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The increasing volume of comments in my Xanga has pleased me
greatly. So happy to know that people care…or sometimes, comment even
when they clearly do not care. Hehe.

Another night at the movie theater is complete…only 2 more and
then I am done for break. I say this because I am going to list off the
most annoying kinds of customers you can find at a movie theater…in
no particular order. Anyone who works anywhere will probably empathize
with this list, by the way.

— The Customer Who Thinks You’re Lying to Them

Takes many forms, the most common of which is when they ask for a
large popcorn, you pull out the bag, and they immediately ask “Is
that a large?” At some point, I am going to snap and say “Oops, ya
caught me. I was trying to sneak you a medium!” Also when the theater
is closed at 11:15 or so and they can’t believe that people aren’t
waiting to sell tickets for them 40 minutes after the last movie began.

— The Customer Who Is Mean to Their Kids

Just recently, I had a customer whose kid was being unruly and they
grabbed them and pushed them against our counter. You know what? There
is no way to recover respect once you have gone and done that.

— The Customer Who Bitches You Out For the High Prices

I love how concessionists, who are paid between $5.50 and $6.50 an
hour, are apparently responsible for the prices of movie concessions.
One of my co-workers said it best when she said “The people who
actually make these prices probably hear the whining once for every
1,000 times we hear it.” And on top of that, they are STILL BUYING THE
STUFF THAT THEY ARE WHINING ABOUT. It’s not like we heavily police
efforts to bring in outside food and drink. It’s really not hard to get
stuff in…I have done it dozens of times.

— The Customer Who Gets Pissy When You Upsell

A cousin to the customer who bitches you out for the high prices.
For those who don’t know by now, movie concessionists, as a rule, are
told to attempt to get as many customers as possible to buy a large
size. This means a lot of “You know, the large drink is only a quarter
more than the medium, and you get free refills on the large only.” The
annoying ones are the ones who say things like “I said medium” in a
real sarcastic voice. Like we would be doing this if we weren’t being
told to by our employers.

— The Just Plain Stupid Customer

Everyone has had one. My story is a guy asking me, “Can we take this
popcorn in the theater?” I have also been asked if we sell beer
(apparently 15 year olds can work a beer counter) or ice cream (do you
SEE any big freezers?).

— The Customer Who Wants Refills on Mediums

My theater only gives refills on large drinks and popcorns. But
there’s always someone who misses the GIGANTIC SIGN on the marquee that
says “Go large and get free refills” and attempts to get a refill on a
medium anyway. And most of the time we end up doing it, because we
don’t want to be jerks. Me and two other people are the only real
hardasses about that.

— The Customer Who Attempts to Come In After the Doors are Locked

*rap rap rap* Let us in! *rap rap rap* The doors are closed but
there are people in there! They should let us in! *rap rap rap* *wave
hands repeatedly* *repeat 25 times until concessionists want to kill
you* Does that happen ANYWHERE but a movie theater? I haven’t seen it.

— The Jerk

Real short with you, doesn’t even let you try to upsell, doesn’t
listen to any of the common courtesies you are using, and definitely
does not use the words “please” or “thank you”. Often doubles as the
people who think they know more than you because you are a kid, even
though you are the one working at the place.

— The People Who Can’t Make Up Their Mind

Ok, I understand that you might want to change the size of your
popcorn or drink. You might even do both. But do you really have to add
things after your order is done, or wait until you already have the
drink in your hand before changing it?

— The Customer Who Expects Perfection

We make mistakes sometimes, would you please give us a break?

That’s a partial listing. If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments section.

Mark said he’d sell me NBA Live 2005 for 10 bucks. I think I’ll take
that deal. I need a basketball game and it will tide me over till MVP
Baseball comes out in March.

NFL Picks — Week 17

Last week: 6-9-1 Season: 112-123-7

Barring a miracle, it looks as if I will finish below .500 in my NFL picks this season. I nust stop this from happening!

Cincinnati (-3) over PHILADELPHIA


BUFFALO (-9) over Pittsburgh

I’m making this pick under the assumption
that Roethlisberger will not play, because I am still doubtful that he
is capable of losing a game.

Green Bay (+3) over CHICAGO

Even a Packer team that doesn’t care should be able to take care of the divided Bears.

Minnesota (-4) over WASHINGTON

Although if the Vikings were playing anyone who was any good, I would be picking against them because of their choking.

TENNESSEE (+3) over Detroit

Two teams with nothing to play for…pick the home team.

CAROLINA (-7.5) over New Orleans

*prays* What could be more fun than a Panthers playoff team?

BALTIMORE (-11) over Miami

The Fish are too concerned with Nick Saban to care about this one.

