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Ok, so the last week has been…not so good. First of all, Mark and I got into a fight on Monday at Brooks’s, and although we are fine now, Brooks’s stepdad is pissed off at me because we woke him up, so who knows if I’ll even be allowed back into that house anytime soon. Then today I hear that Mark’s mom won’t let him go to Warped Tour in Detroit like we were going to, so I asked off work for no good reason.

At least the Cubs are playing well. And D-Lee actually drove in a run today and the Cubs won so it was good.

I really just want to get back to Ball State. Even though my new roommate and I appear at first glance to have even less in common than me and Eric did, I am still looking forward to getting down there, leaving my stupid job at Movies 14, finding a hopefully better one in Muncie and seeing my friends down there. I miss BSU.

Tonight I am going to see The Island. I hope it is good.

A. Bob


Wow…three comments in one day on my last entry, which is as much as I had gotten this summer, I think. Awesome.

Well, Tuesday night we went to Best Buy and I shouldn’t have spent money, but I bought Team America, Eurotrip, and Harold & Kumar, all unrated, plus an MXPX CD that was on sale (was it new?). Right now I’m listening to the Rejects Yahoo music.

Today we didn’t do much of anything…although I was pleased to find out that I don’t work till 6 on Friday so that we can stay here another night.

Life is pretty cool right now, I ain’t gonna lie. Just 4 weeks until I move back to BSU.

A. Bob

So….a lot of stuff has happened in a week.

I read Harry Potter 6 already…(actually I read it all on Friday night/Saturday morning because I had nothing else to do…worked a double on Saturday on 90 mins of sleep…). It’s a little disappointing…the ending kinda sucks…and it’s not as good as books 4 or 5. Ol’ Rowling’s got work to do on book 7.

I bought the Rejects’ new album, “Move Along”, and it’s less emo than their first album, but also catchier…so it’s pretty good and I think it is better than the only other new album I’ve heard this year, which is “Based on a True Story” by Starting Line.

I got NCAA Football 06 which is awesome due to the new Race for the Heisman mode. Oddly enough, it looks like I am going to win the Heisman with Rhema McKnight instead of my player at QB…I beat Navy 112-0 earlier today. (5 min qtrs, varsity mode)

I am visiting family right now.

Here’sa survey…haven’t done one of those in a while…

Part 1:
1) Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
All-American Rejects album, NCAA Football 06, unrated DodgeBall, Meet the Fockers

2) Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink: Coke, Dew, Sprite, water

3) Last time you cried, and why: Keeping that to myself

4) What’s In Your CD Player?  The Rejects’ new album

5) What’s Under Your Bed? A whole mess of crap

6) What Time Did You Wake Up Today?  9:30 AM

7) Current Hair?  SHORT

8) What are you wearing?  ND shirt and shorts

9) Current Worry?  How am I going to pay for BSU next year (and a worry I’ll keep to myself)

10) Current Love?  Cubs

11) Current Hate?  Memory cards…to make a long story short, my memory card somehow made it so that not only are my old records deleted from my memory card, but any new record I set is deleted the minute I turn it off, even if I save it. And finding this out cost me my profile, which I deleted (unsuccessfully) to restore the original records.

12 ) Favorite Place To Be? Wrigley

13) Least Favorite Place?  anywhere if I am in a bad mood

14) If You Could Play An Instrument?  If I could I would un-learn it

15) Favorite Colors? red

16) How Tall Are You?: 6’4″

18) One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To?  Hmmm…don’t know

19) One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could be with Right Now?  see previous answer

20) Favorite Day(s)?  Christmas, fall Saturdays

21) Where Would You Like To Go?  Wrigley

22) Where do you want to live? Wrigleyville

23) Favorite food?  pizza, burgers, hot dogs, etc.

24) Color of most clothes you own?  red or white

25) Number of pillows you sleep with?  one

26) What do you wear when you go to sleep?  t-shirt and shorts

27) What were you doing 12AM last night? losing at poker

28) Who do you think of most?  Joan, as most who read this (although judging by the comments, no one does) already know

29) What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years?  married, sports broadcaster

30) Are you paranoid?  yep

31) Do you burn or tan?  Burn

32) First piercing/tattoo?  none

33) First enemy?  anyone who went to my elementary school

36) Last person you yelled at? Mark and Budd

38) Last thing you ate?  a fruit salad

40) Last time you had sex?  zippo

41) If you could be with anyone right now, who would it be?  Again as anyone who reads this already knows…Joan.

Part 2:

1.Your full name?  Andy Matthew Roberts

2. Grandparents first names? Dorothy, Harold, Bernadine, George

3. What songs do you sing in the shower? I don’t

4. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?  generic ghost-type crap

5. When and why did you last vomit?  when I was sick over Xmas break

6. What’s in your pockets right now? my wallet

7. What color are your bedroom walls?  blue

8. Last thing that made you laugh? beating Navy 112-0 in NCAA 06

9. Nicknames your parents call you? Don’t really have one

10. Best bed sheets you had as a child?  couldn’t tell ya

11. Favorite childhood pet?  never had one

12. Any pets now?  stepmom has a cat named Annie

14. Do you like your teeth?   no

15. Inny or an outty?  inny

16. Things you shout to stupid drivers? A perennial favorite is “Green means go, asshole!”

17. Favorite restaurant?  Macri’s Deli

18. Bake or broil?  whatever tastes good

19. Black olives or green olives?  I hate olives

20. What kind of phone do you own?  I don’t own a phone

21. What’s one of the strangest things you’ve ever chewed on?  my own gums

22. Is your music kept in a particular order? alpabetical by band

23. Where do you get your film developed?  I don’t get film developed

24. If your skin could be any color of the rainbow, what would you choose?  I’ll stick with mine

25. Strangest drug experience?  none

26. Favorite weather?  partly cloudy, 65 degrees and breezy

27. Describe your fingernails?  *blank stare*

28. Worst injury you’ve ever had?  stepping on a nail and getting hit by a flying bike

29. How do you like your chocolate? milk chocolate

30. Favorite kind of tape?  video

32. Favorite thing to write or draw with?  black pen

33. Last movie you rented?  I don’t rent movies

34. Last movie you went to see?  Wedding Crashers

35. Were you a thumb sucker?  I think so although I couldn’t tell you for sure

36. How old are you?  18

37: What are your dreams like? don’t remember

38. Hallucinations?  don’t have them

39. Worst hotel you’ve ever been in? dunno

40. Best vacation?  Wrigley

41. What languages can you speak? english, some german

42. Favorite mode of transportation? car

43. Favorite place to swim? pool

44. Last song you listened to?  “Promise” by Simple Plan

45. Favorite kitchen utensil? *blank stare*

46. Favorite driving songs?  my bands

47. What will you be doing tomorrow? hell if I know

48.What is your dying wish? dunno

49.One regret?  just about everything

My dad got married on Saturday…small little thing, just family and her best friend. It was kind of a dorky thing, but it’s done now and I can finally stop calling her my dad’s girlfriend and call her my stepmom, which is easier, so I’m happy.

I’m here for the week while the others go to New England, and I have wheels for a week. Then, next Monday and Tuesday, I am going to be down in L-port visiting with some of the extended family. So all of this sounds like fun.

I might have NCAA 06 tonight, depends on if it is there by the time I have to go to work. I think I’ll get a haircut too, it is getting too long.

I know you guys are getting sick of hearing this, but I miss Joan.

A. Bob

Boring week. Family is coming up this weekend and my dad is getting married to his girlfriend of some two years. I have to work the night NCAA Football ships, which is annoying.

I miss Joan…luckily I will talk to her tonight, I think.

A. Bob