Alright, so I haven’t checked in since moving back…here’s the scoop.

year’s underway…and I’m loving every minute of it so far. I’m busier
than I’ve ever been in my life, but it’s all exciting. I’ve already
finished three stories for the Daily News (the third publishes tomorrow
in addition to my column). I’m training to run the audio board at WCRD
tomorrow, because my first show for the Hour of Power airs Sunday.
Football broadcasts begin a week from tonight. It’s all been absolutely
crazy, but it feels like I’m doing the right thing.

I had gotten all of 19 hours of sleep in the 3 nights before last night. It’s just all been madcap and nuts.

apartment is absolutely wonderful. I’m happier than I’ve ever been
about the people I’m living with. Chris and Levin are both student
media just like me, so we can always talk about the latest happenings
in student media, and we’re both gigantic sports fans. Chris is always
bringing his girlfriend over, but even that’s ok because she’s very
nice and fairly cool.

Last weekend was fun too. On Saturday
night, Ellen invited me (well, I sort of leeched on to her and invited
myself along, because I was lonely) to a party and it was fun. We had
to wait forever, but finally we got to play some beer pong, and Ellen
and I ran everyone off the table. We won 5 games in a row before
someone finally beat us. It was fun as hell. Not the most fun night of
my college life, but it wasn’t too far off. But then, I’m always having
fun when I’m with Ellen – even if it’s at church. I also met a couple
of her friends and they were pretty cool too. It’s always nice to have
a couple of more people around who you know.

Well, let’s see…I
put my name in for baseball P.A. announcer next year. After Levin told
me the spot was open, I couldn’t tell the field hockey info director I
was interested. That job would be amazingly fun and incredibly good
experience to have on the resume.

I know everyone’s incredibly
curious, but sorry to report that there aren’t any news on the girl
front either, and there probably won’t be for a while. If I remain as
busy as I’ve been for the first week of the year, I simply won’t have
time to nurse any crushes on anyone. And quite honestly, I’m sick of
crushing on people anyway. It’s a pretty gigantic waste of time. It’s
hard enough just finding a girl that’s actually worth crushing on, let
alone actually developing those feelings. And I don’t have the time.
I’m not even sure I want to have the time.

Anyways, I wanted everyone to know school’s great, and I think I know what I’m doing.

A. Bob


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