NY Jets (-3.5) over ST. LOUIS

Mike Martz’s coffin is just about done…it just needs one more nail…

HOUSTON (-10) over Cleveland

Who cares?

San Francisco (+13.5) over NEW ENGLAND

No matter how bad the Niners are or how good the Pats are, it’s not enough to make me leave 14 points on the table.

ARIZONA (-3) over Tampa Bay

Who cares?

SEATTLE (-5.5) over Atlanta

Who cares?

Kansas City (-3) over SAN DIEGO

Who cares?

Indianapolis (+8.5) over DENVER

Not on that line, I won’t pick the Broncs.

Jacksonville (PK) over OAKLAND

Jags need a miracle to make the playoffs, the chokers.

NY GIANTS (-2.5) over Dallas

Not even Eli is this bad, right? Right?

Now I’m done.

A. Bob


I hate my mouse it just erased a long entry.

ND lost the bowl game…they blow. The Bulls lost…ditto. ND hoops won
though, my dad took me. And I saw TJ and Tony there so I got to visit
with them which was fun.

I work for the next four nights then I’m done for break, I believe. I
need to see Life Aquatic, Incredibles, perhaps Aviator and Xmas
w/Kranks, and Meet the Fockers twice (altho I doubt I will actually get
Jenny to come along, so it might just be with Ellen…dunno why she
just wants to “hang out” when she is not interested in me….but

I have tix to an ND hockey game on the 2nd…my dad isn’t coming with
me, and I will probably take Mark or Brooks but if anyone else wants to
come let me know. If I could get a hold of Britney, I might even ask
her, but I won’t be able to do that.

I just kinda want to get out of here and back to BSU…I can’t wait for
school to start again…I said that at the beginning of college, and
the beginning of senior year too…I must be crazy.

Late night. I was watching my latest DVD, Anchorman. Good stuff.

Here’s a quick survey to sum up my year…

1. What did you do in 2004
that you’d never done before? went on a date, went to a formal dance,
got my own part time job, got a driver’s license, graduated high
school, went to college, took a sip of alcohol outside my mom’s or
church’s supervision, took a road trip (Cubs games)

2. Did you keep your New Years’
resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I dont care enough
to make new years resolutions.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? No but someone in my class did and
I knew her a little.

4. Did anyone close to you die? no

5. What countries did you visit? None.

6. What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004? a girlfriend

7. What date from 2004 will
remain etched upon your memory? August 19th, the day I moved in to my
dorm room, and August 11th and 12th, the dates of the two Cubs games I
went to with Mark

8. What was your biggest
achievement of the year? Working up the courage to ask girls out….or
getting into BSU…or pulling off the Cubs Trip

9. What was your biggest failure?
It was a good year…I suppose my biggest failure was not getting into
ND, but I couldn’t have gone anyway

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? nothing serious

11. What was the best thing you bought? Cubs tickets

12. Whose behavior merited
celebration? Our country’s, for realizing that just because a guy isn’t
George Bush isn’t justification for giving him the highest office in
the world

13. Whose behavior made you
appalled and depressed? Gavin Newsom, for stomping on federal law and
forcing gay marriages on America…Brian Feely, Clark Goerke, and Ryan
Harris, for all being intoxicated and out on the road at night in July
(the latter two died…Feely is in jail for 20 yrs or something)

14. Where did most of your money go? Into a bank account that my dad doesn’t let me touch

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? Meeting a lot of nice people

16. What song/album will always
remind you of 2004?  Unfortunately, Yeah! by Usher and company,
since it was beaten into our heads so much…also Simple Plan’s new

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
         i. Happier or sadder?  MUCH Happier. 

         ii. Thinner or fatter? dunno

         iii. Richer or poorer? Richer just because of my job

18. What do you wish you’d done more of? Had more fun

19. What do you wish you’d done less of? Being antisocial

20. How will you be spending
Christmas?  Already did…spent it at my mom’s and my
dad’s…although technically I had four Christmases because of my dad’s
girlfriend’s parents and my dad’s parents

23. How many one night stands in this last year? none of course

24. What was your favorite TV program? Desperate Housewives and the Friends finale

 25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?  Toni

26. What was the best book you read? What it Means to Be Fighting Irish

27. What was your greatest
musical discovery? Like everything LOL, all the bands I like exept for
Simple Plan, All-American Rejects, and OK Go, I didn’t like this time
last year

28. What did you want and get?
Steve Smith Panthers jersey, Trivial Pursuit SNL Edition, Ball State
hooded sweatshirt, a date, a Cubs trip

