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Cubs Trip Volume II went this way:


We drove up to Chicago, checked into the hotel, hung out for a little bit, then went to the Cubs game. The Cubs won 2-0. It was a really good game, as D-Lee hit a home run, Zambrano pitched awesome and no one choked. Patterson had a friggin unbelievable catch and throw double play. We came back after that and watched the end of the NBA Draft. The Bulls had no picks so none of us really cared but we watched anyway.


We woke up and went to the Cubs game. Cubs won 3-2 on a game winning single by Hollandsworth. We appeared on SportsCenter but you had to look closely as it was on a Brewers home run that was hit right near us. I found out that 140 bucks magically disappeared from my bank account, which I am going to have to inquire about. Then we went to the ESPN Zone and had an ESPN burger, which was the shit, and so was the dining area. Sitting in recliners watching 13 different television feeds…that’s where it’s at. We hung out there for a while, then came back and went to sleep.


We woke up, checked out, went to the Cubs game, which they lost 10-6, and came home.

Overall, a fun trip and I am looking forward to Volume III — but I am looking forward more to all the awesome stuff that will happen this month.

A. Bob


Well, Cubs Trip volume 2 is tomorrow. Tonight at 5 I go to Brooks’s and we play softball, then an STN, and then we go to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait. I’ll miss Joan…but it will be fun.

It was good to see the Cubs snag two road wins vs the Sox before our trip so they will come in hot.

That ‘s all I have for now. I’ll be back Thursday night probably to tell you all about my Cubs Trip.

A. Bob

I lost more money at poker…next week’s Cubs Trip is just about going to empty my bank account. It’ll be awesome, though.

D-Lee is batting .394, 22 homers, 64 RBI, and the Cubs still can’t win. He’s winning the Triple Crown and still his team s choking.

I miss Joan.

A. Bob

I played poker last night and lost two $5 games. I didn’t see a good hand all night until my last one, K-Q clubs…which lost to a 9-5 spades when he flopped a nut flush. For those of you who don’t know what that means…either learn how to play Texas hold’em or ignore that paragraph.

I’m feeling really good lately though. Mark, Brooks, and I are going on our second annual Cubs Trip next week, and this time it will be a three-day excursion as we attend the Brewers series. And it will be followed up by a great July as well, as I have great plans as well as a new CD and a new video game coming out that I am looking forward to.

Our softball team finally won twice last night and I had two clean base hits for the first time. Next lesson: Hitting the ball somewhere other than to the general area of the second baseman. I’m getting more excited about softball now that there is hope.

Less than two months now until I return to Ball State. I thought this summer would go quickly, but it really hasn’t…and I’m alright with that for now.

A. Bob

Something really awesome happened last night that will make July 2005 probably the greatest month of my entire life…but I’m going to keep it to myself.

I’m still bored and I still really miss Joan.

I’ll take everyone’s lack of comments to mean that everyone is too busy having fun this summer to read Xangas, which is understandable.

A. Bob

And so it goes….

I miss Joan.

I also miss all my friends who I haven’t talked to lately.

I sent Eric a birthday card yesterday. My mom professes to be unhappy with him because of all the roommate stuff, but I’m not the type of person who holds such grudges. Maybe that makes me a weakling. I dunno. He’s 20 now, or will be soon. TJ is already 20, and by the time I am 19, Bobby and Mark will also be 20…so I guess I hang with an older crowd…although given my situation that is not very surprising.

In the softball league, our team is 0-5 and I am 0-for the season. I’ve already guaranteed that both those streaks will continue for the rest of the year.

I can’t wait for the Cubs Trip…we don’t have the tickets yet. I just can’t wait to see Mr. Triple Crown, Derrek Lee. And the Cubs have been playing better lately, so that is a plus.

I can’t wait for NCAA Football 2006 to come out, even though Desmond Howard is on the cover.

I can’t wait for the ND football season to start, because one guy in our softball league is ND guard Bob Morton, and my friend Mark asked him about practices, and he said, “We may not lose a game.”

Most of all, I can’t wait to get back to Ball State. My schedule will be ideal (no class before 11 or after 2 on any day). I will be taking two Tcom classes, an easy theatre class, a hopefully interesting poli-sci class, and an econ class.

I miss everything. LOL

A. Bob

I figure if I see this in two xangas by two people that i presume don’t know each other than obviously this is a good one…

First, name 20 people you know.

(Ask me if you don’t know who some of these people are. It might take me a while to get back to you but I will let you know.)

1. Mark
2. Brooks
3. Bobby
4. Eric
5. Joan
6. Michelle
7. Lutz
8. Allie
9. Myles
10. Ellen
11. Mandie
12. Rosa
13. Mohawk Dan
14. Kyle T 
15. Nyerges
16. Briggs
17. Amanda
18. Skibster
19. Shane
20. Cantoni

-Who is #8 going out with? I don’t think anybody
-Is #9 a boy or a girl? Boy
-Would #11 and #2 be cute together? Mandie and Brooks? I doubt it…
-How about #18 and #4? I do not think the Skibster and Eric would work, b/c they’re both straight guys
-What grade is #17 in? HS grad
-When was the last time you talked to #12? A couple of weeks ago
-What is #6’s favorite band? Rascal Flatts
-Does #1 have any siblings? yup, David, Scott, and Ryan
-Would you ever date #3? Bobby, you know how hot I think you are…but no. LOL
-Would you ever date #7? Not even if I did like guys
-Is #16 single? No…which tells you how dumb certain members of the female species can be
-What’s #15’s last name? Umm…Nyerges.
-What’s #5’s middle name? Ellen
-What’s #10’s fantasy? Dunno…sports broadcaster, maybe??
-Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? Again, two guys.
-What school does #20 go to?  IUSB
-Tell me a random fact about #11. I don’t really know anything random about Mandie
-And #1. He has shoulder problems and may need surgery
-And #3. He has ankle problems and probably needs surgery but can’t get it
-Have you ever had a crush on #16? That would be no
-Where does #9 live? don’t know
-What’s #4’s favorite color? no clue
-Would you makeout with #14? again, GUY!
-Are #5 & #6 best friends? no, they don’t even know each other
-Does #7 like #20? see previous answer
-Does #8 like #19? see previous answer
-How did you meet #15? on the school bus
-Does #10 have any pets? I don’t think so?
-Is #12 older than you? no
-Have you ever given #13 a hug? no
-Is #17 the sexiest person alive? not in my opinion, but she is not very far off.

So yeah, nothing much has happened. I’m just bored. Joan’s mad at me and I’m sad about it. I think it will be ok though. I’m bored, and tired, and sad. Softball tomorrow night.

A. Bob