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This is my schedule for next semester. Doesn’t it rock??? Every single
one of my classes will be between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM and I will have
all the other time off! That just completely rules the world!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Theatre 100 11-1150
Economics 116 12-1250
Tcom 206/207/208 1-150

Tuesday and Thursday

Tcom 204 11-1215
Political Science 237 1230-145

I love this schedule!!!!

The Bulls just played the most horribly officiated game in history.
What does it say that a) the Bulls played horrible, b) the refs raped
the Bulls in the ass (10 foul differential or something), and c) the
Wizards still could not put the game away till there were four minutes
left? This game made me more confident than either of the wins — no
team gets this fucked and still hangs in like the Bulls did.

A. Bob


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Really good game last night. Greg Maddux outdueled Roger Clemens.
Clemens can’t seem to beat the Cubbies. The Cubs won 3-2 thanks to the
Cubs MVP’s seventh-inning home run, Jeromy Burnitz. 3-4, HR(5), 2 RBI.
Fun part was when Hollandsworth hit two home runs that went foul in the
same AB then lashed a double on the next pitch.

Bulls play today. Fun.

Well as you probably could have guessed my Friday night was massively
boring. My roommate went and got drunk again while I sat in the room
and did nothing again. I wonder if this cycle ever ends. I miss the
good old days when you didn’t have to drink to have a life.

I miss Joan a lot.

A. Bob

Absolutely nothing happened in sports yesterday so this entry will be all about me…

Joan and I got mad at each other last night, and I was worried we
wouldn’t be friends anymore but she sent me a really nice e-mail this
morning that restored my faith. She’s such a great girl.

put in the skeletal elements of my Tcom website last night…meaning
just the words. Dr. Mike said he wouldn’t grade them until this weekend
so I will have the weekend to put in fancy visual stuff.

I have
been thinking a lot lately about my roommate situation (I still don’t
have one) and how it is related to the fact that I don’t drink. Well,
you all can trust me, scout’s honor, not to drink till I am 21, but it
is supremely annoying how it submarines a lot of friendships. For
instance I have a feeling that if I drank I would still have a
roommate. And I know that if I drank I would have stuff to do on
weekends rather than sit in my room and watch Friends DVDs (not that I
do that). It’s just a pain in the ass to do this and have morals but I
am doing it.

Another thing that is getting to me is money…my
friends did so much crap this year related to money, between the March
Madness thing, Eric and Lutz’s Windsor trip, Eric going to a White Sox
game for no real reason last Thursday…that there’s just no way I can
do anything. I mean, I am going to have problems just paying for the
one Cubs trip that my friends and I will go on this summer, and
everyone else is doing all his crap. Lutz especially makes me wonder
because he doesn’t strike me as the type who would…ummm…have a JOB
to afford all this. But yeah…end of pointless rant. I’m fixing that
problem by moving my Cinemark checks to my Muncie bank account, so that
I can charge stuff on my check card.

See what happens when you let me ramble? LOL

plans, I am going to see a friend’s bunny and eat dinner with them,
then I am coming back to watch the Cubs game (Maddux v. Clemens), then
if the Cubs game is clearly over by 9 or so I will go see Hitch with
said friend. Even though she is a girl, I don’t consider it a date at
all…maybe that’s just because I’m not interested in her. I have my
eye on someone else

A. Bob

Yesterday may have been the best sports day ever. Check this out…

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Derrek Lee would win the Triple Crown if the season ended today. He’s
batting .430 with 7 home runs and 27 RBI. Just an incredible month of
baseball he has had. The Cubs won an amazing 8-7 game yesterday despite
a grand slam by Felipe Lopez. They used homers from Lee to get back in
it and then Patterson won it in the 9th with a home run. Hawkins even
pitched a scoreless 9th for the win. Everything ran on cylinders. If
the Cubs could ever stop giving up 7 runs a game I would be psyched but
I will take this win. Cubs MVP: Derrek Lee. 4-4, 2 HR(7), 6 RBI.

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Led by 34 points from Kirk Hinrich, the Bulls took a 2-0 lead on the
Wizards in their first-round series with a 113-103 win. They showed
Gilbert Arenas that no matter how many points he scores, the Bulls have
more weapons ready to come out firing. I really want to think the team
has a shot against Shaq and the Heat should they beat the Wiz, but I
can’t quite convince myself of it yet. That didn’t stop me from
shouting “Bring on Shaq!” in the halls of my dorm, though.

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Big shout out to ex-Cub Mark “The Great Grudzie” Grudzielanek, who hit
for the cycle yesterday in a Cardinals win. Not only did he hit for the
cycle, but he had cycled by the end of the sixth inning. Pretty
amazing. Way to go Grudzie, just don’t do it against us.

For me, I have to work on my newer Tcom site today and pretty much all
day. I also have to get my schedule fixed so that I can actually take
Tcom 206-207-208. So that will be my day.

I can’t wait for Joan to get home today. I miss her a lot.

A. Bob

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Another crappy addition to the Chicago Cub Parade of Suckiness (which,
by the way, is the new name for this season). They lost 11-9 last
night. Zambrano pitched horrible, the bullpen pitched horrible, and the
offense pounded the ball. As usual. There’s very little to say anymore
about this team. Cubs MVP: Aramis Ramirez. 2-4, HR(4), 2 RBI.

I’ve had a very boring week but before too long I am going to have to do my other Tcom site. I finished the old one last night.

Well, I learned that I am indeed without a roommate for next year. Eric
is going to room with Lutz in Hurlbut Hall, leaving me high and dry in
Whitcraft 258. Considering that it is almost May, there seems to be a
good chance that no one else will move into that room and that I will
end up having it all to myself. I don’t know if I would like that or
not. I guess it would depend on whether I got put on an interesting

I finally got to talk to Joan for a while last night but now she has to work again today, and I’m really going to miss her.

A. Bob


Not much going on in my life.

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Well guess what. Another Cubs injury. At least this time it is Chad Fox
and no one crazy important…although I thought Fox might be able to
close till Joe-Bo got back. But the Cubs did manage a 10-6 win last
night over the Reds. Mark Prior is now 3-0 with a 0.95 ERA. Don’t screw
with him, he’s on fire right now. Of the many candidates for Cubs MVP,
I’ll go with Neifi Perez, who is making us say “Nomar who?” 2-5, HR(3),
4 RBI. It should be noted that Derrek Lee had 2 more hits and 2 more
ribbies. At present he is on pace to hit .408 and drive in 162 runs. I
don’t know where the heck Lee’s April is coming from but I am very
happy that it has come.

In bad news the friggin White Sox are pulling a 2004 Cardinals and
simply cannot lose. Just like last year’s Cardinals, the Sox’s pitchers
are playing out of their minds (Jon freaking Garland threw a shutout
yesterday), and just like last year’s Cardinals, the Sox have virtually
no injuries (their only injury of any significance is Frank Thomas, who
is about 50 years old anyway).

In my own news, I am very bored. I have to finish my Tcom website today
as well as do math homework. Oh yeah, and I have to clean our room up
and take our lofts down.

Joan doesn’t work today so we can talk a lot today…but I still miss her.

A. Bob

Well, I am very tired coming into today. Just completely exhausted. Four classes. Then at 2 I have to go work on some English. At 3:30 are my usual three shows. After that I need — NEED — to finish my Tcom website so that I can get started on the other one.

There’s my latest column.

I’m really going to miss Joan today, she is working.

A. Bob


This is the icon I’m now using on Livejournal. I think it’s pretty funny.