29. What did you want and not get? a girlfriend (as always)

30. What was your favourite film
of this year? Dodgeball, with Anchorman a close second, and Harold
& Kumar and Collateral also up there

31. What did you do on your
birthday, and how old were you? I turned 18, and went bowling with my
roommate Eric and my good friend Bobby

32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? a girlfriend (as always), also more money

33. How would you describe your
personal fashion concept in 2004? Got more casual…just sweatshirts,
T-shirts, cargo pants, sweatpants

34. What kept you sane? School

35. Which celebrity/public figure did you like the most? George Bush, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell

36. What political issue stirred you the most? Gay marriage, taking the mantle from abortion for the first time in many a year

37. Who do you miss? My BSU friends

38. Who was the best new person you met?  I couldn’t tell you yet, haven’t gotten to know my BSU friends well enough

39. Tell us a valuable life
lesson you learned in 2004: Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once
in a while (me finally getting a date), hard work DOES pay off
(graduating HS and having an easy first semester at BSU)

40. Quote a song lyric that sums
up your year?  “As we go on we remember all the times we had
together.” – Vitamin C’s “Graduation” (well of course it was going to
be that song)

Later, all.

A. Bob

I am so freakin tired! I don’t know why. I got plenty of sleep two
nights in a row! I even missed church yesterday because I was sleeping!

Well I am sick at the moment. I have a slight case of diarrhea and I
must have gotten something else too because when I was taking my acne
medication this morning, it got…what’s the word? It didn’t get stuck
in my throat because I could feel it going down, but it wasn’t
dissolving. Anyway, that eventually led to me throwing up a
little…nothing too bad. I don’t feel as bad now that I did that.

Today I went to Best Buy with Mark because he had gift cards to use. We
got some McD’s and went back to my house. He watched two movies he got
with the card while I screwed around on the computer.

My legs weigh 200 pounds each, I think! And I have to go to work at 6…*sigh*

Tomorrow will be jam packed. I work 11-6. Then my dad is taking me to
the ND basketball game (at 7) as a Christmas present. Then I have to
hurry home to watch the Insight Bowl (at 10) with Notre Dame in it.

Nyerges IMed me today and said that Ellen told her to tell me to call
her about the movie (I invited her to see Meet the Fockers with me over
break back when I didn’t know that she wasn’t interested in me, but I
still would like to take her). I didn’t know Ellen even talked to
Nyerges, but it was nice that she was at least thinking of me….a lot
of times I will invite people to do things and they won’t hardly even
remember I asked, because they don’t really want to go with me. So that
brightened my day a little.

EW named Jon Stewart entertainer of the year…he recently bashed Bush
on Iraq on his show, and tried to make it seem funny. Makes fun of both
parties, my ass. Whatever.

Someone please visit me at the movies tonight or tomorrow, I am really tired and could use some cheering up!

A. Bob

Ok…before we get to the Christmas recap…sports.

THE PANTHERS WON AGAIN! Four straight wins over Tampa! Oh, and here are
Jake Delhomme’s numbers against the NUMBER ONE PASS DEFENSE in the NFL:
19/24, 214 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT, and a 143.4 passer rating. I dare anyone
to tell me he is not for real after that performance. The Panthers will
make the playoffs with a win over New Orleans next week unless the
following happens:

1. St. Louis beats Philly tomorrow.
2. St. Louis wins again next week and Seattle loses next week.

After a 1-7 start. Amazing.

Ok, I’m not greedy, anyone who knows me can attest to that. So permit
me to share my “haul” from Christmas, and I will remember it all as
best I can. For the most part, the list is in order of how much I liked
the gifts.

– Steve Smith Carolina Panthers jersey!!!
– Trivial Pursuit SNL Edition
– Ball State hooded sweatshirt
– Leprechaun :Legion T-shirt
– Chicago Cubs Monopoly
– “What It Means to Be Fighting Irish” – an edited compilation of
former ND players’ thoughts of what life was like as an ND football
– A mini Chicago Cubs bat
– Tickets to the Jan. 2 ND hockey game and a future ND basketball game
– The 2004 ND football media guide (I think my mom just finds these
laying around Notre Dame and gives them to me, that’s OK though, LOL)
– The MAD Magazine Bathroom Companion
– “We’re on a Mission from God” – a book about Catholicism for our generation
– You’ve Got Mail on DVD
– An ND shirt — on the back it has the 11 national championships.
(Note: Michigan had football T-shirts that claimed 11 national titles
for last year’s team. If ND were to use Michigan’s standard for
claiming a national title, they would have 21. Just a reminder.)
– ND football 2005 calendar
– George W. Bushisms 2005 off the wall calendar (I love the guy but I can laugh at him too!)
– The Ultimate Sports Fan’s Walmanac 2005 calendar (which I won’t be using because I have too many calendars already)
– Boy Meets World second season on DVD
– Gift card to Barnes & Noble
– Cash

There might be an odd or an end here or there that I forgot…but it
was a great Christmas….and not just because I got so much cool
stuff…it was just fun to be with my family again!

