Monthly Archives: June 2006

Somehow, I knew my dad would refuse to foot an extra 50 dollars a month to avoid getting a stoner in my apartment. Meaning I have to. Good luck to me.

I did get to work box office at the theater today, which was nice because I got to sit down and it wasn’t busy at all. More hours hopefully.

A. Bob


So absolutely no one has been reading this I see.

Served a cute girl at the theater today who was nice and talkative, but the thought of a theater concessionist asking a customer for her phone number just seemed too strange for me to pull the trigger.

Cubs game sucked since they lost, but I’m glad I went. I’m prepared now for when we go up again in a month.

I got 40 hours this week for Superman, so I won’t be writing probably.

A. Bob

If you don’t like basketball, or me bitching, steer clear.

So today’s thing that pissed me off was playing basketball today against a bunch of guys who play D-III ball up in Michigan. In the 2nd game after Mark left I actually played ok, blocking a few shots, but Budd and TJ decided to set me off after I took an elbow to the chest and didn’t “man up” as they say, which I guess meant defy all the laws of physics and remain standing despite an elbow to the damn chest. I started sniping at them about Budd tossing shots over his shoulder facing away from the rim and TJ trying to thread the needle in between three people, two separate plays that both happened when I was standing as open as could be at the 3-point line. I mean, I’ve come to the realization that I am terrible a long time ago. I am simply an awful basketball player, just as I am awful at every other sport I have ever played. But I still think that I stand a better chance of making a wide-open 3 pointer than Budd does of heaving a shot over the shoulder away from the basket. So sue me.

Oh, and I left rather than argue with TJ over whether or not losing by 10 points (and the game wasn’t even over yet) to a bunch of college basketball players was “embarrassing” as he put it. I suppose we were all supposed to overlook the fact that our point guard was turning the ball over every third possession.

A. Bob

There are many weird customers at the movie theater, but there are only two kinds that I completely cannot understand:

1) Those that have to ask if I’m open when I am standing at my register in full uniform staring at them.

2) Those that think I am open and don’t bother to ask when I am NOT standing at my register, NOT in full uniform, and busy doing something else.

So I’m being totally screwed over by Student Aid and probably won’t get the scholarship paid out this year that is supposed to cover my tuition – on the other hand my dad supposedly has a very large 401(k) fund of some kind that I could dip into if need be. Still, this is driving me nuts…this is the third year in a row that they’ve given me trouble and they seem to have finally gotten me.

Well, the party on Saturday was actually on Friday and Mark didn’t call me because he was too drunk. So I missed out on it…his co-workers are cute too and they’re fun to be around but I never get to be around them!

Nacho Libre is ok, Cars is a little worse than ok.

I’m waiting for things to start looking up.

A. Bob

Tried out the new restaurant in town, The Pitt Stop. Shitty atmosphere, cold food, stupid servers. My mom ordered a 6.95 Italian stew and reported that it tasted like they just poured half a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup into a bread bowl and served it.

I didn’t even get 20 hours this week at work so I am trying to pick up another shift. It has recently hit me how desperately I am going to need money this fall if I don’t find another job in Muncie (which I probably won’t, because no one wants to hire me). The good news is I only have to buy 5 more tickets for Cubs Trip, having won another Ebay auction for a pair today.

The week of June 26th is coming just in time. On the 26th, me and Mark are going to a Cubs game at Wrigley. On the 27th, the Bulls will shape their destiny for the next few years in the NBA Draft. On the 28th, Superman comes out and I will probably get a LOT of hours at work for that. I will need to be kept busy after the boredom of this week.

I bought a Notre Dame football DVD of the 2005 season that was made by someone with a lot of time on his hands – it’s really entertaining, with musical background to every highlight and intermittent puff pieces/media interviews from the season. I’ve watched it twice already since getting it yesterday and I’ll probably watch it again tonight.

Mark mentioned a party Saturday – I only work till 8 so hopefully I will be able to check it out. It’s been a while since I’ve been to one (over a month actually) so I’m ready to go to another one.

A. Bob