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Hopefully this weekend isn’t boring. I can’t imagine I will be that
lucky, though. I have to see another stupid play at 7:30 tonight which
is called “Working”. Got any reviews for me on that one, Kristin? LOL.

I’m just kinda bored right now. So bored that I’ve been watching all the home run highlights on the baseball teams’ websites.

A. Bob

NFL Picks – Week 4

Last week: 8-6   Season: 19-26-1

TAMPA BAY (-6.5) over Detroit

After three games of their career, no one has ever run for more yards
than Cadillac Williams. Not only is he the ridiculously obvious pick
for Rookie of the Year, he is the NFL’s MVP right now.

Seattle (+2) over WASHINGTON

Strictly because the Washington freaking Redskins cannot be 3-0, not
with 67-year-old Mark Brunell at quarterback. It’s not possible. And I
like Shaun Alexander better than Clinton Portis. Now I think of it,
Clinton Portis would be a fantastic porn star name. I should look into

CINCINNATI (-9.5) over Houston

“Who covered 85 in 2005?”

Dunta Robinson   [ ] Yes   [X] No

JACKSONVILLE (-4) over Denver

Byron Leftwich continues to be the most underrated player in the
league. Ask 100 people if they’d rather have him or Plummer and you
would get way too many answers for Plummer.

Indianapolis (-7) over TENNESSEE

The Colts just don’t like winning the games I pick for them. I keep
losing because of their crappy offensive play. But I think seven points
is narrow enough for them to cover.

NEW ENGLAND (-5.5) over San Diego

The Harrison injury might single-handedly derail the Patriot dynasty.
I’m not even kidding. But let’s stop with all the “Belichick has dealt
with SO many injuries” crap. No team in the league has the depth that
the Pats do, and this will be the first injury that actually makes the
team any worse.

NEW ORLEANS (PK) over Buffalo

The Saints, in their fourth game, finally get a decently close to ‘home’ setting. I think that will vault them to win.

St. Louis (+3) over NY GIANTS

Yup…didn’t think Eli could beat a playoff-bound team. He ain’t doing it this week either.

NY JETS (+7) over Baltimore

One crappy QB and one good defense versus one crappy QB and one good defense.

Hmmm…I think I’ll take the points.

ATLANTA (-6) over Minnesota

Yeah, maybe Culpepper is back…but the Saints aren’t exactly a
lockdown defense. Chicago will win the NFC North with six wins. I’m
sticking to that.

Philadelphia (+2) over KANSAS CITY

Whoever was the genius who decided this line definitely didn’t watch Monday Night Football last week…

OAKLAND (-3) over Dallas

For all the whining about the Patriots’ nightmare schedule this year,
where’s the love for the Raiders? They’ve played the two Super Bowl
teams from last year plus the Chiefs and now the Cowboys. That’s three
playoff teams from last year and one team that is talented enough to be
a playoff team. Seems worse to me than playing Carolina as New England
did a couple weeks ago.

San Francisco (+2.5) over ARIZONA

Brilliant move by the NFL to move this game to Mexico. The Cardinals
will probably set a new home attendance record because people there
might actually care about this game.

CAROLINA (-7.5) over Green Bay

Please….please…please don’t lose to the friggin Packers….PLEASE….


October is coming. That’s my favorite month, because:

1) Football season is in full swing.
2) Baseball playoffs.
3) NBA is coming.
4) The fall offers the best weather Indiana has to offer.
5) The leaves just look so damn beautiful.
6) Nothing like an October breeze.
7) My birthday!

I talked to Michelle yesterday for the first time in forever. She’s
doing a study abroad in Mexico. I don’t know why I love her so much but
that warm feeling inside I always, always get when I talk to her is
unmistakable. She even said she misses me (although she kinda had to
say that, considering I told her I missed her first). That
conversation, although it only lasted a few minutes, made my week.

