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I guess since it’s been 10 days since my last update that I should update.

things first – career-related stuff. No one has yet gotten back to me
regarding internships, so I’m probably headed back to the theatre next
summer and out of any chance of ever getting a decent job (I
exaggerate, but damn it, I want an internship and no one’s giving me a
chance). I’m trying out for WCRD football – I don’t go in with high
hopes just because I’m conditioned against high hopes, but we’ll see
how it goes. The good thing is that the worst-case scenario is
returning to my role from last year, so it’s not like I’m in an
all-or-nothing situation like I was last year at this time going for
men’s basketball.

I had the lamest weekend of my life last
weekend – I actually watched an entire season of Friends DVDs because I
was so bored. This one’s been a little better – I finally got the N64 I
ordered so I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart (can’t wait until I
actually have someone to play with). I also stopped by Ellen’s dance
marathon for a few minutes, before realizing that if you weren’t either
Greek or dancing you didn’t really have a place there. But, I was there
long enough to give Riley’s ten bucks and give Ellen a hug – which is
all I really wanted to do anyway.

Cubs tickets went on sale on
Friday, and I took advantage in a big way – I bought 4 bleacher seats
to all three of the Phillies games that were earmarked for Cubs Trip
V4, plus I happened to get in soon enough to also buy 4 bleacher seats
to the Saturday April 21st game with St. Louis, which is now a sold-out
game. I thought about keeping those for a little bit, but when I
noticed my new bank balance after the purchases (right around 700
dollars), I decided to go the eBay route and make a nice profit off
them to help fund the rest of Cubs Trip. I figure the markup value of
the tickets alone will probably pay for my hotel expenses for that
trip, which would be a big help.

The part I’m a little sad about
is that it won’t be nearly as easy to set up Cubs Trips in the future –
I graduate next summer and will have to look for a job immediately (or
at least some sort of internship).

A. Bob


Today’s a lot – LOT – easier to deal with when your friends are almost
all single too. And even easier to deal with when your friends are
sweet on top of it. That’s you Michelle, Ellen, Star and anyone else
that gave me greetings today.

So anyway, I haven’t written in
here in a while but since we’re on our SECOND SNOW DAY IN A ROW (I
seriously never thought this would happen while I was in college) and I
have nothing better to do, well, here I am.

Not much has
happened other than the Blizzard of 2007, which I’m trying to figure
out the rank of compared to the Blizzard of 1999. On the one hand, I
think we’ve gotten more snow over these last two days than we got
during the one eight years ago. On the other hand, school got knocked
out I think five times in two weeks thanks to the one eight years ago.
Either way, this is by far the most snow I’ve seen since then.

Irony of ironies, I heard the snowstorm cancelled a global warming conference in D.C. Hilarious.

I dropped my sales class. It was becoming increasingly clear that I was
going to get an F in that class simply because I wasn’t going to have
time to do the work required. So I decided I’d rather be forced into
taking more classes in a later semester than end up with an F on my

I’ve been hanging out with Levin a lot more since
we’re rooming together next year and all and it’s becoming more and
more obvious that next year could quite possibly be the most fun year
of my life thanks to just him alone, let alone Chris and his roommate.
We went to B-Dubs to play NTN trivia last week, started a joint NCAA
football dynasty with ND and Purdue (I absolutely destroyed him when we
played and am averaging 60 points per game through 7 games), and he’s
even piggybacked into my workout plans and plays basketball with me now
and runs (amazingly, I’m in better shape than he is right now even
though he played high school soccer).

I also got a 70-dollar
parking ticket when we used his media pass to park in the media lot for
one of those basketball games, which somehow constitutes a violation.
Anyway, I’m not planning on paying it. They don’t know who I am
anyway…they just know my car’s make. And since I don’t have a parking
pass and therefore only park at BSU when they aren’t policing such
matters…well, I don’t like their chances of locating me.

been going to women’s b-ball home games lately, mainly because all the
men’s home games are when I can’t go so I need my Worthen/basketball
fix. It helps that the women are 18-4 and play a very entertaining
fast-paced style of basketball. Oh, and I have a major crush on Julie
DeMuth, the 5’10” guard/forward for our Lady Cards. Damn, she’s cute.

