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The CDs with my interviews on them may or may not have malfunctioned.
In any case, they didn’t work when I tried to play them. Now I think of
it, though, that may be because I saved them as AIFF files, which isn’t
what they told us to do for the final project. Maybe I’m alright after
all. Who knows.

It’s been a good day – the Bulls won and everyone is jumping on their
bandwagon. The Bulls are the most lovable pro team I’ve ever followed,
and it’s just amazing to see them playing so well. This is why they had
to make the playoffs – the experience will be invaluable. Within 2
years, the Bulls will be in the East Finals. You heard it here first.

(Of course, if they somehow managed to beat Miami, both the Nets and
the Pacers are good matchups for the Bulls, and they could be in the
East Finals in the next three weeks for all I know.)

I have to study for my history final now – see ya.

Edit – Oh, I forgot to mention a couple of things. Me and Eric did our
final show together on Friday. I will probably try to keep the show
going next year. Eric is going to host the Randy Litchfield Show
because he is play by play for women’s volleyball next year. I’m going
to miss working with Eric because I think we bring out the best in one
another when it comes to sports talk. I hope I get the opportunity to
work with him in some capacity later on in life.

And also – WE WON WCRD Sports show of the year. We only worked for
three months, but Vince, Kyle and the gang judged our work so well as
to be named show of the year. I’m so proud of what we accomplished over
these three months – it’s not quite the rush of winning state titles in
high school, but it’s a damn good accomplishment to be the best sports
show on a pretty well-known and well-received college radio station.
It’s going to be a great thing to put on my resume that we won that

A. Bob


I’m never going to have a fun weekend, ever.

Oh yeah – and my roommate has his girlfriend over again. No word on
whether they’re going to watch The Little Mermaid or some shit to
follow up The Pacifier the other night. I don’t know if there are words
left to describe how sick I am of how dorky this kid is – he watches
little kid movies, hums along to any commercial with a recognizable
tune, is not a sports fan yet makes stupid comments about any sports I
happen to be watching, laughs at ANYTHING, makes stupid jokes about
anything, and thinks he’s absolutely hilarious. Maybe it shouldn’t be
all that surprising that despite being in a frat, he’s in here on
weekends – I’m sure no one in that frat likes him very much.

Ok, I’m done ranting on. There’s only a week left – I just want it all
to be over. I’m sick of busting my ass on WCRD only to get one stupid
on-air slot that’s not even play by play, I’m sick of having roommates
I don’t like (thankfully this will be the last week that this is the
case), I’m sick of going to classes I don’t care about, and I’m sick of
always having something I need to do. I just want to move on with my

Argghhh – I’m bitching like crazy and I haven’t even posted my sophomore year “recap”.

A. Bob

Without question, the highlight of my day – I just saw the coach from
Not Another Teen Movie (“You should be thanking God you’re still in
goddamn uniform, goddamn it!!”) and Ducksworth from Mighty Ducks (“Are
you prepared to lose your job over some kids – some game?”) on Law and
Order as a lawyer and a witness respectively. Priceless!

— Edit —


I only got one on-air slot next year.

Color for high school football.

I wanted to do play by play.

Plus, I get to do nothing else while just about everyone else at WCRD has multiple jobs next year.


So much for me being able to make my mark on the world. If I can’t get
an on-air slot for a college radio station, how the hell am I going to
beat out qualified applicants for jobs?

Figures that I ended up working with the most talented and plentiful
class in the history of Ball State student media. Another chapter of my
stupidly terrible luck.

— Edit II —

This is kinda cool – a map of all the states I’ve been to.

create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks.r>

A. Bob

I’ll be honest, I’m just typing this entry because I don’t want to do my Newswriting paper.

Ugghh – only 9 days left. Gotta keep repeating that to myself.

Although it’s still gonna be a pain in the ass getting this wall to wall carpet out.

Oh yeah – this time the roommate and his girlfriend watched The
Pacifier. And they both enjoyed it. The Pacifier! If there’s any more
reason I need to just despise how dorky and stupid this kid is, then
you clearly just don’t get it.

A. Bob

I’m tired.

This week is going to suck – the Bulls and Cubs are pretty much my only release for a while. Till I get home anyway.

I need to work on making my schedule known soon…

I need a new job too…

The sooner I get into the apartment and take Tcom classes the better.

Andy Rokosz was at Kyle’s place last night to watch the Bulls game
along with Kyle, Karl, myself and a couple of guys, and in the course
of talking to him, I discovered that I’m now pretty annoyed that he got
a house because he would’ve been pretty damn cool to live with next

Random posts are fun. Not really, because I have nothing to talk about, but yeah.

Michelle’s thank you ecard for the one I sent her for her birthday –
well let’s just say she didn’t lose any points with me for it…it’s
almost painful to be this crazy about someone you know you’ll never

A. Bob

So this is what happened this morning:

I wake up at 8 AM (who the heck knows why) and I can’t move my legs.
Not like they’re immobile, but there’s no room for them to move. Well
that’s weird. Because usually there is. I peer over to see what is
taking up space…

It’s a body.

Yeah, there was a girl there. A girl I’d never met before. So I figure
it was another of my roommate’s friends that randomly wanders in here –

I get up an hour later for good since I can’t go to sleep, and she wakes up a half hour after that wondering what time it is.

My roommate didn’t know her. My roommate’s girlfriend (over for about
the 17th out of 18 nights) didn’t know her either. I didn’t know her.

Apparently she was drunk, someone took her here thinking it was her
room, and she looked for her keys for a while, and when she didn’t find
them, apparently just crawled into my bed and slept.

Don’t ask me why.

I’ve gotta say, it was pretty hilarious. I’ll probably never see that
girl again, but she’s now the first and only girl I’ve slept in the
same bed with.

Kinda sad and funny at the same time, eh?

A. Bob