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So the Cubs continued their pattern of losing the first two games of the series before winning the last one. They lost two to San Diego and then came back and won 1-0 in the Greg Maddux Show. Maddux pitched a complete game shutout and drove in the Cubs’ only run. Why no one on the friggin team can score is beyond me.

That’s my Monday. Read my column, you can find the link in my previous entry.

A. Bob


The Cubs continued their struggles, dropping two of three to the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs lost 6-3 and 6-5 and hit solo home runs for all of their runs in those two games. The Cub offense finally woke up in game 3 of the series, delivering a 10-0 smashing of the Brewers. Aramis Ramirez now has 6 home runs, and he’s evenly split them into 3 two-home run games. Every Cub regular except for Michael Barrett has homered after the first week of the season…a very pleasant change from the previous two incarnations of MVP. Patterson stole his first two bases of the season in the third game as well.

The Cubs are 2-4 but may be ready to improve their play against the Padres in the next series.

The rest of my weekend was mediocre at best. A lot of IMing has kept it from being a total loss. The Bulls beat the Bobcats last night in their never ending quest to prove they’re for real. BSU and ND however proceeded to lose at the exact same time for the 2nd time in just over two weeks, as BSU lost to NIU to drop from the divisional race for good and ND fell to UCLA to make their bubble more poppable.

Anyway that’s all I have. Things might actually start happening this week.

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So I took this one from Amanda and Mark…

T h e | B a s i c s | a n d | s t u f f  . . .
– Name:  Andy Matthew Roberts
– B-day Month:  October
– Current Location: BSU
– Eye color: Blue
– Hair color: Light brown
– Height: 6’3″
– Righty or Lefty: lefty 
– Zodiac sign: scorpio
– Your heritage: 100% American
– Shoes you wore today: Dr. Scholls…apparently they make shoes too
– Your weakness: Girls
– Your strengths: sports trivia, classes, laughing
– Your fears: dying alone
– Your perfect pizza: pepperoni, sausage, peppers, a few mushrooms
– Goal you’d like to achieve: Graduating BSU and becoming a famous sports play by play man
– Your thoughts first waking up: “Damn, another day of class”
– Your bedtime: I go usually around 1 after the Conan monologue…man he is funny
– Your most missed memory: High school…strange but true
– Pepsi or coke: coke
– McDonald’s or Burger King:  McDonald’s
– Single or Group dates:  Single
– Best friends: Mark, Brooks, Bobby, Eric, Lafree
– Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nope
– Adidas or Nike: dont care
– Lipton ice tea or Nestea: tea sucks
– Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla but white chocolate is awesome
– Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee sucks too
– Smoke: hell no
– Cuss: Fuck no I don’t cuss (Tell me you get the joke)
– Sing: Yep, only when I am by myself or with people I am close with though
– Take a shower everyday:  I try to, more like 5 times a week
– Have a crush: Yup, a few
– Do you think you’ve been in love: Don’t think I have
– Want to go to college: I am in college so that’s a good start
– Where: BSU
– Like(d) high school: some
– Want to get married: definitely
– Believe in yourself: Some
– Get motion sickness:  a little
– Think you’re attractive: I think I am average looking, like a 5.5 or a 6 out of 10
– Think you’re a health freak:  no
– Get along with your parent(s): my mom yes, my dad mostly
– Like thunderstorms: no
– Play an instrument: no
– Ambition: See above question on goals

Here’s my latest column about political conspiracy theories.

A. Bob

So I will keep you all updated as to how MVP is going, just for fun.

I once again have realized that there needs to be a level of difficulty between Pro and All-Star on MVP — like Veteran or something. On Pro, no one can stop me, but on All-Star, I can’t play. In my first game, Aramis Ramirez hit two home runs, including one on the first pitch he saw in the 2005 season, but a clutch two run blast by Royce Clayton off Chad Fox late in the game led the D-backs to victory, 7-5.

In my second game, the D-backs won 2-0. Just like in real life, Mark Prior gets completely screwed over by his offense.

The third game went to extra innings scoreless, but the Cubs would not allow the season to open by getting swept and a clutch 10th inning solo shot by Todd Hollandsworth provided the 1-0 winning margin for the Cubs. In this game I got my first stolen base in MVP 2005 as Jerry Hairston Jr. swiped second. I also broke Michael Barrett’s early slump as he finally got a hit in this game. Mark Prior even got a hit before Barrett.

Here is my batting order:
2B Walker or Hairston (If I need to jump start the offense I play Hairston)
CF Patterson
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Burnitz
SS Garciaparra
LF Hollandsworth
C Barrett

My rotation:

My bullpen:
Chad Fox
Michael Wuertz (I hate him but they made him good in this game)
Sergio Mitre (ditto Wuertz)
Mike Remlinger
LaTroy Hawkins (setup man)
Ryan Dempster
Joe Borowski (closer)

Against lefties, Hairston plays left and leads off, with Walker batting second and Patterson moving down to seventh. That’s because Hollandsworth was made absolutely pitiful against lefties. Blanco catches when Maddux pitches for realism’s sake but he will not be playing otherwise.

Hairston will be my all purpose guy off the bench. He will be my top pinch runner as well as the main guy I rotate in when any outfielder or Walker gets tired.

The verdict on how good they made the players: Ramirez might be a tad too good. I have a feeling that even on All star mode that I will hit 50 home runs with him, which isn’t realistic. Everyone else is pretty much about right but Prior’s stamina is a joke. He can pitch a complete game at any point and his stamina is 87 out of a possible 99. EA apparently never saw Prior’s 140 pitch complete games during the 2003 season. I don’t think Patterson is quite fast enough at an 87 speed rating, but it’s a nitpick that I won’t change.

