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I think the blog title is my new motto. I’m the only thing I know and
am sure of in my life. I need to make sure I’m straightened out before
I worry about other people.

Anyway, my Christmas break’s been
alright. I’ve been working like crazy lately but the first week was
good. I haven’t hung out with people near as much as I wanted to, and
some people I haven’t gotten to see at all. Par for the course I guess.

do get to take my dad’s van that I usually drive when I’m home back to
school. Wish I’d gotten more notice so I could do some things, but
it’ll be nice to have at least.

Went to the Bulls game with Mark
since Brooks couldn’t go. The Bulls romped (they’re in the midst of a
13-3 December so that’s been SOP for them). It was a very fun
experience. Hoping to be back for a playoff game in the spring.

also gone to two ND hoops games – one with Ellen, who’s one of many
people I wanted to see more than I have over break, and one with
Shawna, who I was long overdue to hang out with. Both were fun, and
both were ND romps.

Since then, it’s been work, work, work.

Ehh…who needs girl troubles? Maybe it’s time I got over ’em.


So…my Christmas haul…

– Notre Dame cell phone cover
– $25 Best Buy gift card
– $10
– Notre Dame UNO
– Scene It Sports
– ND and Cubs pajama pants
– DVD tower
– Chicago Bulls Dynasty Series DVD
– Baseball Encyclopedia
– ND Sugar Bowl shirt
– “The New Gold Standard” – ESPN’s book about ND’s return to prominence under Charlie Weis
– “Game Day” – another ND book – haven’t gotten a chance to see what it’s about yet
– New sneakers (Nike Air)
– Other clothes
– Candy and stuff

– And: Tickets to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans! Notre Dame vs. LSU, and I’ll be there!


I came back to school to start my fourth semester at Ball State. I arrived to find a new roommate, Steve, who turned out to be a jerk who smoked, played Madden whenever I wanted to watch TV, and may or may not have stolen my two most expensive textbooks. I spent the whole month cheering on Carolina, who made it to the NFC title game before being stomped by the Seahawks.


Me and Eric started our sports show on WCRD, which springboarded me into the radio business full-bore. I helped Michelle (who at the time I was still in love with) pick out a birthday gift for her boyfriend, which was pretty depressing. I made a “Valentine’s Day Sucks” picture my Facebook picture for one day. I switched roommates when a guy across the hall – also named Andy – decided he hated his roommate and switched with pot-smoking Steve, who Brooks and I decided was a crack dealer. Turned out, he was possibly even more annoying than Steve was. I put together a complete archive of my Daily News columns, which I still update. I watched ND basketball become the single unluckiest team ever to play sports.


I enjoyed spring break. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the last time I would be spending the night at “the crib”. We went to ESPN Zone in Chicago on a whim to watch Duke-UNC and had a great time. I almost dated Joy, but decided against it at the last minute. I won every March Madness pool I was in thanks to my pick of UCLA to make the finals panning out. ND lost on a last-second wild fadeaway three in the 2nd round of the NIT in what has to be the most fitting ending to any season in sports history.


My roommate decided to have a girl friend of his over every single night for the entire month, which just about drove me out of my mind. Despite the fact that they were sleeping in the same bed every night in that time, they never ended up actually dating. I went to my grandparents’ for Easter. I was really depressed about my life, and about girls, all month. I overslept and missed a softball doubleheader that I was supposed to do for the radio, which probably helped screw me out of some spots I wanted for the next year on WCRD. I woke up next to a girl one morning. (Not even kidding – she stumbled into my room drunk and ended up on my bed because she was looking for her own room and got lost.) The Bulls made the playoffs and I loved every minute of it. Derrek Lee broke his wrist, and I tried and failed to re-evaluate my Cubs fandom. Eric and I won WCRD Sports Show of the Year despite only being on the air for three months.


I finally went home after the worst semester to date of my life. I tried to ask myself if I really wanted romantic love from a girl right now or not. Then just a couple of days later, I had my first kiss. While drunk, at a party, with another drunk girl. The one way I didn’t want it to happen, did. I joined Mark’s church softball league again. I had all kinds of issues with my FAFSA.


Brooks moved back home, hence not staying at the crib anymore. We hardly saw each other at all anyway. Ball State baseball beat Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA tournament, but lost their next two to get knocked out. Superman came out, and while decent, fell short of expectations. I went to ESPN Zone and a Cubs game just because I could. My dad refused to foot the bill for an extra 50 bucks a month so that me and Nate could live in the apartment by ourselves and avoid getting some stoner in the apartment, which would become hilariously ironic in the next few months. I worked box office at the theater for the first time, but since the box manager doesn’t like me, he used his job to screw me over.


