Monthly Archives: March 2006

I’m so tired – and sick of this week, sick of school, sick of
everything. 20 years from now, when I’m having a midlife crisis, I am
going to look back at sophomore year of college as a big reason why.
This has been a shitty year in so many ways, and I am just anxious for
it to end. The sooner I get done with this and get on with my life, the

Anyway – if anyone will be around tomorrow afternoon, I am broadcasting
the BSU softball game, so go to and listen in at 1 pm to hear
me talk. Or don’t. Whatever.

No matter what anyone says, I’ve EARNED this weekend.

A. Bob



So add to the list of crap I need to do this week that I am doing the
softball game on Friday now. The April 20th double header I was
supposed to do is off the schedule and now I am doing Friday’s game. On
60 hours notice. I need a break. Bad.

And I was kept up until 3 am last night because my roommate had a girl
here. Not even a girlfriend, not even a date, just a girl. My new
philosophy: If I’m being kept up because the roomie has a girl over,
he’d better be making a move on her or dating her or something, because
otherwise it’s just a waste of my sleep.

Ugh. I need a week off – these last couple of weeks have run me into the ground.

The good news is that I win 70 bucks if UCLA beats LSU on Saturday. If
the Bruins lose I still get my five dollars back from entering the pool
– it ought to be entertaining. It’s been three years since I watched a
Final Four game with hopes of winning a pool due to the result.

A. Bob

Jazz music? Seriously, roomie?

NOTE: I really don’t hate the guy as much as it seems like. I just seem
to like to whine. And yeah, I still haven’t had a cool roommate since
Eric. I’ve had a drunk who is never around, a pothead who steals stuff,
and a hopeless dork (even more so than me). Yuck.

Paradoxically I wish my roommate acted more like a frat boy sometimes.
He seems like he’s in here just as often as I am, which makes no sense
– I’d always thought that guys in fraternities were very busy. Anyway
the point is I like being able to kick back by myself in the room once
in a while.

Ok, here’s the plan for the rest of the week, and I’m going to adhere to this, I swear:

Tuesday: I have one class, then I’m going to the WCRD studios to put my
name up for the board ops I want, since Zach Steinke decided not to put
the spots I filled in on the schedule. (There were a lot of them. I
want really bad to do something useful on the sports radio beat next
year so I am killing myself through April to do their bitch work.)
Later that night I am going to finish my Econ project thing in which I
have to find two statistics and spend a page reeling off how
interesting they are. Um boy. And I will also begin studying for my
history test. Oh, and a WCRD meeting for softball broadcasts (I’m going
to be doing three games as a third commentator). And all this while
also following the Bulls-Pacers game since they’re back in the playoff
hunt and all.

Wednesday: Four classes, then I’m going to finish up my Tcom project. I
have to finish finding stuff out about the Muncie Central football
coach since I was randomly assigned to find certain information out.
Naturally they stick me with one of the least Internet-accessible
people they could, while the guy next to me got the mayor of the city.
Continue to study for the history test.

Thursday: A class, then a bunch of studying for history. I also have Cardinal Sportslive duty. Followed by more studying.

Friday: Easiest day. Four classes, my radio show, and follow the Bulls-Bobcats game. No homework. Thank you, God.

A. Bob

I took a long walk tonight and evaluated things. I’m pretty lonely here
– it seems that college has become nothing more than a job to me. Just
like in high school, my sophomore year has been the worst ever thus far.

I am damn proud of most of my life – of the fact that I remain a devout
Catholic, of the fact that I don’t drink, of the fact that I don’t act
like an asshole just to do it, of the fact that I treat people the
right way the vast majority of the time.

But I hate myself socially, and it doesn’t seem to be improving.

My roommate has some girl over and they’re watching The Last Samurai. I
have no interest in that movie, but the girl seems cool. I have no clue
under what context she is here though (date, friend, whatever). They
don’t seem to know each other that well so I don’t know.

A. Bob

I just had probably the best cookie ever and it came from the Micro Cafe – there’s an upset.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out my sports blog yet and are remotely
interested in sports, GO! I just put
together one of the coolest looks you’ll ever see on a sports blog, so
you really should see it.

A. Bob