’re getting ahead of yourself yet again.) And before anyone asks…she said we could call it a date. So this, for once, is not my overactive imagination!!

The trip back was full of sleep. The night will be too. I might have to work out after Desperate Housewives tonight, but right after that I will probably be hitting the sack. I didn’t get near enough sleep this weekend.

I don’t care about any of it. I have a date with a beautiful girl that I have a lot in common with. I don’t need any of you anymore. Just kidding. I will be telling anyone and everyone how it went, so it’s not like I will be withholding information from you all.

I might be on this high for a while…

A. Bob

Wow…it’s been 2 1/2 days since I updated this thing. That’s the longest I’ve gone without updating since I got this thing, two months ago.

Turkey Day…was alright. It seemed really long though. We started by partaking in the annual Perry family Thanksgiving football game (Brooks’s family). It was my first trip to it, I think Mark has gone a time or two before. We got swamped with snow the day before, so it was an interesting game. I played corner and wideout…I got burned for a few TD’s, but I was also the offensive MVP for our team because I caught a few deep balls myself. We got smoked though, by the older guys. It was a blast though. Then I headed to my Aunt Sheila’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t eat any turkey, because they had ham there. Mmmm….ham. I watched the Colts game, Peyton Manning had 6 TD’s, he is just ridiculous. I missed most of the Cowboys game though due to a nap. A dirty shame, too, because apparently I missed a heck of a game for Julius Jones, who is of course an ND alum, one of my all time faves. Then we played some Uno Attack (which is a blast of a game) and good old Balderdash. That all went till about midnight.

Friday, I drove to my grandma and grandpa’s house, on my dad’s side. Well, most of the way there, anyway. The crappy truck broke down about 30 miles short of that and my dad had to come get me. We had fun though…I played some Gamecube with my cousins as we always do. We had dinner, and this time I did eat turkey. I also ate mashed potatoes, which my grandma does a great job making. Actually, she is probably the best cook I have ever known. Later, we had pizza for dinner, and she makes the best pizza in the world. I really need to get more people to taste it. It’s really friggin good. We also went to a watered-down parade (it is Logansport, after all). And we also watched The Terminal on DVD, which is a great movie, despite what people say. We ended up having to tow that truck to Bremen and drop it off near my dad’s work. The thing, after about 204,700 miles, might finally be finished. I didn’t get back home till past 1 am. I watched a couple of episodes of Friends 8th Season, and now I am here.

Tomorrow, ND plays USC. They can still go to the Gator Bowl if they win, which is kind of sad if you think about it. BSU hung with Kentucky for a half on Tuesday but they ended up getting their ass kicked. Carolina plays Tampa on Sunday, and I really would like to see them make one last run at it…the Giants and Rams are tied right now for the last playoff spot. Carolina’s two games out, but Detroit, Chicago, Tampa, New Orleans, Arizona, and now Dallas all need to be jumped too. I have the faith, though!

I may or may not be updating before Sunday afternoon. Either way, have a great rest of the weekend, all!

A. Bob

NFL Picks — Week 12

Last week: 10-5-1  Season: 70-88-4

It took till Week 11, but I finally had a 10-win week. If I’m not
careful, I might even finish above .500 for the season. On to the early

Indianapolis (-9) over DETROIT

And with the Lions’ defeat against the Vikings last week, I retire
my plan to pick the opposite of what I think will happen. Peyton
Manning has to be one of the top 10 QBs of all time — already.

Chicago (+3.5) over DALLAS

The Bears give their fans one last glimmer of hope that they are for
real, simply because the Fighting Parcells are going downhill faster
than a sled in winter.

Tennessee (-1.5) over HOUSTON

The Texans are hitting the wall, and what’s worse, they’re doing it
in a slow, bleeding way, losing the close ones. It is painful to watch,
and count me among the people who are disappointed that it’s happening.

San Diego (+3) over KANSAS CITY

You serious? Surely, Vegas made a mistake and this is the line for a
2002 matchup between these two teams. I mean, this can’t be the line
for a 7-3 team against a 3-7 team, can it?

