Monthly Archives: May 2006

I love seeing Michelle, then at the same time I hate it because for the next three days all I think about is her. Saw her at Martin’s on Sunday when my mom visited my sister (who works there – and makes more money than either my brother or me, by the way). I suppose the one thing I really hate about it is that she will never understand the depth of my feelings. I could tell her said depth, but considering we don’t even really talk that much, it would probably be really awkward, and to be honest I’ve created more than enough awkward situations with women in my life without bringing them on myself on purpose.

The other thing that sucks is when I try to fill the Michelle-sized void in my life by trying to convince myself I like other girls more than I do. It’s not a current phenomenon, but I’ve done it in the past and it just leads to disappointment.

You know what burns me up? By all accounts, Michelle’s boyfriend is the nicest guy, like, ever. It would be so easy to hate him (I don’t actually know him), but he’s a die hard Cubs fan (I helped her buy Wrigley tickets for his birthday, which brought new meaning to torture) and apparently is perfect. Bleh.

End Michelle rant. (Believe me, I don’t create these thoughts ahead of time. They just spill out.)

Apparently Mark’s brother Scott got a really sweet place in Elkhart with a pool and stuff. I will definitely have to visit and check it out. I haven’t been in Elkhart at all this summer, which is disappointing, as it is one of the things I was most looking forward to.

I get paid on Friday, and once I do, the search will resume for Cubs tickets for Cubs Trip III: July 31-August 2.

A. Bob


I used to have so much to say in here…

Mark’s so-called party tonight was not so much. I went over after work and the only person there was his brother, drinking Bud Light. I have no idea where Mark went because he didn’t pick up his cell. I don’t know what the hell happened with that but I’m more than a little annoyed that all the good parties end before I get to go to them anymore.

The Federal Office of Student Aid sucks – can’t they just go over to the IRS and lift income tax statements to determine federal aid once a FAFSA is filed? I thought this is why we signed the Patriot Act – to get all the agencies on the same page.

My only decent pastime now is seeing cute girls that come into the theater – and dreaming about certain cute girls when I go to sleep. I must be in a very girls type of mood or something.

A. Bob

I just worked 20 hours in 3 days.

Softball finally starts tomorrow.

Wonder if it says anything about me that I can’t seem to decide whether I want a girlfriend or not.

I like summer.

I like sleep.

I love the Cubs. Even when they suck, my summer revolves around them.

I like this new footprints feature on Xanga…just wish I actually knew any of these people that I see viewing my profile.

A. Bob


Hist 202 – B+

Pols 293 – B+

Econ 247 – B

Astro 100 – C+

News 201 – B+

GPA (semester) – 3.04

GPA (cumulative) – 3.21

No comments in a while…I guess that’s a product of summer.

Mission: Impossible III is a freakin’ fantastic movie. Haven’t seen the first two – maybe I should.

Life is different now.

A. Bob

So I’ve been very tired the last couple of days. Maybe I should stop letting Mark invite me to parties quite as often.

I work my first shift tomorrow (finally). I need more hours, so I’m still hoping to hear from one of the places I applied this week.

A. Bob