Monthly Archives: February 2006

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t spend more time talking to friends!

Well, my only responsibility-free night of the week is over…tomorrow
night it’s POLS studying, Wednesday night it’s ASTRO studying, Thursday
night it’s History and a little Economics studying…

Spring break is only four days away, and I can’t wait. It’s been WAY too long since I was home!

Like I told Allie…sometimes I go through stretches where I’m happy
despite things being bad, and the reverse is also true…but I’m glad
I’m happy now!

A. Bob


Yay, Michelle subscribed! Haha.

My new picture is of me and my brother Connor at the ND-BYU game last
year. It was a fun day, we even helped him do push-ups after ND’s
second touchdown.

Hell Week begins tomorrow… (4 tests in 3 days starting Wednesday)

A. Bob

Wow…wish I had something to say about the last couple of days.

My bidding on Cubs/Braves tickets is up to 15 bucks for 2 seats. With
well over 30 hours left, I’d expect my max bid of 50 bucks to be
surpassed…but that’s ok, if Brooks’s uncle can get us some tickets at
face value.

A. Bob

Damn it, Brooks. Bleacher tickets are still available for all three
games in the August 1-3 D-Backs series at Wrigley but because of your
every-weekday job I cannot get them.

I came so close today to getting bleacher seats to 2 of the 3 Braves
games on Memorial Day weekend, which would have been outstanding.
Through a connection on a Cubs message board, I had the inside track on
3 bleacher seats for the 5/26 and 5/28 games leaving just the Saturday
game to be Ebayed. But she had to quickly pick up her kids from school
(I guess) and in the few minutes she was gone, the remaining bleacher
seats for both those games got bought up. And I didn’t know whether to
get the seats for the Padres series 5/12-5/14 and while I was
deliberating the rest of those bleacher seats got bought up too. Now
there are no weekend bleacher seats available…

My day was long, and boring, and a failure in terms of buying Cubs
tickets. Now it will have to be Ebay for our Cubs trip again. It will
probably work, but not at the 30 bucks a pop price that the bleacher
seats I almost got would have been.

A. Bob

You want to see a busy eight days?

Today: Class, audio lab training session, Newslink training session, CSL, live fantasy baseball draft

Friday: Four classes, my radio show, audio board for volleyball game

Saturday: ND and Bulls play, study

Sunday: Watch BSU game, study

Monday and Tuesday: Four classes Monday, one class Tuesday, Study (Bulls play Tuesday)

Wednesday: Three classes, political science test, ND plays, BSU’s last home game, study

Thursday: Class, astronomy test, watch Bulls game, study

Friday: Three classes, history test, go home for spring break, Bulls play

A. Bob

My astronomy book is gone now, too. And because of that, I got a 30, that’s right, a THIRTY, on the latest quiz.

I thought they just up and disappeared, because those things just seem
to happen to me, but I honestly have to start thinking, that maybe
Steve, my old roommate, stole them. I mean, he’s got a less than
impressive character, he moved out, and both my books have vanished
despite never leaving the room. I really think that Steve stole them.
Of course, there’s absolutely no way for me to prove this, and if I try
I’ll get myself into trouble. But I think Steve stole my two most
expensive textbooks, and it’s fucking pissing me off, as well as
cutting the money I’ll get back from textbooks (the reason I think he
stole them…money from buybacks) and it’s also sending my grades down
in flames. I don’t know how I can possibly prove this, but I think
Steve took my textbooks to sell them at buyback. And I dunno what I
will do now.

A. Bob