Apparently, it can be.

MINNESOTA (-5.5) over Jacksonville

Not much to say about this one, so I’ll say this:

Daunte Culpepper has to be royally pissed that he’s having the
season of his life, one of the best seasons a QB has ever had in the
NFL, and no one even notices because Peyton Manning is tearing the
league a new secondary. Don’t you think he is sitting at home, plotting
an “accident” involving Manning and Ray Lewis?

Philadelphia (-7) over NY GIANTS

No one is holding over the hatred for Eli Manning!!! Am I the only
one who remembers that this guy is just a big jackass who basically
blackmailed an entire city in the NFL draft? Is it because Drew Brees
is enjoying success? Is it because he didn’t win the starting job at
first? There has to be a legitimate reason, right?

PITTSBURGH (-11) over Washington

At some point, Ben Roethlisberger WILL lose a game…I just don’t
think it will be in this year’s regular season. Definitely not against
the woeful Redskins.

CINCINNATI (-6) over Cleveland

Hey, it’s Cleveland’s favorite running subplot: Kelly Holcomb! Hasn’t he been the Brown’s backup QB for a decade or something?

CAROLINA (+2.5) over Tampa Bay

Don’t look now, but the Panthers are only two games out of the
playoffs. With a remaining slate that includes only one team (Atlanta)
with a winning record. With a running attack that Nick Goings has
suddenly revitalized (fifth RB is the charm, right?). With a renewed
confidence on the arm of Jake Delhomme. I’m just saying…don’t look

New Orleans (+9.5) over ATLANTA

The Falcons don’t rout teams, which is the only reason I am making this pick.

NEW ENGLAND (-7) over Baltimore

How long before the Patriots become the Yankees and the entire
league hates them? One year? Two years? Let me be prepared for this.

NY JETS (-3) over Arizona

Two ex-playoff contenders tumbling downwards at warp speed. But the Jets are better.


Only a PK because no line was given me. In a year that has been
filled with horrible games, this just might be the single worst game in
the league to occur in decades. The Niners have been truly abysmal the
last few games, otherwise it would have been a coin-flip pick for me.

Buffalo (+5) over SEATTLE

No one is taking the Bills too seriously yet…I think this
win will do the trick. They are, in all seriousness, playing as well as
anyone in the league right now, except for the three 9-1 teams (NE,

DENVER (-11) over Oakland

I don’t know why the 11 point line but since the Raiders are playing comically bad football, this pick is a layup.

GREEN BAY (-6) over St. Louis

Oh boy!!! It’s Brett Favre’s 200th consecutive start!!! Let’s put it on Monday night!!!!

I’m not saying Favre’s not a good QB…but haven’t the Packers been
on Sunday or Monday night like 6 times this season? Seriously? Not the
Patriots, not the Panthers, not the Eagles….but the Packers? Hey,
NFL, it’s your call. Just as a fan, I thought you would go a different
route on your prime time calls.

To the journaling…

I met Sarah today. It may seem like I am meeting a never-ending
array of new girls, but I am really not. The first thing she said to me
was that I am cute. Memo to all girls…if you want to make my heart
melt and instantly get me to like you then tell me that I’m cute. It
will work every single time. So we talked for a while…she likes
sports, can listen to punk rock, and basically just about everything
else I could want in a girl. I’ll overlook the fact that she’s 2 1/2
years older than me (not that I could never date someone that much
older than me…it’s more that I can’t see why someone 2 1/2 years
older than me would want to date me). And then all of a sudden she says
all this weird stuff like “you should be more generous with your
penis”. Well naturally I get a little short with her, block her, and
stop talking.

She got on later (as someone else) and apologized…it was her
roommate that said the weird stuff. I am so relieved about that. I
thought that, yet again, I had met a girl who seems at first glance to
be great for me only to find out there’s something wrong with her or me
or the circumstances. Luckily, there is not. Which is not to freak her
out if she reads this, but I get those thoughts whenever I meet anyone
I think I might like. I’ll reserve further comment for now, but once
again, those pesky hopes are starting to go up again…again, Sarah, if
you read this, this is really just because I’ve never been on a date,
not because I am fundamentally a lunatic.

