Monthly Archives: October 2006

1. Facebook messages/Myspace comments. Thanks to everyone who left me one. Each and every one made me smile.

2. Getting Charlie Weis’s new book. Not just the book, but an autographed copy of the book. Awesome.

3. Seeing family again. Finally.

4. Notre Dame and Ball State both won in the same weekend – amazingly, this is the third time this season already that’s happened. For a while there it was a total rarity.

5. My new ND hoodie. It’s soooo comfortable.

6. “Birthday tacos” a day later with Brooks.

7. Everything else.

8. The fact that I didn’t hear from Michelle – not because I didn’t hear from her, because I would’ve liked to, but because I didn’t notice till now. What better proof do I need that after 3 1/2 years of misery, I’m finally over her?

Thank you to everyone, as always for making my birthday so good.

A. Bob


I’m waiting…for CSL.

I hate sitting here for two hours with nothing to do
waiting on Thursdays. If my schedule ends up the way it looks like it
will, I won’t have to because I’ll have a night class on Thursdays.

got a haircut today. It was getting long again. I think I look much
better with short hair personally, and only Mark has even begun to
offer an argument to the contrary, so I soldier on with the short hair.
Maybe I still like to look like a little boy for some odd reason. I
don’t know.

Tomorrow I go home. I can’t wait. Friday night I’ll
probably do something with Mark, hopefully Cassie too. Saturday is the
ND game and Mark will watch that with us, then who knows what I’ll do
after that. Carolina is on Sunday Night Football on Sunday and I think
I’ll be going to Brooks’s if our plans are still holding up. Monday
night I’m planning on going to dinner and a movie with my buddy Shawna
who I haven’t seen in way too long. Might do something else too, I
don’t know. Then Ellen’s taking me back on Tuesday afternoon. For
Halloween this year I’m dressing up as Ben Gordon and watching the
Bulls take down the Heat.

And I don’t want to get my hopes up
but a Bulls game on CSN last night was not blacked out. They may only
do that on nights the Pacers play. Which would be pretty effing sweet.

Well that’s that.

yeah and my Ball State-Michigan tickets finally came in the mail today.
That is going to be a freaking blast. I don’t care if Michigan beats us
by 100, it’s going to be so cool at Michigan Stadium. I’ve never gone
to a football game rooting for the road team either so that’ll be

A. Bob

Next two weeks:

Election package. Editing another package.
Starting my advocacy paper (15 pages) in Media Law. Working on my
newswriting project, due in December. Geography crap.


I’m gonna die before this semester’s over. Mark it down.

A. Bob

“Oh, hello.”

Just sitting here before I go shoot my VO/SOT that I don’t want to do. Tonight’s homework plans involve studying for a Media Law test that should be easy and writing a print story about a press briefing we watched in Newswriting on Thursday.

I am so very tired today. And it is so very cold.

Why do I keep falling asleep in classes? I never had this problem before 10th grade and Mr. Heimann – I blame him.

I wish I had more to say, but alas, I do not.

So I’m nearly done with another long week. We have to shoot VO/SOTs for
Dr. Maria this weekend, but I should be able to pull that off. If you
don’t know what VO/SOTs are, that’s the term for the stories you see on
TV where the anchor reads the story over video that is playing and it
ends with an interview. So yeah that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend,
along with going to the BSU game and doing my Yorktown game.

night with Ellen was awesome as always…ate like a pig. I almost spit
a mouthful of crap out when I said I don’t care if I weigh 400 pounds
tomorrow and she said “Whatever, you won’t gain an ounce, you little
shit!” I about lost it….funniest thing I’ve heard all month. I don’t
want to even pretend to know what my life would be like here without
her…she really is my one and only true friend here, besides my
roommate. Apparently she’s scouted some rugby player named Bobbo as her
next boyfriend down the line…just the thought of a couple named Ellen
and Bobbo makes me chuckle.

It was a sad day the other
day…Kavya died on Tuesday. She was on Spell Bowl with me for four
years…when we graduated she was first all-time in scoring, with me
second. She was a valedictorian. We lost Dan Kish two years ago, who
was also on those teams with us…I just don’t know what those kids did
to deserve this. I’m lucky in a way, that I didn’t know either of them
better than I did…I’d be a real wreck right now if I’d been close
with Kavya. As it is, I’m just worried about her family and about the
people who were close to her. If I ever lost a good friend like Ellen,
or Katie, or Shawna, or really anyone else I know…I don’t even want
to think about it.

I’ve been going back and forth lately on
whether I have any chance of getting a good broadcasting job
post-college. There are times when I wonder if the fact that I haven’t
really done that much, compared to the high-flyers of the Tcom
department like Kyle, Karl, Vince, et al at least, would hurt me. But
then a friend of mine just got a job as a sportswriter…and his degree
wasn’t even in journalism. I don’t know…I’m starting to feel a little
more comfortable with my life in that area….I’d feel even better if I
could get an internship for next summer, though.

A. Bob

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been writing about myself much
lately. I’m not sure if that’s more because I have less to bitch about,
that I don’t have any less to bitch about but I just have matured
enough not to bitch about it, or because my life is so boring that
there isn’t anything to talk about. But I don’t have much to say lately.

Apartment life is great. I’ve come to actually enjoy my weekly
Sunday-night walks back and forth to my show because it gives me time
to collect my thoughts and because it is really the only way I can get
exercise due to my increasingly lazy lifestyle. And rooming with Nathan
has allowed me to keep in contact with not just him but also the rest
of the cool C2 people, all of whom now live together in a house. The
only thing bad about it is that I am constantly nagged with the feeling
that I should have lived in C2 last year. But that is fine.

The Hour of Power is among the most fun I have in any given week –
along with doing my broadcasts for Yorktown. I’m going to really miss
those when the season is over. However, hopefully me and Ellen can do
some stuff on Friday nights if she isn’t available on a given Wednesday
so that’d be kind of cool.

No news whatsoever on any front: Tcom, girls, classes, anything. Really
nothing is happening. It’s kind of nice but kind of sad at the same
time. I really like not having to deal with drama though.

NFL Picks – Week 6

Last Week: 8-4-2    Season: 32-37-5

TAMPA BAY (+5.5) over Cincinnati

Upset Pick of the Week. The Bucs are too good to go 0-5.

ATLANTA (-3) over NY Giants

Vick has suddenly transformed into the QB that he probably should have been all along, and Atlanta is loving it.
Tennessee (+10.5) over WASHINGTON

I don’t like giving too many points when the favorite is a crappy
offense. After last week, I expect Vince Young to have a good game this
time around.
DALLAS (-13) over Houston

I like picking Texans games.

Carolina (+3) over BALTIMORE

The Panthers are undefeated with their starting offense intact this year. I’m going to keep riding them.

DETROIT (+1) over Buffalo

Rooting against the Lions (I want Brady Quinn in Detroit), but one of these days they’re going to figure out how to win.

ST. LOUIS (+3) over Seattle

With Shaun Alexander this pick would probably be different, but the
Rams are on a 4-game win streak and look pretty damn good right now.

Philadelphia (-3) over NEW ORLEANS

Eagles on a roll.

Miami (+2.5) over NY JETS

Another upset pick, but this is probably the last hurrah for the Fins.

PITTSBURGH (-7) over Kansas City

The Steelers have to be waking up soon, right? Right?

San Diego (-10) over SAN FRANCISCO

Biggest road favorite I’ve ever seen.

DENVER (-15) over Oakland

I also like picking Raiders games.

Chicago (-10.5) over ARIZONA

Ok, THIS is the biggest road favorite I’ve ever seen.