Monthly Archives: November 2005

I’m having to study my ass off today.

The Cubs welcomed in Bobby Howry and John (Yes, No, Or) Mabry over the last few days.

I hate school.

That’s all I got.

A. Bob


It’s been a nondescript, boring couple of days. I had to do a whole lot
of research for a poli-sci term paper that I am not looking forward to
writing. I also have tests, quizzes and projects due in the next week
and I am not psyched about any of them.

Life should be more interesting, and not just on the social front. I
never feel like I have anything to do, even when I am doing these
stupid school things…

A. Bob


Thanksgiving break.

Tuesday – I came home, and I didn’t do much…

Wednesday – I didn’t do much, until I got the call to go to the crib.
Played some poker, and I lost on a bad beat, although it was my fault
for letting Scott stay to the river and get his straight (amazing how
that happens). We made a T Bell run as always. It was a fun night.

Thanksgiving – We played in the 21st annual Perry Thanksgiving Football
Game. Me and Brooks ended up on the same team with his relatives
against Mark, Scott and other Perrys. Our team won it 7-5. I threw a TD
pass and caught two TDs, one of which was a fingertip catch that was
marveled at by all. I stopped playing quarterback halfway through the
game because my hands were so damn frozen that I couldn’t throw
anymore. It was cold out, wind chill had to be in the teens. Brooks’s
MVP trophy unexpectedly went to 7-year-old Tyler, who bailed us out of
some tough situations with his runs. Then I went to Nana and Papa’s and
had dinner. I didn’t eat that much but I then slept for quite some
time. Then we played a few games. In Trivial Pursuit I got all six
wedges but could not close it out. Later that night at home we played
Trivial Pursuit 90’s and I won in literally 45 minutes. It was very fun.

Friday – I saw Harry Potter. Good movie but it felt like the book on
fast forward. Anyway after that, I headed to the crib and we had
another good night watching the Bulls knock off the defending champion
Spurs in their own place. We made a Wendy’s run but overall it was a
disappointing night because Davis never showed up, we never played
poker and we just kind of sat around all night.

Saturday – I just wasted time until the ND game, which scared the
living crap out of me. I wasn’t even close to worrying until Stanford
scored to go up 31-30 and even then I said “We still have Brady Quinn”.
Sure enough, Quinn marched them down the field for the game winning TD,
then a genius two point conversion direct snap to Walker clinched it.
BCS here we come.

Sunday – I had to wake up at 9 o’clock to go home. Good lord. But it’s
a good thing because now I get to watch the Panthers game – online at

A. Bob

I’m bored.

I got a XuQa…apparently some cross between Facebook and My Space…

I leave at 12:30 tomorrow for home…I don’t know what Eric’s rush is to leave at 12:30 but it shouldn’t be a problem.

I got my Friends DVD in the mail today…I wish my Sports Illustrateds would follow suit.

And…I’m bored.

A. Bob

Well the Panthers sucked pretty good today. I’ve already heard from
Eric (not even a Bears fan) and Kyle T, and I expect to hear much more.
Go ahead, I don’t mind…you guys deserve it. Bears completely
obliterated the Panthers and took advantage of every mistake. Painful
to watch for me. Hopefully it was only a slip-up and not a sign of
things to come, because I need this Carolina team to carry me for a
while once ND is done.

CMU 31, BSU 24 – OT
ND 34, Syracuse 10
BSU 78, Oakland City 72

That’s pretty much been my day. At 10 I woke up, at 11 I went to the
game, at 3:30 I got back and watched ND, at 6 I went to the BSU game,
and now I’m back.

Of course, now it’s nighttime – which means I don’t get to do anything else.

A. Bob

Another boring weekend friends-wise because I’m highly unlikely
to be invited to do anything. But thankfully, I get to ignore my
complete social ineptitude again because of a loaded sports schedule
that includes a BSU football and basketball game, a Panthers game that
I actually get to watch, and an ND game.

I’d still like to do something – anything – with some friends, though.

A. Bob

NFL Picks – Week 11

Last Week: 5-9    Season: 70-70-4

Quick Picks this week:

Oakland (+6) over WASHINGTON
Miami (+2.5) over CLEVELAND
Pittsburgh (PK) over BALTIMORE
DALLAS (-8) over Detroit
Jacksonville (-4) over TENNESSEE
ST. LOUIS (-9.5) over Arizona
NEW ENGLAND (-9.5) over New Orleans
NY GIANTS (-7) over Philadelphia
Tampa Bay (+6) over ATLANTA
Carolina (-3) over CHICAGO
Seattle (-12.5) over SAN FRANCISCO
DENVER (-13) over NY Jets
Buffalo (+11) over SAN DIEGO
Indianapolis (-6) over CINCINNATI
Kansas City (-7) over HOUSTON
Minnesota (+4.5) over GREEN BAY

Hmm…two division leaders are home underdogs this week. That doesn’t happen often.

A. Bob

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I’d like to welcome Scott Eyre, aka His Eyreness, to the Chicago Cubs. He’s been signed to a 2 year deal with a 3rd year option.