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I don’t understand how someone I’m technically directly related to can be so evil.

I don’t understand how a man who fathered four wonderful children – and me – could be such a twisted, disgusting, sick man.

don’t understand how my mother, the single most amazing person I have
ever or will ever meet, could’ve let herself ever get mixed up with the
likes of the most evil person I’ve ever known.

I didn’t
understand the true meaning of hatred until I learned exactly what he
was all about. None of you know exactly what having total and complete
contempt for someone is. None of you can understand actually wishing
that your own father would drop dead. That’s how horrible he is.

I just don’t understand how one of these sagas ended up playing out in my own life.

feel so horrible for my two youngest brothers – wonderful teenage boys
who don’t deserve to have their lives torn apart by this disgusting man.

It just makes me so sad to even think about.

A. Bob


Haha, cancel whatever I said in my last entry.

I suppose the great thing about girls is if you know them for more than about a week and a half, you inevitably find a reason not to like or date them. There are exceptions but it seems like there’s a rule.

But thank you to all you great ones who don’t follow it.

A. Bob

To-do list:

– Understand that if you are going to have feelings for a girl you’re very close friends with, you’re going to have to live with it when she inevitably starts obsessing over another guy. Act accordingly and stop seething with jealousy whenever she brings him up.

That’s all for now.

A. Bob

Graduation is Saturday. And there are a large group of people I never offered their deserved thanks.

Clevenger 205 – Eric (EY) – Probably more of the reason I came to BSU than I cared to admit was because I knew I had the option of rooming with someone I knew my freshman year. And while I was essentially still a little kid trying to grow up, you didn’t seem to mind. Freshman year wouldn’t have been the same without C205. And for kick-starting my radio show career with the amazing “A Little R&R”, which would have blown away all show records for awesomeness if not for your burgeoning volleyball play by play career, you deserve another piece of dap. Never forget that Peyton sucks dick. Oh, and when you hit it big and become head coach at whatever college team you end up going to, make sure to give me the news tip if anything big happens. Haha.

Bobby –  You’re always around with a friendly ear and a piece of advice – even and perhaps especially when I’m too impatient to realize how helpful it is. You are one of many people I should’ve hung out with more in four years here.

Michelle – God, I missed you so much this year. You’re an amazing person, head to toe. You always know how to make me smile, and to help me see that my problems aren’t as insurmountable as I sometimes make them out to be. Of anyone I know, you are probably the person I worry least about – you are so much better equipped to handle anything that comes your way than you’ve ever given yourself credit for. Since I’ll be home a while, make sure to call me if you’re ever in town and we’ll go get some lunch/dinner!

College Park 1023 – Nathan – Thanks for rooming with me junior year, even though we honestly didn’t know each other worth jack by that point. It saved me from another year of rand-o roommates. And we had some good times. Hope you didn’t smell Izzy’s weed as often as I did. Man, did that stink. You’re a real level-headed dude and you will succeed. I still haven’t forgotten your pitch for the show “Deadline”. I wanna see that on air at some point. I’m back, BABY!

The 605 guys – Dan, Andy, billy, Terry – I’ve never had more success coming out of my shell than I did being introduced to the 605 parties – still the best parties I’ve been to. I’ll never forget the successful first wine party, drunkenly cackling at Terry’s Borat DVDs, the 605 Roberts Magic, watching the end of the Texas/Kansas State game, “MILES away”, signing the bar, and scores of other memories. And I’ll never remember the last party – thanks to the Triple P. You guys along with Nathan made my junior year. Really. It’s been awesome knowing all of you.

Ellen – You’re the best friend I’ve met in college. I can’t do any justice to how much you mean to me with words. And to think, I’d probably never have gotten to know you if you hadn’t randomly Facebooked me in freshman year. I don’t know how the hell I avoided getting to know you in high school, but I’m glad that didn’t extend to college. Nothing can give a bright end to a crappy week like church with you, and I can’t believe I don’t get to do that with you anymore. I’ll never forget our Wednesday nights, watching the Michigan game in 2005 and the GT and Air Force games in 2006, going to Texas Roadhouse, seeing Meet the Fockers, my 21st birthday cake, and everything else we did. I never smiled more than I did around you. Good luck in Chicago. When you hit it big in graphic design working for the Bulls or the Cubs, don’t forget about me!

Windermere 301 – Chris, Jenna, Levin, Nate – you four are the best roommates I’ve ever had, and Jenna was an unofficial roommate (she was there more often than Nate, after all!). Best memories = Mario Kart, me taking epic amounts of crap for ND’s football season, the crazy college basketball season, and of course the International Bowl trip. Levin also deserves mention for my 21st birthday and for being just evil enough to get pictures of the Chug Incident. The four of us yammered on about more than I’ll ever be able to remember talking about, but it was a great year. BTW, the Mario Kart run through that we never finished? I’m counting that as a win for me, baby. Chris, I want the URL if your station’s doing any webcasting – I’ll be a Jasper fan yet.

