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As I told a good friend of mine this week, “Ever have one of those days where nothing really bad happens, but at the end of it you really need a smile?”

I had like four of those days this week.

First of all, I’m pissed off at my Pols 290 class. For one thing, I found out this week that it’s essentially worthless to me – because I’m three classes short of a minor in political science and that isn’t one of them. I’m currently requesting 16 hours next semester – 6 of them political science. I figure I can get that minor, and I might as well go for it. The second reason I’m pissed off at it is because I’m doing absolutely terrible in the class – the professor’s Asian and I can’t understand him (this is, by the way, about the fourth time this has happened to me, and it’s negatively affected my grade three of those times), and it doesn’t help that he rambles on about anything he wants to during class – it’s impossible to tell what he considers important information and what he doesn’t, because he doesn’t emphasize anything.

Second of all, there’s a big clusterfuck (for lack of a better word) going on at my radio station. I won’t mention names or specifics, but let’s just say a whole lot of people are pissed off at each other, one of them did something about it, and now there’s a fair chance that the entire operation could degenerate into full-scale warfare. I mean, people just HATE each other now. I wasn’t around for past editions of the station, but I can’t imagine things have ever been as bad as they are now in that area.

Third of all, and partially on that topic, there’s something very important going on Sunday morning and afternoon that I refuse to mention specifically in this space until after it happens. I don’t want to jinx it. It’s not often you know that something is a turning point in your life before it happens, but there’s a good chance this will be. I’ll try to explain better when I know what’s going on. But I’m scared out of my mind something will go wrong.

Fourth of all, I’m getting nowhere trying to get over a certain someone. I decided I need to do it, but all the women I know even remotely at all are attached. Ironic, actually. I’ve had many, many problems with women in 20 1/2 years, but all the ones I know being attached was never a problem – until now. I guess it figures that now that I’m actually feeling ready to start throwing myself out there a little more that I can’t do it.

Fifth of all, I’m applying to WNDU for a production assistant job there, but I know I won’t get it. I had been so sure that I needed to get some kind of internship this summer, and nothing has come up. I applied a bunch of different places and sent feelers out to a bunch of others, and nothing. I don’t even know what I’m going to do. I don’t like to think about it.

Sixth of all, and the only piece of good news this week, Michelle got engaged to her boyfriend last week. Five years ago, no one would have guessed that the first friend of mine to get married would be a girl I was once crazy about, but there it is. She called me one of her best friends when she told me about it, saying she had to tell me because of that. It took me aback somewhat because, although I’ve known her for over four years now and she is very important to me, I never thought of us as being all that close – at least, up until this semester I hadn’t thought that – except for that couple of months freshman year where I talked to her every day because I didn’t know anyone. She was so helpful then and I’ll never forget that. I’m babbling.

Tomorrow’s the Wine Party and another fantasy draft. Sunday’s the Very Important Thing and the radio show. Then Monday – finally – is opening day. I’m so excited.

A. Bob


I’ve decided I’m going to try to use this thing a little more. I’ve lately only been copying over MySpace blogs, but I can’t always say everything I want to say in there, because everyone reads it. Whereas this thing is practically read by no one but my subscribers, very few of whom I actually know.

Well, first of all, my bracket’s doing pretty bad. I’m in like the seventh percentile on because I’ve pretty much missed just about every close game. The good news is that all of my Final Four teams – UCLA, Florida, Georgetown and Ohio State, with UCLA beating the Hoyas in the title game – are all still alive. The better news is that no one else in my money pool has UCLA winning the championship, so unless I fall horrendously behind, the Bruins just need to come through for me and I win a whole bunch of money.

I spent all week at Budd’s house last week, and I drank too much. Note that I will probably never use the phrase “drank too much” again in my life. But on Monday night, for no real reason, I drank way too much, puked, and passed out, only to wake up and find that I had crap drawn all over me that took forever to wash off. That swore me off it for a while. We got crowns from Burger King and decided that we would “crown” champions in beer pong, poker, Tiger Woods 2007, and ping pong. Budd ended up winning the beer pong crown and defending it numerous times (I swept three games of round-robin play, but we also had a tournament after that and I lost), TJ won the poker crown (I wasn’t involved), Tony won the inaugural Tiger Woods crown, but later lost it to Budd who lost it to Mark, and Tony took the ping pong crown. We were that bored all week.

When it came tournament time, it was thoroughly depressing. The first game to go final ended my dreams of a perfect bracket (TT lost to BC), and all day bad things happened. On top of that, the Big Ten won a bunch of games, giving Budd, a Purdue student, reason to talk smack about how the conference was great. Which, of course, with only one Sweet 16 team, has now been proven wrong. Then on Friday, ND lost to Winthrop – legitimately one of the most depressing things I’ve watched in a long time – and Purdue beat Arizona – opening up for more smack talk. It was utterly terrible.

On top of this, I didn’t get to hang out with Cassie and Shawna, both of whom I’d desperately wanted to see before I went back to school. I still have gotten nothing back for internships, so I’m screwed there.

Let something good happen.

A. Bob

There are moments in life where all the crap you go through seems worth
it – if only for a little while. Sometimes those moments are expected
or planned – spending a Sunday morning in church with the only person
who can make you smile just by being there with you.

times, they come out of nowhere – getting a Saturday night phone call
while playing Mario Kart with your roommate from that same person that
ends with an innocuous “love you bunches”. Or being interrupted right
before your mile and a half run because a tearful friend has just had a
fight with her parents and needs someone to listen for a little while.
Little things like that. Neither of the aforementioned incidents had
ever happened to me before – and they meant a lot.

I guess I
just mean that so often in my life, I wish I had never let my guard
down for someone – and it’s nice to know that others are willing to do
it for me.

This has been the boringest semester ever. At least
two of my classes are completely test-centric, which means I can study
whenever I like (read: two days before the test) and almost never have
homework. 426 is a practical class – no stupid homework, just stories
that need to be done. That means that when I’m home, I have nothing to

I want spring break. Well, even more than that I want an
internship, but I’ve been ignored by two different ESPN Radio
affiliates. I’ll keep in touch, but I’m screwed. Again. You’d think I’d
catch a break here and there, but no – I have yet to get a position
anywhere without having to work at it and prove repeatedly that I’m the
best person for the job. All that is why I have no semblance of high
hopes for the coming weeks and even for the coming years.

spring break. Budd texted me last week, and this is a direct quote,
“Beer pong, hookah, cigars and bball games in hi def on the big screen
all week at my house.” Finally. The NCAA tourney is seriously the only
thing going well right now, and I am at long last going to be home for
the first few days. I thought about trying to wangle tickets if ND
played in Chicago, but I’m so flat broke that it’s not realistic.

I hope I have more to smile about soon…I need it.

A. Bob