One of the great disappointments of MVP 2005 is that the Gulf Coast League was put in the game rather than the Midwest League at the class A level so there will be no Silver Hawks baseball as anticipated. I was forced to make Robb Nen and Barry Larkin really crappy because they retired. Rusty Greer also retired but I left him alone because he was on a Triple A team.

As Mark previously reported there is no more ‘lefty bug’ that keeps lefties from hitting homers, as I saw when Hollandsworth teed off for the game winner in my third game. It’s still a lot harder for me to hit home runs than it is for Mark though. And for some reason I can’t even use the Hitter’s Eye in all star mode. I haven’t really been able to see the ball do its color flash for which pitch it is.

That’s all I really did last night was explore MVP. They need more songs. The songs they have are great but they loop too much, since there are only like 8 of them after I killed off the pressure song.

I also talked to Joan. That was my Friday night. I may need a life, but I’m enjoying this one!

A. Bob

So BSU finally won a game, beating the Rockets last night 63-59.
Despite losing five games in a row before that, the Cards can still win
the division if they win out (not unlikely considering the remaining
games are at crappy NIU, at crappy EMU, and home against WMU who we
already beat) and get a little help from a team who plays Bowling
Green. I saw Peyton Stovall (BSU point guard) in SI On Campus, the
college magazine that we get here, in a celebrity crush section saying
he was in love with Tyra Banks. That made my day.

ND plays UCLA this weekend and in my opinion, if they win they will
make the tournament no matter what happens after that. However they are
but a single half game out of a coveted bye in the Big East tourney so
if they beat Rutgers and Pitt on top of UCLA and things fall into place
correctly with the conference standings than the Irish will be in good
shape for a 6 seed.

Bulls have an easy weekend with games against the Wizards and Bobcats.
They should win both. It seems a foregone conclusion that they’ll make
the playoffs, and if they can manage a 6th seed they would be playing
the worthless Atlantic champ in the first round. The only problem is
now that the Sixers have Webber, they might not be so worthless
anymore. I still think the Bulls would win a series between the two
teams, though. I have also read that Chandler and Curry will definitely
be re-signed which is a good thing. I thought Curry was worthless at
the beginning of the season and now he is 5th in the NBA in field goal
percentage and is our best big man.

I bought MVP Baseball 2005 yesterday and I haven’t really played much
yet but it kicks ass. The music is good except for that stupid Pressure
song that some would remember from the Levi’s commercials. I took that
off. I really like We Got the Noise and A Funny Little Feeling though,
and the other songs are good too. I played an exhibition game on Pro
and since I was winning 8-0 in the 5th, I will be playing on All-Star
when I start up Owner Mode. I made Barry Bonds the crappiest fielder
ever because he is. EA always overrates him under the pseudonym Jon
Dowd. He’s the only pre-existing player in the game that you’re allowed
to edit the name for, proving that EA fully expects you to change his
name to Barry Bonds. His real name can’t be in the game because Barry
is a complete asswipe and thinks he’s better than the player’s
association so he took his name out.

I had to edit the rosters quite a bit to represent some things like
Delgado signing with Florida and Sammy being traded to Baltimore. After
I edited the rosters, the Cubs were ranked as the best team in the
game, which was a pleasant surprise. Let’s hope it actually happens. I
still think the Red Sox and Cardinals are completely loaded and will
face each other again in the Series, with the Cardinals winning this
time due to their pitching now being better.

So anyway, my life outside of sports and virtual matters…well it’s my
friend Amanda’s birthday today! I sent her an ecard for it and she
sent me a very sweet ecard back. I have a speech midterm in about a
half hour that should be a cakewalk then I am free to play MVP Baseball
almost all weekend. I probably won’t do anything else besides a very
little homework and some IM chatting. Then it’s just one week until I
get to go home for spring break! I’m really excited, because I won’t
have to work so I will just spend the entire week with Mark, Brooks,
and/or Lafree.

Have an awesome weekend everybody!!!

A. Bob

So I haven’t updated in a couple days but nothing has happened.

The Bulls beat the Heat on Tuesday but lost to the Cavs on Wednesday…I still think they’re a legitimate contender. Ben Gordon scored 20 points in the last 10 minutes of the Heat game (including OT)…he’s an absolute monster.

BSU plays Toledo tonight in the last home game I will be able to go to. The WMU game is the weekend before spring break. We keep catching breaks to stay in the divisional race. I can’t remember the last time WMU or Bowling Green won a game, except for BG’s beating us. If we don’t take advantage, we’re pathetic.

So that’s really all I have, I haven’t done anything. Maybe this weekend something interesting will happen.

A. Bob

A quick summary of my Monday…

Four classes
IMing for pretty much the rest of the day (no joke)
Watching ND lose to UConn, which isn’t really a big deal because ND isn’t getting anywhere once they get in the tourney anyway
More IMing

Yeah, that was Monday. How totally boring am I? Haha

A. Bob

The rest of my weekend went thus.

Saturday night I stayed in and IM’ed because I didn’t have anything else that I wanted to do. I was a bit too tired to be out doing stuff anyway. BSU lost again, the idiots. ND won despite a desperate attempt by the refs to screw them over. (Down 1 with 6 seconds, Providence blatantly tried to foul Chris Quinn but somehow the refs decided that it was a jump ball, giving PC the ball back. Luckily, they could not get it done.)

Today, I stayed in and did nothing. Surprise! I spaced Daytona and didnt turn it on till 5 laps were left. Stupid Gordon won…my least favorite driver. What a loser.

DH tonight…I am not watching the All Star game because no Bulls are playing. I might watch this Jamie Foxx thing on Comedy Central after DH though.

Well this was a boring entry. Hope all have a good start to their weeks.


Here is my latest column:

A. Bob