ND plays in the Insight Bowl on Tuesday. Amazingly, I got the early
shift at work that day, so I will be back for the game. (Kickoff is at
10 pm — WTF?)

That’s all I have for now…everyone keep having a great holiday season!

A. Bob

I promised I would let you all know what happened with Aimee Jo…or I implied that I would. So I will.

Well, we got Subway and went to the movie. Nothing remarkable. She’s a
pretty cool person, fun to talk to, not someone you are going to fall
in love with within ten minutes of knowing her or anything, but she is
nice. Oh, by the by, Spanglish is an OUTSTANDING movie. It kind of
drags for the first part but once they start the climax (it’s a long
climax but you are still hooked), it gets so good. Sandler and Leoni
should get Oscar consideration and the chick who played the Mexican
nanny’s daughter might be a future star.

Once the movie was over, we just kinda stood outside her car for a
couple seconds. (I have no idea how to end dates and it was fairly
clear that she didn’t really know either.) It ended up that we hugged
(twice) and the second time she kissed me on the cheek…so in other
words, she is now the girl I have gone farthest with. (Isn’t that
pathetic? LOL, I don’t really care that much.) Hopefully I will see her
again before break is over (she lives fairly close to Mishawaka, but
nowhere near Ball State, so we won’t be seeing each other during the
school year).

That was the post-6:00 day. 11-6 I worked at the movie theater, it was
my first day back. It was fun hanging out with the guys again. Well,
actually only Ben, the others I don’t like all that much. I
particularly would like to get a shift or two with Daly or Matt Baum or
Devon, because those guys are especially fun to work with. They finally
hired a couple of girl concessionists, but they are weird annoying ones
from my high school theatre class. I wish they would hire a likable
girl to give me a snowball’s chance in hell to connect with somebody.

Tomorrow is the trip to Chicago, then Xmas Eve and Xmas, so I may not
be back for a while…have a happy holiday everybody! And remember that
Christmas is CHRISTmas…remember the reason for the season! (Even
though those stupid idiots from the ACLU doesn’t want anyone to know
about it.)

NFL Picks — Week 16

Last week: 9-6-1  Season: 106-114-6

It’s absolutely vital that I have a good showing this weekend to have
serious hope of going .500 for the season. However, it’s remarkable,
after the start I had, that I still have hope of doing that. Onto the

Green Bay (+3) over MINNESOTA

I just changed this pick. It just doesn’t make sense to pick the
Vikings in December, or pick against Brett Favre in December. That’s
the only reason.

KANSAS CITY (-7.5) over Oakland

The Raiders are the “Who Gives A Crap?” team this season. They have no
hope of making the playoffs…they are a bad team….and they have no
intriguing angle through which to cover them. That explains why they’ve
disappeared lately.

TENNESSEE (+4) over Denver

The Vegas refusal to give Billy Volek any credit continues.

JACKSONVILLE (-7) over Houston

The Jags don’t seem like the type of team that’s ready to give up yet.
If they do make the playoffs this season, they rival the ’03 Panthers
on the list of “teams who got into the playoffs but came pretty darn
close to having a losing season”. Meaning they come through in the
clutch, time after time. If Scobey had made the 60 yarder against
Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago, the whole nation would be jumping on
this team’s bandwagon. This season rings reminiscent of 1996, when both
Jacksonville and Carolina shocked everybody by making it to the
conference title games.

DETROIT (-6) over Chicago

I can’t in good conscience pick the immortal Jeff George this week. And
Joey Harrington actually showed flashes of actual QB play last week.

INDIANAPOLIS (-7) over San Diego

Well, I picked against the Colts last week. Won’t be doing THAT again.

Atlanta (+4.5) over NEW ORLEANS

Hmmm….”We won a division title already, we don’t give a
crap”….”We’re a horribly coached team and we are still in the playoff

Still going with the team that has a competent man at the wheel.

PITTSBURGH (-5.5) over Baltimore

Seriously, let’s just start spotting the other team 10 points when Ben
Roethlisberger takes the field. Even if you did that, would anyone bet
against him? (Even though I lost the pick last week on the spread…)

CINCINNATI (-6.5) over NY Giants

My friend Mark asked me last week why I can’t forgive Eli Manning for
what he did to the Chargers before the draft. There’s one simple
reason…do what you want to the owners, do what you want to the
management. But don’t fuck with the fans. Eli Manning fucked with the
fans of San Diego, and that is something that can’t be forgiven…and
San Diego would care more, if they didn’t have the matter of cheering
on an 11-3 team to tend to.