This is getting long. Anyway, no news on any other front, so I’ll end this. Have a great day all.

A. Bob

I’m not quite sure why I’m updating this thing, but I feel like it.

Super Bowl weekend was pretty awesome until the actual game. Friday
evening was the party at Kyle’s place and it was a blast. I made a
complete ass of myself, but the good part was that I didn’t care. My
friends still like me anyway, and who cares if new people think I’m an
idiot because of how I act? It’s probably better than people thinking
I’m an ass or a prude due to my shyness, in any case. Honestly, I don’t
know why I didn’t go to any parties of these guys’ before.

Then it was off to Levin’s house for the rest of the weekend. I’m not
sure anyone there liked me much – his dad seemed to hate ND even more
than Levin does, which is quite an accomplishment, and the only other
Panthers fan at the Super Bowl party hated ND even more than Levin’s
dad, causing him to rant about Brady Quinn sucking under pressure when
I brought up that Quinn had been interviewed by Carolina at the Senior
Bowl. I had to defend Brady, of course, because he’s played well in no
less than three games in which he didn’t have time to throw – twice
against USC and in 2005 against Michigan, and that was just in the Weis
Era (I’ve pretty much struck 2003 and 2004 from my memory).

But all in all, it was pretty good.

I don’t know what’s going on in some areas of my life, specifically
class. My political science class is confusing because the prof is
Chinese and I can’t understand him. My sales class is impossible
because I got slotted with clients who won’t buy, so I’m screwed pretty
much. Two of the others are confusing too. Only 426 seems to make any

The Bulls are about to lose so I’m going to get back to them…

A. Bob

“I will never let you fall, I’ll stand up with you forever.”

I need someone around here who can follow those words…I could use the help.

the first time, I flat don’t feel like I have enough time to do what I
need to. There isn’t enough time in the day for me to fulfill my duties
as a WCRD sales rep. I’ve managed to get to one sales call with
Sunshine Cafe, and he said he’d like to buy but doesn’t have any
remaining money in the budget for February. I’ll have to keep in touch.
Meanwhile, I have 4 other clients, all of whom I’ve called repeatedly,
none of whom have returned my call except Family Video, and that was
just to tell me they wouldn’t be interested.

The good news is
that 426 won’t be as big a nightmare as I originally predicted. It’s a
lot of work and a lot of time, but it’s not undoable by any stretch. I
think the fact that I have the class with so many people I really get
along with helps get me through it a lot. The amazing thing is that
other people seem to get along with me so well too. I’ve never been
easy to get along with but in the last year or so that has happily

The other good news is that I’m getting in shape. At
the beginning of this semester, I decided I’m sick of being pudgy and
unathletic and to do something about it. And happily, I’m seeing
improvement quicker than I could’ve hoped. On Monday night I ran a mile
and a half, walked an additional quarter mile, then played a game of 5
on 5 basketball, then played two games of one on one with Bobby. We’ve
played 11 games so far and I am 9-2 against him, although that has as
much to do with the mysterious disappearance of his 3-point stroke as
anything, I am still happy about it.

I don’t even have anything
to say about girls anymore – somewhere along the line of all this
stupidity, I realized that a girl wouldn’t have it so bad if she were
with me. I’ve really stopped caring that much for that reason – if a
lady is worth my time, she’s going to like me without me having to be
anything but myself.

I have plans the next two Fridays – actual
parties amazingly enough. Considering my track record with alcohol and
decisions I’m going to try not to get involved with that too much, but
this Friday in particular should be a lot of fun as I’ve never partied
with the WCRD guys before. And next Friday is another party at my
roommate’s friends’ house, which is always reliable for some fun and

Well, that’s more or less what’s going on in my life
right now. I’m trying to apply for internships at both ESPN Radio in
Chicago and in Indianapolis…I don’t know where else to look, but if
anyone has some suggestions…

A. Bob