The Bulls signed Ben Wallace while I was at a 4th of July party where the ND offensive coordinator just happened to also be. I started playing Literati with Lafree, and it’d take a while for me to get anywhere in beating him. Brooks continued to leave Xanga comments decrying my girl-centric entries, which was another thing that would become ironic in the later months. I discovered Crunchwrap Supremes from Taco Bell after previously only buying Double Decker Tacos. I bought NCAA Football 2007. I wrote a strangely deep entry. I got a long-overdue raise at work and a glowing evaluation that made me smile for a short time. I got ever more pissed off at work about Adam.


Cubs Trip III – the only thing that happened all summer that I actually liked – commenced. We learned about the phenomenon of “Bibling” people, illegally drove on the shoulder of the road during a traffic jam for a couple of miles, met Mullet Man, argued with a fellow Cubs fan on the merits of Glendon Rusch (you can guess which side we were on), went on a two-night excursion to get ‘chicks’ without any success, accidentally stumbled into Chicago’s “Queer Alley”, tried to talk our way into a porn shop despite none of us being 21 yet, watched a group of people play softball including a giant first baseman girl that we dubbed “Truck”, and made truckers honk on the way home. I finally got a cell phone from Verizon. I joined the Ball State Sports Hour of Power, another radio show. I also got the high school football color man job, which while not useful to getting a future job, was the most fun thing I’ve done yet in broadcasting. I also managed to piss off a fellow WCRD member, which is always a brilliant career move. I got a big financial aid refund to help me pay for things in the fall semester. I had my first live, in-person fantasy football draft and saw a drunk guy make all kinds of hilarious racist comments. I went to Ohio to celebrate my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday with family. I found out that I can’t get tired of little kids, no matter how annoying or crazy they act. I pumped myself up for the most important ND football season since I began seriously following them. I realized that I’m constantly the third/fourth/fifth wheel in a group.


I got progressively more excited about ND, until they crashed and burned against Michigan. I liked a certain girl for a short time. I made a catastrophically bad pick of Carolina over KC in the Super Bowl. I pondered why college students can’t get excited about anything, but went nuts about the Facebook News Feed (which I happen to like). I kicked ass on the CSL anchor tryouts but didn’t get a slot anyway, prompting me to re-evaluate, again, what I want to do with my life. I got more into Ball State sports than I ever have before. The Panthers got off to a crappy start. The bike my dad brought down for me to use to get to late-night and Sunday WCRD events broke on its 2nd use, nearly pushing me over the edge. The WCRD tension between employees and management resulted in a weird meeting where we were asked to voice any concerns we had. I went nuts after the most impossible comeback in ND history against MSU. Ellen (yep, her, not me) came up with the idea to hang out once a week, which gave me a bright beacon of happiness to look forward to no matter how crappy the rest of my week was going.


I wondered why I don’t know the magic words to comfort my friends when they’re having a crummy time. My friend Shawna told me she was “boggled” that I’d never had a girlfriend (join the club). I took a picture of myself hugging Ellen that still brings a grin to my face if I need one. I compiled the complete list of all the ND football games I’ve attended live in my life. My friend Kavya died of a heart condition, and once again I found myself mourning the loss of a fellow Spell Bowl player. I celebrated my leaving the teens, and in the process realized I was over Michelle. Unfortunately, I also realized that I’m falling for another girl I’ll never have. I went and had Jimmy John’s with Cassie, and realized that we should’ve been hanging out much more than we have been over the last year or so.


I watched the most uproariously amazing movie ever (Borat). I went to lunch with Michelle and really missed her afterwards. I went to the 2nd-most amazing athletic event I’ve ever witnessed, as my little Ball State Cardinals nearly shocked the college football universe by almost bringing down mighty Michigan. I realized I “just want more”. My Xanga postings nearly dried up completely as Myspace took up more and more of my blogging. I celebrated Thanksgiving in Kentucky, then went to Tennessee to watch my cousin play for Stanford against the Lady Vols. In the process I saw Candace Parker dunk. I went on a date and had a pretty darn good time, but so far nothing has come of it.


I was nearly destroyed by an assload of projects at the end of the semester. I found out my roommate’s going back to the dorms next year, but the added notice he gave me enabled me to make other plans that will be a pretty decent substitute. I got my 2nd kiss, from another drunk girl at another party, and vowed that this will never happen again, because I’m losing any excuse to call myself a nice guy when I go and do shit like that. I thought about the girl I want more and more and am honestly worried about myself over it. I went to another road Ball State event, this time seeing Butler destroy us with my incredible best friend Ellen. I pondered the possibility that I am way too girlish. I survived finals week. I made a schedule that will just about kill me on Mondays and, especially, Wednesdays.

It’s not over yet, but 2006 pretty well sucked for the most part.