I’m skipping Queen on my CD reviews because no one who reads my Xanga
likes them and let’s face it, I don’t like them that much either, LOL.
Quick summary of that: I like Under Pressure, I Want It All, and the
Sports-Related Trio (Rock You, Champions, Bites the Dust) and that’s it.

Be back tomorrow with my NFL picks.

A. Bob

OutKast – Big Boi and Dre Present OutKast

A compilation of all the good songs from their first few albums, this
isn’t a bad one to listen to. OutKast is what I consider ‘rap for white

Best Track – B.O.B.
Other Great Tracks – So Fresh, So Clean, Rosa Parks, Ms. Jackson, The Whole World
Track to Avoid – Aquemini

OutKast – Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Probably the best rap album made by anyone not named Eminem. A lot of good ones on here, especially on the Speakerboxxx disc.

Best Track – Hey Ya!
Other Great Tracks –  Ghetto Musick, War, Happy Valentine’s Day,
Roses, Behold A Lady, Dracula’s Wedding, Tomb of the Boom, The Way You
Move, Last Call
Tracks to Avoid – Any of the last, like, five tracks on The Love Below

I hate Wednesdays. The weekend seems so far away.

I GOT TICKETS TO THE ND-USC GAME!!! My grandparents are going to take
me. I’m so psyched. I’m storming the field if the Irish pull the upset.
It’d be the greatest win since Miami in 1988. I’m positive of this.

I got nothing to do tonight, so I’ll probably just hang out. Hopefully something happens.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of me joining Xanga. Oh boy.

A. Bob

OK Go – OK Go

I bought this album because OK Go was the first artist ever to have two
EA Sports Trax. Unfortunately, they turned out to be far and away the
best two songs on the album. This was a really disappointing effort.

Best Track – Don’t Ask Me
Other Great Tracks – Get Over It, You’re So Damn Hot, 1000 Miles Per Hour, Hello, My Treacherous Friends
Tracks to Avoid – C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips, Bye Bye Baby

Oops. I skipped both of my classes today. Tcom, because Hotmail was
being gay and wouldn’t let me download my attachment so I figured I’d
just email it to the Prof instead. Pols, because I wasted too much time
and was too late to bother going. Ouch. Oh well…it wasn’t the first
time I skipped classes and it probably won’t be the last.

I’m supposed to be anchoring Newslink sports tonight…we’ll see how that goes.

Visit my sports blog
— now updated with a Cubs and a Bulls article. And drop me an e-mail when you visit it.

A. Bob

New Found Glory – Sticks and Stones

Nice fast-paced collection of songs. Nothing too boring or dull. I
quite like this album and this band. I need to get the rest of their

Best Track – My Friends Over You
Other Great Tracks – Understatement, Head On Collision, Forget My Name, Singled Out
Track to Avoid – none

New Found Glory – Catalyst

Better than SandS. Some nice ballads and great songs. You can tell when
a band is maturing and NFG is doing that quite well on this album.

Best Track – This Disaster
Other Great Tracks – All Downhill From Here, Truth of My Youth, I Don’t
Wanna Know, Failure’s Not Flattering, I’d Kill to Fall Asleep, No News
Is Good News
Track to Avoid – Doubt Full


That is going to be my sports blog website. I’m going to get it set up
tomorrow sometime. The goal of this site is going to be twofold: I am
going to cut down on my sports-related rants on this particular Xanga,
and I also want to work on my sports arguing skills.

I will be setting the site up at that URL unless I am requested to make it a separate Xanga, which I could always do as well.

**end edit**

Monday, Monday. Can’t trust that day.

I started News Writing which looks like an absurdly easy ride. Kind of
funny, the teacher used to produce at WSBT in South Bend, and I’m the
only person in the class that recognized it when we watched an old
newscast from there. It was one from the four-day period where George
O’Leary was head coach at Notre Dame so it was funny when they said
something about ‘the real George O’Leary’. (Because he lied on his
resume and that’s why he never coached at ND.) Good comedy.