Life is great …I’m
talking to more great girls than ever. I really, really look forward to
getting to know some of them, because a few in particular seem really

My thanksgiving thankfuls list…

I’m thankful for Facebook, for serving as another filter through which to meet people.

I’m thankful for every fundamental blessing (house, food, health,
and all those fundamental bits of goodness) that God has blessed me

I’m thankful for how great that (to name a few) Chrissy, Sarah, Samantha, and Jade seem.

I’m thankful that I have great friends who were willing to look past
my hideous first impression to really get to know me, like Mark,
Brooks, Eric, Bobby, Michelle, and Lafree.

I’m thankful for my unbelievable family, my mom, my grandparents, and all of their health.

I’m thankful that despite all the really crappy things that happened
throughout senior year of high school, I was able to persevere and
made it to Ball State.

I’m thankful to have secure summer employment all ready for next summer.

I’m thankful for my mom, who has done everything that she could
possibly do — especially since my parents’ divorce — that she could
to make me and my 4 siblings happy.

And most of all, I am thankful for the bright future that appears to lay ahead of me!


This week, the NFL picks column will be posted on Wednesday since the first games are on Thanksgiving. I’m sure you will all be waiting with rabid anticipation.

Megan never let me know about wallyball. A little disappointing, but I’m sure there was a reason. She seems way too sweet to do that to me. I hope I’m right, because of all the girls I have told that they are pretty on Facebook, she seems the most likely to be a candidate for me to possibly get in a relationship with, hopefully.

The Case of the Mondays Meter is set at 7 for this week, because it was very boring, but not horrible. I talked to a new girl off of Facebook, whose name is Jade. She seems really nice as well, and I hope to get to know her better as well. In any case, I need not worry about my first “date” or anything else until at least the middle of next week. Chrissy, Megan, and Jade are all really sweet people, it seems, and I really would love to meet them face to face at some point. (Also Jenna, but she seems content to ignore me…I won’t begrudge her that right, though.)

No entry will be posted tomorrow, so my next entry will be my NFL picks. I hope everyone has a great trip home for break!

Screw sleep, I’m doing a survey!


Name: Andy Matthew Roberts
Nicknames: A. Bob…people call me Jackass too but I am not sure if that’s a nickname…
Address: 205 Clevenger Hall, Muncie, Indiana
College Plans: BSU, graduate with a B.A. in Tcom, maybe go to IU for graduate school, haven’t decided yet
Birthday: October 28th
Birthplace: Euclid Ohio, some tiny suburb of Cleveland
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio
Siblings: four, three bro’s, 1 sis
Parents: divorced
Best Friends: Bobby and Eric especially, but I love all my friends

Marital Status: single  and hoping to change it
Pets: none
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: blue
Glasses/Contacts: nope, I got good vision
Height: 6’2″ or 6’3″

Peircings: none and never
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: lefties rule! (except at politics)
What’s your most comfortable piece of clothing?: most anything
Goal in Life: to find someone who will love me for me…and also to become a play by play announcer for a major sports event
Song to Describe your life: Me Against the World by Simple Plan…Every Time by Simple Plan for the ladies


Best Girl Friend: It used to be Michelle in a walk, but Mandie is truly a sweetheart as well and I think there are many more girls I know who could become close friends
Best Guy Friend: Bobby and Eric, Mark and Brooks
Where can you usually be found?: Ball State dorm room or at home
Who would you be with?: family or friends
Are you the center of attention? if I am something bad has happened
What’s your idea of a dream date?: Just being out with someone I really care about, cuddling somewhere. I really would not give a crap where it is as long as I was doing that
Are you timely or always late?: half and half
Where’s the best hangout?: probably Brooks’s house
Do you like being around people or being alone?: depends on my mood…on weekdays I like being alone, but on weekends I prefer people
Which EX now induces the gag reflex?: I don’t have any exes
Who was your first girlfriend? Not the girlfriend questions that I constantly have to answer “nothing” to…
Who was your first kiss?: *sigh* never had one…had a chance to play spin the bottle at a party once but decided my first kiss would be with someone really really special to me instead


