Monthly Archives: November 2006

Wow, since when did Myspace take all the Xanga traffic? I swore that wouldn’t happen!

But yeah… has more frequent entries than here. Wish I could import…

A. Bob


I guess if you had to pick a motto for the first 20 years and 1 week of my life, the best one would be “I just want more”.

want more from my career, where there’s nowhere to go ahead in WCRD for
next year because every last person in a job on the staff is going to
be back next year.

I want more from friends, because no matter how much I do with them, it never seems like I’m with them enough.

want more from women, because I’m just sick of not being able to pick
up the phone and call someone and talk  – and know they’ll listen.

want more from classes, because I don’t like how half the classes here
are only offered one semester every year and a half or some crap like

I want more from my finances, because I’m gonna be broke
again at the end of this year, unless I get another big refund check
next semester (not counting on it).

I just want more.

A. Bob


2nd-best game I’ve been to in person behind only ND-USC. I wish I could
bottle the feeling when Erik Keys scored a TD. Or when Nate Davis was
dissecting the motherfucking MICHIGAN WOLVERINE DEFENSE on the
penultimate drive.

And I wish the ref had pulled the damn flag out of his pocket on 4th
and goal. We would’ve made it 34-32 and put it all on the 2-point

What a game. Incredible.

A. Bob

So I didn’t get to do our usual Wednesday night thing with Ellen
because she had mounds of art homework…but we did go to church for
All Saints Day so at least we did something. I was hoping to see
Borat with her tomorrow but she has a dance marathon at IU to go to so
I’ll probably end up going myself assuming Showplace 7 got it.

and Michelle had a great talk…I was surprised to hear that she was
hurt by my blog until she saw the ninth thing which I added just a
couple days ago. She told me in a Facebook comment that even though our
mutual busy schedules have kept us from talking hardly at all this year
that she still thinks of me a lot, which was sweet. All I need now is
to actually find a girl and my female relations will be at an all-time

So I’m pretty much going to die in the next month and
a half…all sorts of final projects and papers to do, and I’ll be
extremely pleased with myself if I manage to pass them all. And I still
need to schedule classes for next semester as well…

I’ve had a
severe problem with tiredness lately…I slept through almost all of
Geography lecture yesterday and even zoned out of a little Media Law, a
class I’m usually pretty drawn to…oh well.

No CSL tonight so
I’ll be going over to the house with Nathan to watch Smallville…first
episode I’ll have seen this season. Give me a call.

A. Bob