Monthly Archives: June 2008

I have a job interview at Napa tomorrow. It’s still far from what I
want to be doing, but at least if I work there I won’t be working
weekends and nights and basically having my life sucked out of me. Oh
yeah, and I’ll be making enough money that I can live in Brooks’s
apartment, which right now I am far from doing.

Other than that, everything else in my life is the same as it was a week ago.

was looking through my graduation cards – both HS and college – last
night and thinking about how much better my life seemed back when I
graduated high school and seemed on my way to great things – or at
least good things. I don’t know how I’d feel then if you told me that
now I couldn’t even buy a ‘real’ job interview after I left college. I
know it happens to a lot of people, but I always had thought I’d avoid
being one of those people. I feel like such a disappointment for still
grubbing for work.

A. Bob


I’m sorry for the unusual moment of pride, but I deserve a hell of a lot better than to mean nothing more to the girl I like than to be a sounding board for her whining about her unrequited feelings for some other guy. I’m a pretty decent person and I’m sick of waiting around to see if anyone will bother to realize it.

A. Bob

I still don’t have a job…I still don’t have an interview…but there’s a reason to be confident.

night, Mark’s brother Scott became the latest person to try to help me
out. A fellow Ball State alum, Scott is apparently a whiz with resumes
and said he’d take a look at mine. I saw his and he sure seemed to know
what he was doing. Better yet, he says he knows a guy named Chris
Cooley (not the Redskins TE) who played NFL Europe and knows people in
the industry and would pass me along.

It just made me think
about how many people are TRYING to help me. Levin tried, my mom has
tried, my uncle Don has tried, my grandparents have tried, and there
are more that I am not remembering, I’m sure. With all these people
looking out for me, you’d think I HAVE to find something eventually,
right?? I mean, I’m a bright kid with no black marks and a lot of
experience…SOMETHING has to be out there for me.

Not much else
to tell right now…I’m still working at the theater, looking forward
to Cubs Trip (less than 3 weeks now), and preparing to move in with
Brooks and CFD, coming in July. I’m really looking forward to that. I
love my family and will miss home, but I feel like I’m past the point
that I should be living here.

A. Bob