Today I need to buy a fancy shirt so I can anchor tomorrow. I’m also
gonna watch How I Met Your Mother, which I wanted to do last week but
totally forgot about it amongst all the football.

Hope everyone has a great day.

A. Bob

MXPX – The Ever Passing Moment

Heard this in the car with Bobby coming home from…I think it was
Christmas break. I asked him to burn it for me and for once he did.
(Just kidding, Bobbo!) But that got me started on liking this band,
although this is the worst of the three albums of theirs that I own.

Best Track – Two Whole Years
Other Great Tracks – My Life Story, Building Tumble, Foolish, Unsaid
Track to Avoid – Educated Guess

MXPX – Before Everything & After

I got this album from my dad as a ‘payment’ for doing a whole bunch of
lame work that I didn’t want to do. But it’s my favorite album by MXPX
and it’s one of my favorite albums period. So much good stuff on this

Best Track – Don’t Walk Away
Other Great Tracks – Play It Loud, Well Adjusted, First Day of the Rest of Our Lives, Quit Your Life, You Make Me, Me
Track to Avoid – none

MXPX – Panic

The most recent one, and every bit as good as the rest. These guys just
never seem to get old. Any of their songs can cheer me up.

Best Track – Grey Skies Turn Blue
Other Great Tracks – The Darkest Places, Heard That Sound, Late Again, Waiting For the World to End, This Weekend
Track to Avoid – Get Me Out

Weekend Recap

ND won easily over U-Dub, but the Panthers lost another bullshit game
to Miami on a last second field goal. Carolina is 1-2 with two last
second field goal defeats. Oh, and three members of the defense
(Jenkins, Witherspoon, Lucas) are injured.

Friday night was the STN at Brooks’s. I missed the Penn game, which the
Kingsmen lost 41-19 after Ignatius piled up 20 points in the 4th to put
it out of reach. We set a new Taco Bell run record by spending $39.94
put together on tacos and we had a fantasy draft in Madden.

Saturday I watched ND, bought a new pair of tennis shoes and a suit for
Newslink anchor purposes, and got a haircut at the mall. I saw Just
Like Heaven, which surpassed Rat Race as the most ridiculously
unrealistic ending in my movie-watching history.

And today I came home.

A. Bob

Maroon 5 – Songs About Jane

This is about as pop-ish as I go with my rock tastes. This is far from
my favorite CD but it’s good for a listen now and then. Memo to Adam
Levine – if you want Jane back, stop rolling around in bed with
half-naked chicks in your videos.

Best Track – This Love
Other Great Tracks – Harder to Breathe, She Will Be Loved, Tangled, Must Get Out
Track to Avoid – Sweetest Goodbye

Since I won’t be around later tonight to do all of this, it’s time for another entry.

First, my anchoring excursion on CSL tonight went ok. The show went
fairly crisply, I didn’t screw up any names or numbers, and I think I
came out of it looking like I knew my stuff. In any case, I think I did
a satisfactory enough job that John won’t have any qualms about going
to me again if there’s a conflict of some sort.

Sometime this weekend, I need to grab some appropriate Newslink attire
so that I can anchor since, apparently, I can anchor next Tuesday if I
want. Suh-weet.

NFL Picks – Week 3

Last week: 6-9-1 Season: 11-20-1

Well, let’s face it…I suck at this. On to the picks…

Carolina (-3) over MIAMI

Which team was the real Panthers? The sloppy ones that blew their
chances to beat the Saints? Or the juggernauts who dominated the world
champs last week?

For that matter, which are the real Dolphins? The team that blasted
Denver in week 1 or the team that got owned by the Jets in week 2?

I’ll lean towards my own team.

New Orleans (+4) over MINNESOTA

I have absolutely no clue what is going on in the NFC. There is a very
legitimate shot that the best three teams in the conference are the
Buccaneers, the Eagles, and the Panthers, with the freaking BEARS being
the fourth-best. Don’t believe me? Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. This
conference is such a joke that I honestly think that any team in the
conference — ANY team — could make the Super Bowl.

