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I have 2 fantasy baseball teams and thought it would be fun to tell you all who I have.

My 1st team, I don’t like much. It’s in a league I created and it has Mark and Brooks in it. Here it is.

C- Victor Martinez
1B – Derrek Lee
2B – Bret Boone
3B – Aramis Ramirez
SS – Michael Young
OF – Ichiro, Lance Berkman, Juan Pierre
Util – Alex Rodriguez
Bench – Mike Lowell, Larry Walker, Lew Ford, Corey Patterson

SP – Jason Schmidt, Josh Beckett, Barry Zito, Jake Westbrook, Doug Davis
RP – Jason Isringhausen, Danny Graves
Bench – Danys Baez
DL – C.C. Sabathia

Not a terrible team, just not one I see doing much.

Now my second team, I love!!! I drafted it in Bobby’s league and my only weak link is 2nd base. I love this team!

C – Jason Varitek
1B – Derrek Lee
2B – Ray Durham
3B – Aramis Ramirez
SS – Jack Wilson
OF – Vladimir Guerrero, Jason Bay, Craig Wilson
Util – Mike Lowell, Sean Casey
Bench – Vernon Wells, Larry Walker, Jeromy Burnitz, Pat Burrell

SP – Tim Hudson, Ben Sheets, Jake Peavy, Oliver Perez, Doug Davis
RP – Danny Kolb, Bob Wickman
Bench – Andy Pettitte

Isn’t that team AWESOME? Or am I crazy?

(In case you weren’t aware, Ramirez, Lee, Lowell, and Davis qualify as my “boys” since I have them on both teams.)

Did nothing today. Should have worked on my Tcom website but I won’t
get much done. Can’t wait to go home this weekend and have an STN at
Brooks’s. A Yetis ST game could even be in the plans.

Bulls on TNT tonight against LeBron! I’m so psyched! The Bulls have had
problems with the Cavs this year though, LeBron in particular.

Question of the day: What do you love most about spring?

A. Bob


Wednesday, my five class day. I had a math test and a speech that I got about six hours of sleep for due to my preparations. The math test went well, the speech went OK.

Bulls play tonight against Charlotte. They’re on a six game win streak and are closing in on the fourth seed in the East which would give them home court in the first round of the playoffs.

Baseball is only five days away!!!!! Go Cubs!!!!

It is a friggin beautiful day outside. 70 degrees and sunny. By far the nicest day of 2005 so far. Everyone at BSU get out and enjoy it!!!

Question of the day: What are your thoughts about abortion? I know this is a hot button issue so please do not get too impassioned about it if you can avoid it.

A. Bob

Today I have to work on my informative speech about Sammy Sosa. It’s
due tomorrow and so far I only have part of my outline done.

My life has been so much better over the last six weeks than probably
ever and I know who and what is responsible. And things are only going
to get better from here. This summer if things work out the way I hope,
I get to live at my mom’s and possibly even still have a car to drive,
and if that happened, we’re looking at the Best. Summer. Ever. We’re
talking Yetis wiffleball at least twice a week, at least one STN a
week, a whole crapload of MVP baseball playing, Cubs Trip II, a
possible Warped Tour trip, maybe me having a little more money of my
own to spend….the list goes on. So many things to look forward to
about this summer. And, oh yeah, it will be THREE AND A HALF months
long instead of two and a half.

I love my life right now!!!! Things could hardly be better.

A. Bob


I forgot the question of the day!

Here it is: What about the next week are you looking forward to?

The latest column.

My Easter was good. I got Friday Night Lights on DVD, I haven’t seen it
yet. I got a Best of Steppenwolf CD which was a random gift but I like
classic rock so it’s cool. Other than that it was all candy. I had fun
this weekend and I am very happy I went home. I might even go home this
coming weekend for my grandmother’s birthday party, which means another
STN at Brooks’s could be in the near future.

Today’s question: Who’s going to win the Final Four?

I’m at home for Easter weekend. I had Mark over for a little bit last night, he played some MVP and then left to go get laid by his girl. LOL, well I’m happy for him anyway.

Today I have worked on my column and later I am watching March Madness. At 4:40, it’s Louisville v. West Virginia, and at 7, it’s Illinois v. Arizona. I will be rooting for Illinois and West Virginia.

UNC stole a game from Nova last night. Even thought the refs ALWAYS give you three steps when you are driving the lane, they called a travel on Nova after two because one was a larger step. UNC blew a 10 point lead with 3 minutes left and needed the refs to bail them out. And watch them get to the Final Four because they have such an easy road. Wisconsin and then Kentucky or MSU. It’s pathetic. They will get annihilated by Illinois in the championship.

Today’s current events question: Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have all made strides towards democracy in recent weeks. Does President Bush deserve credit for it?

A. Bob

Okay, to stimulate some comments and discussion in this Xanga, I’m
going to leave a question about a recent events topic and have you all
discuss….I’m hoping this gets people thinking.

Boring day again today.

I’m going home tomorrow night and I would look forward to it a lot more
if I didn’t have my column, a math test, a Tcom website, and a speech
to work on for next week. Will they ever stop piling on???

Ok, today’s current events topic: Simple. Should Terri Schiavo have that feeding tube pulled or not?

A. Bob

Wow, nothing much to update in my boring life.

Well Bulls beat Raptors tonight. 1/2 game behind Cleveland for 2nd in the division and fifth in the East.

Other news…none.

Someone is making me happy.

A. Bob