Have you known the longest?: technically, Paul and Alan from SC, but I never see them anymore, so the answer would be Mark
Do you argue the most with?: Sports debates with Mark and Bobby are the extent of my arguments
Do you always get along with?: I never do not get along with Eric or Brooks
Is the most trustworthy?: Bobby probably, although I would not know really because I’ve never tested this trait
Makes you laugh the most?: Bobby, Eric, Mark, Brooks, that’s why they’re my four best friends, LOL

Has been there through all the hard times?: No one’s really been there through ALL the hard times, but Mark’s been there through many of them

Always has a man/woman?: Eric…Bobby is seemingly always talking to girls but never seems to actually be dating one anymore
Is the most sensitive?:  me, but since we’re talking about my friends…probably Bobby, although he doesn’t act like it most of the time
Biggest loser?: again, me…none of my friends really has this problem
Most unique?: none of my friends are really that unique from one another
Has the coolest house?: Brooks, just because of the badass 2-TV setup in his basement
Has the coolest car?: Bobby I guess
Is the most blunt?: Bobby
Is the shyest?:  that’s definitely me, although Michelle seems shy among my friends 
Is the most outgoing?: Allie
Is the most rebellious?: Allie
Is the horniest?: Allie hits the trifecta
Is the most perfect?: Michelle, but I’m biased being as I’m desperately in love with her and all
Is the laziest?: me, among my friends: mark
Is most likely to become famous?: probably me, just because the profession I am pursuing (PBP announcer) has more famous people than my friends’ pursuits
Is most likely to become rich?: no clue
Is most likely to end up in jail?: Lafree or Mark, although I don’t think any of my friends will broach this line

Is most likely to have a million kids?:  Bobby, I don’t know why
Is most likely never to have kids?: me, because I will never be married, and if I am never married, I will never have sex, and obviously, I won’t have any kids since I will be dying alone and stuff (among my friends: Allie, because I don’t think she likes them all that much)
Will get a boob job?: I hope none of them, all my girl friends look very much fine as they are
Will get married first? I’ll go with the odds here and say Michelle since she is already in a very serious relationship
Will lose their virginity first?: I don’t know who still has theirs! I know I do but I’m not sure about anybody else
Always wears a smile?: of my friends, probably Bobby or Liz
Is the smartest?: Liz and Michelle
Would, without thinking, die for you?: would anybody be this stupid? I don’t know, I want to say Bobby but I doubt anyone really would

Complains the most?: me, no one else really does
Complains the least?:  Liz and Michelle
Is the biggest flirt?: Allie
Needs a good man/woman?: ME!!!! I need a good girl!!! I want one so much, and I am so ready to give my heart to somebody but there’s nobody here for me!!!!!! (OK, off the soapbox…Bobby also needs one)
Has the best fashion sense?:  Mandie, I imagine, since she is a model
Could be an alien?:  Bobby
Has the weirdest taste in the opposite sex?: none of my friends have weird taste, although Allie thinks some guys are attractive that I can’t get my head around
Best form of entertainment?: anyone who will hang out with me…

Are you most jealous of?: Eric for having a gf, Bobby for having talent as it pertains to women, and Michelle’s bf (I’m sorry, I have to say that all the time)
Is a bad influence?: Mark, he’s awesome but I worry about the guy sometimes


Color: red
Clothes: t-shirts, hoodies, cargo pants, sweats
Animal: cat
Book: anything about sports

Food: burgers and chili cheese dogs

Restaurant: Macri’s Deli which is like Damon’s for those of you outside our area
TV show: Desperate Housewives and Scrubs right now…I loved Friends and Boy Meets World
TV star:  none in particular
Movie: any good comedy
Movie star: any hot girl…Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler and Tom Hanks are all awesome
Song: Simple Plan’s “Every Time” is the most romantic song ever, in my opinion
Singer: I guess Pierre from Simple Plan
Band: what do you think is coming here? Yup, Simple Plan
Music Video: I don’t watch music videos
Car: the only one I have, crappy dodge dakota
Hobby: trying to get girls to talk to me!