A. Bob

Well, my days ought to be…interesting next year.

Here’s my spring 2007 schedule as it stands now:


10-10:50 Pols 290
12-12:50 Soc 100
2-2:50 Tcom 345
6-7:50 Tcom 426


9:30-10:45 Sports Studies 200


(Oh lord, kill me now)

10-10:50 Pols 290
11-11:50 Tcom 288
12-12:50 Soc 100
2-2:50 Tcom 345
6-9:50 Tcom 426


10-10:50 Pols 290
12-12:50 Soc 100
2-2:50 Tcom 345

Well, the bad news is that my roommate has decided to go back to the dorms next year. But the good news is that unlike Eric, he gave me enough notice to make backup plans. It looks possible that I’ll be living with Levin and Chris from WCRD next year, which would be pretty freakin sweet in its own right. We’re all obsessed with sports (ironically, Levin’s a Purdue fan, Chris’s an Indiana fan, I’m an ND fan and we all go to Ball State – we’ve got all D-IA football teams in Indiana covered in one) so it’s a pretty good setup, possibly. They don’t really know what they’re doing yet. We’ll see how that works out.

Let’s see…other things going on…well, finals week is upon us. My 5th semester in college has proven to be the most difficult – even though I’m taking fewer credit hours than I ever have before (13). Next semester I am aiming to take 16. Right now I have 10 – Tcom 288, Tcom 426, Sports Studies 200, and Tcom 345. I need to add Journ 103 to my schedule, and I’m hoping to get Sports Admin 345 on there, but failing that I will probably take Political Science 290. I don’t know how much work 426 will be, but I have almost no doubt that next semester will be inifinitely easier than this one. No more newswriting, and no more Dr. Maria. I can’t wait.

Anyway, my grades are pretty good as of now. I have B’s in every class except for 323 (where I don’t know what I have). I’m hoping to do well enough on the geography final to get a B+, and if I’m lucky I may pull off a B+ or A- in Media Law. Other than that it will probably be straight B’s across the board – which isn’t too bad.

I bought Talladega Nights and Van Wilder on DVD yesterday. Watched Talladega – the unrated version seems to have been tinkered with a lot, and I’m not sure I like it.

Tomorrow is my only day this week where I don’t have a final and don’t have to turn anything in (although Friday morning is when the News project is due so it’s probably in my best interest to finish it tomorrow).

A. Bob

In the movies and on TV, there are always those big romantic moments. You know the kind. The girl or the guy realizes that the guy or the girl is perfect for them by some little thing, and suddenly they’re determined to prove that they’re in love with them. And, ultimately, it almost always works.

Such moments seem to be hard to come by in real life – especially in mine.

When, if ever, will she realize?

I have nothing else to say, just wanted to get that out.

A. Bob

As I continue to draw closer and closer to my death at the end of this semester, well, I’m not learning much.

I’ve discovered something recently: I can be incredibly girlish sometimes.

That probably has a lot to do with my dad not being around much when I
was younger. He worked a lot, and I didn’t have many friends (or any at
all), so I spent almost all of my free time around my mom. A lot of
people say that someone made them who they are today, but in my case
it’s actually true. Without my mom, everything would be different.

And it’s still true now. Except now, I don’t spend all my free time
around my mom. I do, however, spend a lot of time with Ellen, who is
fast becoming my best friend, even though she probably doesn’t know it.

Actually she probably does. I gush about her to everyone and all the time. But whatever.

My friend Cassie doesn’t believe me when I tell her I’m girlish, but
it’s simple fact. I melt around babies. They’re seriously the most
adorable things ever. I’m always worrying about what other people
think, which isn’t something that happens with guys, at least a lot of
the ones I know. Two of the very most important people in my life – my
mom and Ellen – are girls.

I’m not quite sure where I’m going with this. But I guess that’s
representative of how things are going in my life – I never seem to
know what I’m doing, or more importantly, why I’m doing it.

I’ve tried, all this time, to fit into some arbitrary definition of the
word “normal”. I’ve acted like other people with disastrous results.
I’ve been everything BUT myself for most of my life.

But it’s being myself that’s gotten me most of my friends. Mark came
into my life, more or less, as the Barney Stinson to my Ted Mosby (and
if you don’t know what that means, you aren’t watching the best show on
TV right now). Brooks would probably have never been friends with me if
he didn’t know how obsessed with sports I was. Jake wouldn’t have
talked to me if he hadn’t had so much fun driving me crazy throughout
high school with his antics.

Probably most mportantly, if I hadn’t been such a lovesick dork in
freshman year, throwing my heart around to whoever wanted it, I
probably wouldn’t have come even close to finding Ellen.

Hey. Being myself’s gotten me this far in life. Can’t hurt to keep going.

A. Bob