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It’s Monday. It’s boring.

I have to study for a Pols test that is tomorrow. Yuck.

I want the Bulls season to start. Just two more days now.

Steve Smith = NFL MVP. (Trey Wingo and Stu Scott think so.)

I love not caring about my girl situation. Why didn’t I do this before?

That’s all I have for today. Happy Halloween.

A. Bob


No comments on the last entry. Depressing.

Panthers killed the Vikes. Next week: the huge matchup with Tampa Bay.
These two teams don’t like each other so it will be a great one.

I hate theatre scripts, theatre quizzes, Tcom papers…is there
anything else stupid that I’ve been backloaded with this week that I

A. Bob

So hung out with the fam today. Didn’t really do anything. I bowled a
76 today. I truly do suck. Only once did I knock down all 10 pins in
one frame. Ouch.

Good thing that happened: Ball State beat NIU 31 to 17. Total dominance
by the Cards, particularly in the 1st half when the Huskies managed
only 39 total offensive yards. Where was this team in the first seven
games of the year?

Now comes the crappy part of the weekend: I have to study for tests and quizzes, write a theatre script tomorrow…yuck.

A. Bob

Well, since I did it last year, I decided to do it this year too…a running tally of the best things about my birthday.


THE BEST THINGS ABOUT MY 19TH BIRTHDAY (in chronological order)

1. Any and all Facebook messages I got…so far, Diana Zhao, Sally
Wakeland, Liz Hall, Bobby Hensley, Mitch Robinson, Jenny Stackowicz,
billy Fulton, Ryan Daly, the Collins sisters, cousin Hilary, future
roommate Nathan Davis, Chris Cantoni, Dan Bowman and Sean Barcus have
given me

2. Birthday money…I’ve already bought a “Weis Up the Echoes” T-shirt
with money my grandparents sent me, and supposedly my aunt and uncle’s
contribution is for “something special” because they didn’t send me any
in the card.

3. Bobby being the first one to be correct in wishing me happy birthday (i.e. past 12 am tonight).

4. Yes, Kristin saying happy birthday to me. Also Big Mark and also Lafree.

5. Verbal birthday greetings: Eric, my roommate and my RA.

6. Michelle sending me an IM. She gets her own point since she’s, you know, the absolutely perfect girl and everything.

7. Hanging with the fam…they’re insanely annoying and yet fun at the
same time. Got some presents…ND football book, “i Is a kollege
stoodent” T-shirt and Best Buy gift card from mom…Protect Your Nuts
T-shirt from sister, and stupid card from everyone.

So the White Sox won. I want that feeling. I found this interesting though:

“The White Sox have also prospered from a run of good fortune that
borders on the ridiculous.” – The Sports Illustrated I got today

That’s the boldest statement yet made concerning the White Sox’s luck.
Interesting. But the fact is the White Sox were 11-1 in the playoffs
and probably would have won without that luck.

I have my schedule in the process of being made, having some problems
with Journ 102 but if all that works out then I will have no classes
that go past 3:15 and I will only have one 12-1250 class on Fridays,
while also not having any classes before 11 for the 2nd straight

CSL tonight…that’s always fun.

A. Bob

NFL Picks – Week 8

Last Week: 8-5-1   Season: 49-50-3

NY GIANTS (-2.5) over Washington

Some top MVP candidates this season: Carson Palmer, Cadillac Williams,
Steve Smith, Mark Brunell…and, yes, Eli Manning. Anyone who had those
five as being top-flight MVP candidates before this season, you can
cash in your lottery tickets….now.

CINCINNATI (-9) over Green Bay

Wow…I don’t see any team, even a Favre-led one, rebounding from that debilitating loss to the Vikings last week.

DALLAS (-9) over Arizona

I’m picking way too many favorites here. Julius Jones better come back
this week. Him, Joe Horn and Randy Moss have been raping my fantasy
teams for quite some time.

CAROLINA (-7.5) over Minnesota

Mark Schlereth is now on my hit list after believing that becase the
Vikes came back on a mediocre defense, that they can beat a hot
Carolina team that is coming off a bye week. They might want to hire
Kenoy Kennedy to make some more illegal hits on Jake Delhomme.

Cleveland (+2) over HOUSTON

Someone should look into this, but I bet the Texans are the first 0-6 team in NFL history to be favored.

Chicago (+3) over DETROIT

The Bears/Ravens game was like being gang-raped for three hours. Ok, it
wasn’t that bad. But shouldn’t there be a rule that Bears games come
with a warning…”you’re about to see the ugliest football ever
played”? It’s getting worse by the week.

Oakland (-1) over TENNESSEE

The Raiders are just too good to continue to languish in last place. At least put up a fight, guys!

Jacksonville (-3) over ST. LOUIS

The Jags played plenty well enough in their last dome game in Indy. They will get the W this time.

SAN DIEGO (-6) over Kansas City

I might just pick the Chiefs at home and against them on the road for the rest of the year. Why not?

Miami (+2.5) over NEW ORLEANS

Tom Benson is going straight to hell if he moves the Saints from N.O.
after the Hurricane Katrina struggles. Straight to hell. I have no
doubt about this.

SAN FRANCISCO (+11) over Tampa Bay

Bucs are winning this, but they don’t win big. It’s just not the way it
goes. By the way…Ken Dorsey vs. Chris Simms/Tim Rattay has a good
chance of vaulting into the Pantheon of Crappy QB Matchups, right
alongside Randy Fasani/Rob Johnson (CAR/TB 2002) and Joey
Harrington/John Navarre (DET/ARZ 2004).

Philadelphia (+3.5) over DENVER

The Broncos’ inevitable collapse begins…now.

NEW ENGLAND (-9) over Buffalo

Wonder if Tedy Bruschi can resusciate the fantasy team-killing Patriots defense…

PITTSBURGH (-10) over Baltimore

Benny Roth, baby.

So tonight I will have to deal with something I honestly never thought
would come: A White Sox championship. I don’t know what I’m going to do
when they clinch tonight, but I’ve never been more sure in my life that
the Baseball Gods just plain hate me and all the other Cubs fans. To
see our archrivals winning it all, and catching all the good luck that
has eluded the Cubs for nearly a century along the way, is leaving a
terrible taste in my mouth.

Other than that I’m bored again. I wish someone would come up with something for me to do.

A. Bob

Weekend Recap


Went to Brooks’s house. We went cornfielding, headed to Meijer to try
to find System of a Down CDs, played some Lot Football, and stayed up
till five in the morning doing a fantasy draft on Season Ticket
Baseball. We also watched our Boston Yetis Madden team compete for a
playoff spot.


Woke up and went to ND. We had a blast all day, going to see the band
play, marching behind them into the stadium, and then watching Quinn,
Stovall, and Samardzija rewrite the Notre Dame record book. Then I went
home and watched the tape of that game. It’s a lot of fun to watch on
TV after you’ve seen it live.


Church, then I watched some NFL football, and then spent the rest of
the day at Brooks’s playing Season Ticket, making Dew runs, ordering
pizza, and watching the Yetis. Mark played some high stakes video game


Just hung out and watched TV.

And today I came home.

There is your quick and easy guide to my weekend.

A. Bob