Monthly Archives: January 2006

I liked the State of the Union tonight. Democrats really do need to
realize that if they don’t stop having knee-jerk negative reactions to
anything Bush-related, we’re going to be in one hell of a bad country
in a few years when the new President takes office. Social Security
needs fixing, and we need a united front in Iraq. I thought it was a
pretty darn good speech overall. I especially loved the wiretap thing.
People – they were LEGAL.

Anyway, I have a lot of homework over the next couple of days. It’s gonna get ugly here.

A. Bob


Excellent. It’s that time of the semester where teachers decide, “You
know what, it’s far too easy to have these tests of ours spread out so
the students actually have TIME to study for them. We should bunch them
all together within a week of each other! Yeah, great idea!”

Seriously, who’s the moron who decided that college students need to
cram for tests for a week when there are weeks upon weeks during the
semester where we DON’T cram for tests??? Considering I’m a member of
WCRD, a columnist for the Daily News, sometimes an anchor for Newslink,
and a member of Cardinal SportsLive, I really don’t have all that much
time to be cramming for tests, especially considering they’re all in
CORE classes (I’m really getting sick of never taking Tcom classes).
This is going to drive me out of my mind within the next few days.
Watch for that entry, it should be a doozy.

It would probably help if I got to sleep, so I’ll do that here soon…

A. Bob

I wish alcohol had never been invented. I’ve bitched about it 800,000
times, but I really do wish it had never been invented. Never before
has one thing so defined your social status, or lack thereof. And the
best part is the idiots who tell you that you don’t need to drink to
have friends. Here’s a hint: It’s a total fucking lie. No one will hang
out with you. I lost a roommate because I don’t drink. I’ve watched as
unbelievably stupid girls go to date guys other than me pretty much
because I don’t drink. And I’m fucking sick of it. I don’t care if I
never make another friend at Ball State. I will NOT stoop to everyone
else’s level and become just another drunk dumbass.

A. Bob

Ok, so I’m over my annoyances that I detailed last entry. I’ve entered
the “women as a whole are acting stupid and immature in my general
direction anyway, so why should I care” phase. Which I suppose I’ve
been in all along. The whole point I guess is that girls don’t seem to
get “it”. I’m not saying that guys do because they don’t either, but I
do. Often I feel like the only one.

So I think I might go to Walmart tonight and pick up Yellowcard’s new
album – I completely forgot to get it when it came out amidst all the
school crap I have had to do lately. Mark said it isn’t quite as good
as Ocean Ave. but since Ocean Ave. was a friggin masterpiece that
wouldn’t be surprising.

Other than that I am hoping that I’ll be able to find something to do
tonight – I’m sorta sick of being the kid who sits on his computer
because he simply can’t find anything else to do.

A. Bob

I’m so sick and fucking tired of the drama. Can people please grow the
hell up and understand that Xanga comments are not necessarily meant to
be taken as literal commentary about every single little thing?? I’m
growing very annoyed with how I’m being told I need to tailor every
single entry in this thing so I don’t “offend” people. You know what?
Maybe I don’t really give a shit if I “offend” you. Maybe the reason I
don’t want to be certain people’s friend is because they are annoying,
they are obsessive and they take every word typed in a web journal as
gospel! Did you ever think maybe it’s just that I don’t think we have a
future, as friends or otherwise, and I didn’t want to waste either of
our time? I swear it is like I have to go through every possible
negative about dealing with the opposite sex without getting to
experience any of the positives. Why is that?


Wednesdays with their four classes are more annoying and stupid than
any other day of the week. And I want it to be break so I can go home
and actually do stuff on weekends.

Wow…I thought I had more to say, but I am D-U-N done…

Edit: Oooh, here’s something – too few girls out there are even really
“eligible” for me to date anymore. I don’t think people really realize
how few cute girls out there are not either a) whores, b)
non-religious, or c) already taken. And since I couldn’t really date a
girl if she didn’t share the same faith in God as I do, I’m not sure
there’s many “fish in the sea” left for me. But, maybe one special one
will swim my way one of these days.

A. Bob