NEW ENGLAND (-2.5) over NY Jets

Between “fluke” and “sign of future things”….I’m going with “fluke”
on New England’s ridiculous loss to Miami last week. But Tom Brady
better not make any more Aaron Brooks-ian plays like that.

Buffalo (-11) over SAN FRANCISCO

Someone can look this up, but I have never heard of a road team being
favored by double digits in the NFL, or not at least since the salary
cap became reality. I mean, even the Colts were only favored by 9 over
Detroit on Thanksgiving. And yet there’s a good chance most people will
pick Buffalo this week. There’s a reason for that.

Arizona (+7) over SEATTLE

My Upset Pick of the Week. The Seahawks and Rams don’t want to win the
West…and that means that Arizona…a 5-9 team…will still be in
contention for the NFC West title after this weekend. If they win the
division after LOSING TO THE 49ERS TWICE, can’t we just strip them of
the title and give the spot to another wild card team….oh no
wait…there’s a good chance a 7-9 team could be a 6th playoff spot
team too.

Someone, save us from the NFC!!!

Carolina (+3) over TAMPA BAY

Julius Peppers is the only player in the NFL (possibly in NFL history)
who can catch like a wide receiver…run like a running back…cover
passes like a cornerback…run down a running back like a
linebacker…and do all that OUTSIDE OF being one of the 3 best at his
position in the NFL. Just a freak of nature.

And, oh yeah, the Panthers have amazing pluck which they again
displayed in the Atlanta game, which I believe will springboard them to
two more wins and the playoffs….of course there’s a decent chance
that Carolina could have a playoff spot fairly well nailed down if they
win on Sunday…and with that you have the 2004 NFC again, in a

Washington (-2) over DALLAS

As disappointing as the Redskins have been this season, I hope Joe
Gibbs keeps at it. I think if he gives it a few years, he can put this
team together. All he needs is a good quarterback.

MIAMI (-7) over Cleveland

Jim Bates got jobbed, if the rumors are true that the Fish are offering
Nick Saban their job. Bates did a great job as interim coach and look
for him to be a head coach somewhere else in the league by 2006.

Philadelphia (+3) over ST. LOUIS

When can a 13-1 team be an underdog to a team that’s been playing
abysmal football and is coached by a man who willingly blames his QBs
for his entire team’s bad play? When the entire country makes too big a
deal about a wideout’s injury. Look, the Eagles would be better off
with T.O., obviously. But they’re still by far the best team in the NFC
without him. And the Rams are still the Rams.

A. Bob

Monday: Well, today I saw Napoleon Dynamite. Good movie, but not as
good as I was hearing it was. I got my hair cut, so now I look more
like the cute kid in the picture and less like the shaggy yeti I
was looking like before.

I had a very long, very deep, very enjoyable conversation with good old
Aimee Jo tonight and now I’m looking forward to meeting her more than
ever on Wednesday. I’ll leave the details in a private post for myself
to enjoy, because that’s all you people need to know, hehe.

Tomorrow, I have a dermatology appointment to fix my acne, which isn’t
as bad as it once was but could still use some help. Also I need to
hang out with the sibs. Then Wednesday is work from 12-6 and then MEET
AIMEE JO. Thursday I am going to Chicago with my dad and the sibs. So
that’s my schedule in case I don’t get back to update before then. Have
a great one all!

A. Bob

Well, here’s my last two days…

Saturday…went to my paternal grandparents’ house to visit. We made
some dessert food (mmm….white chocolate pretzels…) and it was fun
times. I got an interesting book on Christianity for my generation that
I just might read. Came home and watched Carolina lose a heartbreaker
to Atlanta in overtime. But because it is the NFC, Carolina is still in
the playoffs if the season ended today.

Sunday…visited my dad’s girlfriend’s parents. They gave me a 40
dollar Barnes & Noble gift card that was much appreciated. That’s
really all I did.

Wednesday the 22nd is on. Very important day, meeting Aimee. Another
important day…whenever I meet Britney after break, because she seems
like a real sweet girl and I think we could have something special if
we tried. I’ll explore my hideously good luck at finding a cute
Catholic girl who actually LIKES ME this time in a future entry.

Tonight…Sports Page for the Colts game? Not sure…tomorrow, no plans
except for something going on at my uncle’s house. Night all!

A. Bob