Anyway, I think the Saints have a chip on their shoulder after their
bullshit ‘home’ game last week, and the Vikes have just looked too bad
in the first two weeks to pick.

Jacksonville (+2.5) over NY JETS

As usual, I had it completely wrong on who was the second-best team in
the AFC South. This year, it’s the Jags, and they look like legitimate
playoff threats.

PHILADELPHIA (-8) over Oakland

Always dangerous going with this type of line, especially when the
underdog isn’t really that bad. Yes, the Raiders are 0-2, but they’ve
faced probably the toughest schedule in the league thus far — a trip
to Foxboro and facing the rejuvenated Chiefs. They’ll probably be the
best 0-3 team in the history of the NFL after this week.

Atlanta (PK) over BUFFALO

Once again Yahoo cuts me a break by failing to supply a line. And if
the Falcons lose this one then, yes, I’ll admit they probably are not
winning any division titles this year.

Cincinnati (-3) over CHICAGO

A matchup of the two teams in the NFL that are probably going to make
the playoffs and make me look absolutely retarded in the process.

(Yes, the Bears will make the playoffs. Why not? The Packers are a
joke, the Vikes clearly can’t do anything without Moss, and the Lions
still have Harrington as QB with no Garcia to take over if Harrington
sucks. There’s absolutely no reason the Bears can’t win, say, eight
games and take this division.)

Tampa Bay (-3.5) over GREEN BAY

Talk about a dream schedule. Here’s Tampa Bay’s first seven games.

@Vikings, vs Bills, @Packers, vs Lions, @Jets, vs Dolphins, @49ers.

There is no reason the Bucs shouldn’t be 7-0 going into their 11-6
matchup with the Panthers. They’ve got the Cadillac and a great
defense, and in the NFC, that’s more than you need to be a contender.

Do you know that the Bucs don’t have a SINGLE team on their schedule
that’s 2-0? 16 games and not ONE team that is 2-0. The Bucs can and
should win the NFC South this year. I was a year too early on that Bucs
to the Super Bowl pick.

(I’m not counting the Redskins as a 2-0 team. They don’t count. With
the exception of two plays that they ran, both of which were the SAME
FRIGGIN PLAY, they’ve probably been the worst team in the league this
year. And here they are in command of the NFC East. Absolutely absurd.)

INDIANAPOLIS (-13.5) over Cleveland

Ok, the Colts screwed me last week, but the Browns’ defense is just the
prescription for the Colts to get back on track offensively.

ST. LOUIS (-6.5) over Tennessee

The Rams are my ‘sneak under everyone’s radar’ team. There’s always one
team that you barely notice they’re playing until they’re suddenly in
the first round of the playoffs and you go back and say, “When did they
get in the playoffs???” Last year it was the Broncos, but here come the
Rams all of a sudden.

SAN FRANCISCO (+6.5) over Dallas

After Chad Johnson with the Chiefs a couple of years ago, I will no
longer place my bets against any team on which a player is insane
enough to guarantee a win. Never.

SEATTLE (-6.5) over Arizona

I’m throwing my hands up on the NFC West. I might just flip a coin the
rest of the season in any game in which two of those teams play each
other. All four of them could finish 6-10, with all their tiebreakers
equal, forcing the NFL to go to coin flip, and I wouldn’t bat an

New England (+3) over PITTSBURGH

It’s mesmerizing to me how no one ever gives the Patriots a chance in
these big road games, and yet they always, ALWAYS win them. I don’t
care how good Benny Roth and Willie Parker have looked, they have yet
to play the Patriots. It’s just a different animal. And the Pats can’t
afford to be 1-2.

SAN DIEGO (-5.5) over NY Giants

Let’s see the G-men beat a team that doesn’t turn the ball over six times. How’s that sound?

DENVER (-3) over Kansas City

Home field, and home field only. Because the AFC West is the only division where that seems to matter.

Be back on Monday with a recap of this weekend.

A. Bob