Monthly Archives: May 2007

There really is so much about me that I still keep inside.

become so much more open and honest over the last two years or so, and
I’m proud of myself for doing that, but there’s still so many
insecurities and worries I keep locked up.

Maybe it’s because I
know no one can help, maybe it’s because I don’t think they’ll care,
maybe there’s no real reason for it at all.

It’s probably for the best anyway.

A. Bob


NSBB day was awesome…everyone I met was cool. Granted we lost, but I can live with that. You get used to it as a Cubs fan.

I have no idea why, but Treeman’s five-alarm gorgeous girlfriend wanted a picture with me, which I gladly took. Wish I had a copy.

Now I’m sunburned and going back to work this week – broke as heck until I get paid Friday. But at least it’s a big check.

A. Bob

WOW, reading old entries is weird.

I was so obsessed with politics. And Michelle. And girls in general. And talking to people I didn’t really know.

And I couldn’t catch the ridiculously obvious hints that one person was dropping. How different would my life be now if I had read them correctly?

I really was one messed-up kid. And not a very pleasant person to know. Not sure how anyone put up with me. I’d like to think I’m pretty normal now.

A. Bob

50 things you probably didn’t know about me

1. The only concert I’ve ever been to was the World Pulse Festival, and it was not my choice, I love being Catholic but I can’t stand Christian music
2. I’m a conservative, but my brother is a die-hard liberal, and my mom doesn’t have many political beliefs
3. I didn’t get a cell phone until last August
I used to be really outgoing…then when too many people made fun of me
for being stupid, I decided that might not be the best way to go
5. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 10
6. I was 18 when a female unrelated to me first told me I was attractive
7. My aunt
is my dental
8. My dentists told me I needed braces in middle school, but my
orthodontist said I did not necessarily need them so I never got
them…I still have an overbite and a slight gap in my front teeth
9. I was born in some little tiny town outside Cleveland
That tiny town happens to be the same one that former Notre Dame and Packers RB Tony Fisher was born in, so he was one of my
favorite players
11. I was on a spelling team in high school, and we
are the only team in the history of our high school to win 4 state
championships in a row…they’re still going today, they now have eight
12. I didn’t buy my first CD until the summer after my junior year in high school 
13. My dad coached my YMCA basketball team for 2 years in elementary school…our record was 1-17-1 in those years
14. My first kiss was with a girl I neither was particularly attracted to nor had any real interest in dating…and I feel like I’m a horrible person because of that
15. I’m a lifelong Catholic, but my parents are divorced
16. I play softball with friends all the time and have never hit a home run…I have 3 career triples, 2 of which came last week
17. I played soccer for 4 years, but only scored 2 goals the entire time
The first time I went to a party where there was alcohol was senior
year in high school, and it wasn’t even a party, just people sitting
around drinking and a few people playing poker…I did not drink
19. I tasted beer when I was 7, when I mistook my grandfather’s Old Milwaukee for apple juice, and it tasted disgusting
20. I skipped first grade
21. For seven years after that, I was known as “the smart kid” even though I have never once made straight A’s
I have been suspended from school twice…once for getting put in a
headlock that somebody mistook for me whaling away at somebody, and
once for spitting in a kid’s face because he had ticked me off so badly
23. When
I was 6, I had a nightmare about toys from the movie
Aladdin turning evil and attacking my family and me
24. I once peed my pants in a Sears because I could not find a
bathroom, I was 8
25. My mom is my idol, she’s the greatest parent ever
I thought I was going to go to Butler until my broadcast journalism
class took a trip down here in April, and I fell in love with the Tcom
27. My first crush was on the Little Mermaid
28. When I am home, I watch Days of Our Lives with my mom so we can make fun of the ludicrous plotlines
29. I crashed my dad’s truck into a good friend of mine’s truck in April 2004
30. The best gift I ever got was a Sega Genesis for my 10th birthday
31. Our
high school had rose sales at Christmas and Valentine’s and in junior
year I got a rose at Christmas, and I never found out who sent it
32. I once had the Jeopardy theme memorized on the piano
33. A quiz I took on estimated me to be 25% gay
34. I saved up for over a year to buy my PlayStation 2, using mostly birthday money
35. When I was 5, I fell into the Atlantic Ocean on a Florida trip because I was fake taunting the waves to come and hit me
36. I have all ten seasons of Friends on DVD and I don’t care if you think that’s pathetic
37. The first sporting event I attended live was an Indians/Tigers game when I was seven months old
38. The high school in the movie “Radio” is the one I would have gone to had I never moved up to Indiana
The first true memory I have is when I stayed with my grandparents for
a week when I was 4 while my parents went to Germany on my dad’s
business trip
40. My mom’s parents are 20 years older than my dad’s parents
41. I sing along to most of my CD’s
42. The first R-rated movie I ever saw was Varsity Blues, and I was 13
I didn’t feel comfortable saying the word “sucks” until 7th grade and I
didn’t cuss until 8th grade, and now I cuss way too much
44. I believed in Santa until I was 9
45. My cousin played Stanford women’s basketball for four years and was drafted by the WNBA’s Houston Comets, though she was cut last week
46. Both my grandmothers have survived cancer…one had breast cancer, one had colon cancer
47. My mom says that of her five kids, I was the easiest one to deal with as a baby
48. If I could have one thing to change about my life, I would have joined WCRD radio as a freshman rather than waiting till I was a sophomore…despite the fact that there are a bunch of things that probably would’ve affected my life more if I changed them
49. The first gift I ever got for somebody else was the game Hangman for my brother
50. My friends and I go to Wrigley for a few days every year to go to some Cubs games

I work THIRTY HOURS this weekend. And of course, only one shift with anyone I enjoy being around. It’s bad enough they won’t hire anyone I really get along with but couldn’t they at least schedule me with the few who I do?


18-hour work weekend forthcoming, then on Sunday the Bulls season ends.

This summer has been a giant hunk of disappointment for the first week. Something better be looking up, and soon. I could use some smiles and hugs.

A. Bob

You never forget that first girl who steals your heart.

But in a week, mine will be off to Iowa for a job, and who knows when I’ll see her again.

I’m all kinds of happy for her…but I’m going to miss her beyond belief.

A. Bob