Mark and Brooks – We’ve had some crazy times over the last four summers, and hopefully there are more to come. I’ll be living with Brooks and CFD come July and couldn’t be more pleased about it, so the fun should continue. The summer of 2005 was probably the best summer just about anyone will ever have. I’ll never forget it. Or the Cubs Trips, or the softball games, or the T Bell runs, and all the other crazy stuff we’ve done. We’re not quite the trio we used to be thanks to both of you finding other friends, but I’ll never forget when we were.

Mallory –  Talking things out with you has helped me immensely over the last 16 months or so. Nowadays, we have more fun instant-messaging than most people have doing anything else. It really isn’t fair to everyone else. I’ll always remember “GOOD FUCKING NIGHT”, Dri-Dri, our baseball marathons, our Extra Innings Baseball Manifesto, Adrian’s beached whale, the 1700 guys or so that you obsessed over the last year (haha), the absolutely amazing drunk IM, and probably more than I’ll ever be able to recount. You’re a great friend – you mean more to me than you realize. And there’s a lot more to come, I hope.

Shane and Phil – My first Hour of Power co-hosts. I’ve got to thank Vince Eagan here for giving me a shot on the HoP, with me ‘earning’ my slot by receiving an e-mail from Vince a week before school started. If Vince puts someone else in that e-mail list, I never work on the show. Shane and Phil, you two provided great theater – Phil’s off-topic tangents were the best parts of the show, and Shane was often reduced to just staring at us and laughing, but it was always awesome. There’s no wonder we took home the sports show of the year that year. Shane, you were an awesome WCRD GM and sports director, and it’s awesome how I can make you laugh by saying just about anything as long as it’s in the right inflection. I still maintain I’m better at Mario Kart, but I concede you’re the god of cornhole. Although not as good as one Cecil E. Bohanon. Phil, I love your blog. It’ll take off, keep at it. Go Cubbies. Meet me at Wrigleyville for the 2008 World Series. It’s gonna be awesome.

James and Ryan – And more Hour of Power co-hosts. There was no doubt in my mind when Shane told me to pick the replacements for him that you two were the ones I wanted, and never was there a point when I thought I should have reconsidered. Ryan was always prepared with the epic amount of stats, and James always had a soccer-related point or an ‘almost’-related point to punctuate it. We were just as good as the last year’s trio, and if not for the awesome Cardinal College Gameday show being introduced this year, we definitely would’ve taken home another sports show award.

Cameron, Chris, Michelle, Brad, Mike – Thanks for an awesome football season. I had a blast. I worked with three different pregame co-hosts, but each one of you put on a good show with me. Cameron and Chris provided a hell of a broadcast team to lead into as well. I’m psyched we got to go to Toronto, and there’s no way in hell I’m forgetting anything about the season.

Vinnie and Shaner – Thanks for taking a chance on a completely unproven sportswriter and giving me the keys to two pretty good beats. Even though neither of my teams won much, it was still fun and I gained worlds of experience. We were a damn good sports staff this year, despite Vinnie’s men’s volleyball player of the year bracket, haha. Hope you all have the best of luck next year.

Ray, Kerri and Kim – I am truly sorry I didn’t meet/get to know you guys earlier. I had the most fun ever at your parties the last two months of this year. You are all absolutely awesome, and I hope when I come down for football games the next couple of seasons you’ll still be around and ready to party. I really feel bad that we won’t get to know each other better through college anymore. Keep in touch.

Shane, Peter, Eric and Ryne – I sporadically got to know you guys the first couple of years I was here (I still remember for some odd reason that when you held the dorm-wide Mariokart tournament, I beat Ryne in the first round), but it wasn’t until this year that I really saw what I was missing. The Alley parties were pretty freakin awesome, especially the last one. I’ll miss that place, even though I didn’t get a chance to be there much.

The Tiki Girls – Natalie, Sarah and Ryan – Hey, another group of people I should’ve known earlier! (I’m a horrible person that way.) In your own way, all three of you are great, and you’ll all blow up the world someday. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you guys before, but thanks for giving me a great time at the parties. Especially thanks to Natalie who gave me the best present of all on my 21st birthday – an amazingly memorable picture that I’ll be beaming at for years.

All the TCOM classmates I had – We rocked this shit. Ball State will never be the same after the class of 2008.

College is over. Can’t believe it. If you have a good memory of the Andy experience, post it in the comments. Good luck to everybody.