Monthly Archives: April 2008

I’ve discovered many cool things about my friend Kim recently.

First of all, I’ve discovered I should’ve gotten to know her sooner. MUCH sooner. We’d have been really good friends if I had.

But the coolest thing about my friend Kim is that there’s nothing pulling me towards her. I don’t feel ‘into’ her at all – which is kind of strange because she is absolutely gorgeous, maybe the funniest girl I’ve ever met, definitely one of the coolest, and simply overall one of the most fun. And yet I don’t feel myself crushing on her, as I have…well…pretty much everybody else.

She’s simply a good friend of mine that happens to be insanely hot. That sounds weird, but, unbelievably, it’s true. I love hanging out with her, love talking to her, love joking with her, and don’t feel anything beyond good friendship. It’s a really, really nice feeling.

In the meantime, I’d still like to be into a girl. So if you know of one…well, you know what to do.

I spent nine – NINE – hours today editing my News 485 project. If I don’t pass after all the hell I’ve gone through…oh boy. There will be blood.

A. Bob


Let’s see…

My MLB.TV sound is off, there is no reason for it, so I have a muted Cubs game on. Which is absolutely pointless. I might as well have it on Gameday.

My computer is being generally gay otherwise.

My friend Jake is proving why he doesn’t deserve a girl like the one he’s got by commenting on any photo I am in with a girl with something related to ‘boning’.

I really want to fucking get out of here.

A. Bob

This obsessive need I have to be everybody’s best friend really needs
to go away. I need to be happy with the two best friends I DO have and
stop worrying about the 6 billion-odd ones I don’t. It really is my one
biggest fault and if people knew how bad it really is, I don’t think
I’d have near the quantity or quality of friends that I have. I suppose
that’s good.

I’m doing softball P.A. tomorrow. Shane is the
regular guy and he’s off covering our men’s volleyball team, so I get
to do it. Gives me something to do tomorrow, puts another couple bucks
in my pocket and whiles away the time until the Friday night of
awesomeness – WCRD sports bash and the Fin-Alley at Shane’s place.

need a girl – but you knew that already, and there’s still not a lot I
can do about that need right now, so it’s barely worth mentioning.

A. Bob

Can someone tell me what the draw is of 25+ year old guys for college-age girls?

Because I don’t get it at all. And yet it seems like every one of my female friends is either dating someone that old or would like to be.

I really just don’t understand at all. I can’t imagine really being into a college-age girl four years from now, I guess is one main reason.

A. Bob

Over many years, I have deduced that being into someone you can’t have,
no matter what the reason is that you can’t have her (and the reasons
have been many), is hazardous to your health.

And yet I continue to let it happen.

Clearly, I am stupid in some way.

A. Bob

Everything I have done in my entire life has been to prepare me to become a college graduate.

I’m now less than three weeks away from reaching that milestone.

What do you do once you have reached every goal you’ve been working towards for 21 years??

You start on the next one, that’s what.

Two more applications sent out yesterday – Ellen’s website,, has been invaluable. If I manage to land a job off one of the positions I find on that site I will literally owe her my livelihood. One of them was for an assistant editor position at – basically, the qualifications are that you have a degree and know how to write and correct in the right writing style. The other one was for a sports reporter position in Hopkinsville, KY. It’s kind of a small-time paper called the Kentucky New Era, but it seems like a pretty decent place to start. It’s also at a not-too-awful location as far as small towns go – two and a half hours from Louisville, an hour and a half from Nashville and 4 hours from St. Louis. It seems like a job I’d be pretty good at. I’ll probably start calling around at that and the J and C when I get my…

new phone!!! My free upgrade period started this month and I chose the green enV, which according to the Verizon Web site will arrive tomorrow afternoon. I’m so sick of my junky phone, so I’m pretty excited about that one.

A. Bob

Couples who constantly post stuff about each other in their away messages on AIM are one of my pet peeves. Part of it is that I think that if you care so much about the other person, you should show them by doing things for them or being nice to them rather than just type an away message. Most of it is just that these people are happy and that’s what I want.

I have two weeks left of college classes. Then one week of college finals. Then gone. I have no job offers whatsoever. Once I get home I need to amp up those efforts considerably.

A. Bob