Sport: football and baseball
Holiday: xmas for the family and presents and Jesus
Month: gotta be July man
Season: spring and fall
Flower: rose
Girl’s name:  Brittany 
Guy’s name: Matthew

Vacation: anywhere warm with girls in bikinis

School Subject: tcom
Teacher: right now I don’t have one
Number: 18
Cartoon Character:  cartman
Clothing Brand: i could care less as long as it is ND on it

Radio Station: u93 in South Bend
Sport to Watch: football
Soda: Good old Coke
Breakfast food:  cereal
# of kids you want: 2 or 3 
Outrageous Hair color: I hate outrageous hair colors 
Cologne/Perfume: none
Nail polish color: what???
Gum: eclipse
Video game: madden and ncaa football
Family Member: my mom
Fast food place: mcdonald’s
Alcoholic beverage: I don’t drink, weird huh?
Thing to say in a foreign language: Du bist ein Mutterficker! (You’re a motherfucker in German)
Stuffed Animal: don’t have any
Disney movie: mulan
Odd Make-out spot: I don’t know when I will ever make out…if I did, eric’s chairs would be ideal I guess
Midnight snack: anything
Beach: jensen beach, florida
Amusement park: cedarpoint
Lip Gloss flavor: what???
Shoes: the ones I wear
Thing to do when your bored: go to Bobby’s room, go on the Internet
Smell: baking cookies
Concert: never been to one (that I wanted to be at)
Memories: none really


Have you ever been suspected of committing a crime?: yeah
What do you want people to say about you when you die?: “we loved him”

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?: virtually none
What super power would you want?: its not a power, but I need the ability to say the right thing to girls!
What would you like to be reincarnated as?: a good-looking guy with social abilities
Do you make fun of your friends?: jokingly
Words or phrases you over use: You mother fuckers disgust me! from chappelle’s show
If you were an animal what would you be?:  cat
Do you enjoy talking to your self?: yeah, I actually listen to myself, unlike some people

 What is your biggest fear?: never finding The One

What would you have liked to be named?: Matthew

What’s your most prized possession?: my TV i guess

What’s the funniest word you can think of?: penis, LOL, remember the Penis Game, where the winner was the one who could shout “penis” the loudest in a public place? OMG, how much fun…

What songs bring back the most memories?: graduation by vitamin C, how could anything else be the answer??
Do you have a bar trick? as long as they don’t involve drinking

Does God know who and where you are?  yup

Who/What are you thankful for?: I’m thankful for the fact that girls sometimes feel no need to wear hardly any clothes at all…and I’m thankful for the fact that I’ve met a couple of tremendous girls the last week or so that I really hope to hang out with or date
Do you believe in fate?: yup definitely

Do you get along with your parents?: my mom

Could a pack of wolves done a better job raising you? I doubt it
What time do you go to bed?: usually between 12 and 1…as you can see, that didn’t happen tonite.

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be stuck with?: this should be obvious…any hot girl

 Have you ever been in love?: absolutely not
What’s your best physical feature?: I don’t really have one
 Whats your summer job? movie theater concessionist
What is the oddest thing you’ve inherited from your parents?:  my mom’s sensitivity
What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?: none really

What was your first encounter with an illict substance like?: none
What was the meanest thing you ever did as a little kid?: I called a kid a jackass once…this is 3 yrs before I ever uttered a cuss word

What’s the best scam you’ve ever pulled and gotten away with?: none really
What was the worst punishment your parents inflicted?: grounding me from computer, no duh
What have you learned about love?: it totally 100% sucks to be a non-drinking guy who is shy in today’s society…well ok it always sucked
How have you changed in the past year?: I’ve grown much more mature, especially in love

A. Bob