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Back again.

I was scheduled for 41 hours for this Friday-Thursday weeklong period, and I am through 30 1/2 of them. Pretty impressive. I’m trying to get my direct deposit bank account switched to my Muncie account so that I can spend money.

I’m starting to get to that place where I miss my school friends. It’s more so than usual this year because I am going to have a much worse roommate next year than last. There’s no way in hell that my roommate next year will be better than Eric.

I wish there was some way to talk to my internet friends without internet, because that makes it harder. I miss you guys too…

Cubs are doing alright…starting to play better. Prior pitched a complete game and gave up 3 runs in the Cubs’ one win over the Sox last weekend…which isn’t common. That game probably cut off another month or so of Prior’s career, but with our bullpen, what can you do?

Everything is going very well in my life. I saw Star Wars and it ruled. Better than I, II, IV, and maybe V.

Nothing else new.

A. Bob



The latest…

It’s been a while since I talked to most of my friends. Mark and Brooks and I have been hanging out almost non stop, but my other friends have yet to contact me for one reason or another. Which is OK for now I guess.

The Cubs have lost Zambrano for a month, which goes along with Wood, Dempster, Fox, Borowski, Garciaparra, Walker, Ramirez on the Cubs’ injury docket. And we still have Todd Hollandsworth’s inevitable injury to get to. The White Sox’s entire injury list for the season is Frank Thomas, who is a useless stiff anyway. Go figure. The Cards have had three injuries which I can’t remember them now, but it’s obvious that this will be the season from hell because I have to watch the lucky White Sox BS their way to the playoffs…at least it will give me something to root against, but on the other hand there’s a 50 percent chance that between the Sox and Yankees that one of my two least favorite teams will make the World Series. Shoot me now.

Nothing else much new. It’s just my periodic library trip.

To anyone who I would normally have talked to lately but haven’t….I’m sorry about my computer being a blower.

A. Bob

So my periodic posting continues. The last few days have been a blur of basketball, wiffleball, STN’s at Brooks’s, getting my work schedule (all day Saturday, Wednesday night, Thursday afternoon), and some other stuff.

The book I have up top is awesome.

At some point I am going to put a gun to my mom’s head and demand that she get our computer fixed so I don’t have to run here to update. Uggghhh.

A. Bob

Ok, this is a post to let everyone know…

That it might be a while until I post again.

My computer at home is broken and cannot get on the Internet, and since my family is a) not rich, and b) have already sunk way too much money into the piece of crap that is this computer, we are not rushing to get it fixed. We’ve had the thing for over four years so I don’t know why we don’t just replace it.

But anyways, that’s just letting everyone know. All the usual running gags that no one pays attention to in this journal will be put on hiatus for the moment.

A. Bob

One more final and I’m out of here. It’s hard to believe. Unlike my high school years, this year seemed to go by REALLY SLOW. Which for the most part worked in my favor. I’m going to miss C2. For all my bitching about how C1 was more fun and C4 was more interesting, C2 was a very nice floor. Mohawk Dan, Crazy Dave, Zach, Nate Dawg, Terry, billy, Kiel, Stephen, and the Cubs/Bulls fan whose name I don’t know are all extremely cool guys. I hope W2 (the Income Tax Floor, as I like to call it) can top this one, but I doubt that it can. I’m going to have a new roommate, rooming with a stranger. It’s going to be very weird.

Tonight, an epic STN at Brooks’s will occur. College would be so much more fun if Mark and Brooks came to BSU but that’s clearly not happening. We’re going to watch the Bulls game on ESPN, make a T Bell run, play a shitload of MVP, and do a bunch of other stuff.

I found out yesterday that both Ben Gordon and Luol Deng were selected to the All-Rookie First Team. I can’t believe Deng made it onto the team since he missed like the last 25 games, but that is pretty awesome. I love this Bulls team and I can’t wait for 05-06.

My grades look something like this:

Tcom: A
Math: A/B (depends on final)
Speech: probably B
PE: probably B
English: C+

Not that good at all but I shouldn’t complain too much. I did, after all, get an A in the only class that really mattered, which was Tcom.

My mom’s computer at home is messed up, which it better not be when I get home because I don’t want to drive to the library any time I want to use a computer.

I am really going to miss Joan this weekend. She’s going to her college for next year to do stuff and I’ll miss her a bunch.

A. Bob

Well, the Cubs lost again. 6-5. No one’s fault really. Ramirez and
Barrett both had clutch 2-out home runs, but it was not enough to
overcome queer Carlos Lee’s bloop single that the Cubs always seem to
give up. Cubs MVP: Aramis Ramirez. 2-5, HR(5), RBI. Derrek Lee’s hit
streak is now 16 games.

So tomorrow I go home. I just have to take one final, put my room back
together and leave. Eric left already. I’m going to miss rooming with
him. He’s the third funniest person I know, behind Mark and Brooks.
Whoever I end up with next year is going to blow majorly compared to

I miss Joan a whole bunch.

A. Bob

Who knows what it is like to be cursed?

Well, as a sports fan, I do. The Cubs are never going to win it all.
That’s just a fact. In the rare years where they are talented enough to
win it all, like 2003, 2004, and this year, they get so many injuries
that it becomes impossible for them to win.

Oh yeah, Novoa just walked in the game winning run for the Brewers.
Good job dumbass. Cubs have lost four straight. Cubs MVP was Aramis
Ramirez. 2-4, 2 R. Team sucks. I give up. I’m fucked as a sports fan.

And now, the Bulls — who I have spent the last six years feeling sorry
for myself over — take a 2-0 lead in the Wizards series, look like
they’re never going to lose…and then dump three straight.

Tonight’s game was the worst. Somehow, someway, the Bulls overcame a 10
point deficit in 35 seconds and tied it up. So what happens? Well,
naturally Gilbert Arenas, who had missed about 4 free throws in the
last minute, hits a last second jumper that he did a horrible job
setting up. This, on top of Jamison scoring about 10 points of complete
horseshit crazy shots. I will never again see one of my favorite teams
win it all. ND won’t because of academics. The Cubs are cursed. The
Bulls, as I can now see, are cursed. And the Panthers, well they may
not be cursed yet but it is only a matter of time.

Life as a sports fan sucks.

A. Bob