Monthly Archives: July 2006

Cubs Trip III commences in a half an hour! I will be reporting back Wednesday night or sometime Thursday with a full summary of the third annual edition of our amazing Chicago experience.


You ever get the feeling that no one really likes you? That apart from your family and your closest friends, people who know you really just humor you when they talk to you?

I don’t know, I’m probably nuts, but I feel that way sometimes.

A. Bob

So to add to yesterday’s story, my box manager Adam removed my note asking if anyone there wanted to give me a Saturday night or Thursday shift because I “did a refund wrong”. This despite the fact that Kirsten told me when I asked her that I did tthe refund correctly. I honestly think I might punch this guy in the face here soon. Why can’t he at least admit that the reason he won’t let me work in box is because he hates me and he loves his butt buddy Justin and his girl Shawna? Fucking asshole.

If I wasn’t leaving here soon, I’d probably just ask him what the hell his problem with me is that no one else seems to have (and I get along pretty well with just about EVERYONE else at the theatre, so the problem is definitely with him), but since I’m going back to school the 14th, there’s really no point.

A. Bob

I can’t be the only one that sees the connection between the box manager at our theatre, Adam, despising everything about me, and the fact that he likes Justin and is in love with Shawna (speculating based on no evidence), and the pure coincidence I’m sure that Justin and Shawna get more box shifts than anyone wants and that I get none…

I have heard though that Myles has expressed interest in moving from concession and that he wouldn’t be able to because he’s so good at it that Kirsten, our concession manager, doesn’t want him to move. I suppose that there’s a possibility that’s coming into play with me, but I don’t think I’m so good at what I do that it would.

Anyways, at least I got a raise to $6.25 an hour as of last Friday. And the evaluation, based on a cursory glance or two, was positively glowing. So it’s good to know my contributions are valued somewhere.

I’m going to the beach tomorrow, so if you can’t reach me, that will be why.

A. Bob

So nothing’s been going on. Just checking in.

I’m sick of drama. I’m glad I don’t have that much in my life – but I am sick of what drama there is.

I haven’t had much to smile about lately, and yet I am smiling anyway. I don’t really know why.

A. Bob

All our lives we meet people we’ll never see again: At a ball game, at a movie theatre, at a pool, at a party. We introduce ourselves. Why? On some off-chance that maybe they have connections to help our career? In hopes that they’re great people we can be friends with? Just for politeness? Why do we devote seconds of our days trying to impress people we may never see again?

People meet people, and people say goodbye to people, but the search for friendship, companionship, and true love never ends.

A. Bob

NCAA Football 2007 is quite good. Once my memory card with rosters gets here I will enjoy it thoroughly.

I don’t get Mark’s cell phone, as it doesn’t work. I just get to get whatever cheap one they give me since I’m too cheap to pay for one and I wouldn’t need any of the features that cost extra anyway.

I am done buying tickets for Cubs Trip III, and less than two weeks remain until the great trip commences.

I’m sick of work impacting everything I want to do socially.

I am looking forward to going to BSU and the apartment – I’m slowly getting tired of home and constant boredom.

A. Bob