Monthly Archives: June 2009

I have never had such a perfect day in my life as the one I spent with my girlfriend at the beach on Thursday. It was like a dream. This whole month has been like a dream. I don’t even need dreams anymore – reality is so much better. When I told Amy that tonight, she said she cried. I still am kind of in shock that I have a beautiful, sweet, funny, caring, amazing woman who not only likes me, she is absolutely in love with me. It is enough to make you realize why I was single so long – God was saving me for this girl, this perfect angel. I can totally see this going the distance.

A. Bob


Big thanks to the assholes who bashed in my car window tonight at work, jacked my stereo, stole my iPod, and left me with a 500 dollar deductible on a car that might not even be worth that much anymore. I had been looking forward to buying a PS3, and with my car now in need of some severe repair and my needing to replace an iPod, the PS3 thing might have to wait.

Damn it.

Thank God for Amy, who I called at 5 am to tell her about this. Instead of being annoyed that I’d woken her up, she was glad I’d called to tell her. She’s perfect. I love her. I don’t see how I could ever let her go. I just hope that her having to drive doesn’t dampen our Thursday beach trip in any way. I’m sure it won’t.

A. Bob

News in short:

– I have a girlfriend. I asked Amy to be my girlfriend on Tuesday and she said yes. We went out for the first time as an official couple on Thursday and were out for ten hours. We had an amazing time. She makes me so deliriously happy that it’s kind of hard to believe it’s true, even still.

– I won’t have a job this fall at the News-Sun. Things are so bad there that existing staff got their salaries cut ten percent. That paper is on its way to the grave, unfortunately. I feel for the people that are making their livings there, because I’d say it’s a decent bet it won’t be around in five years.

– I took the GRE on Tuesday, which is scored like the SAT (out of 1600), and got a 1280. I was VERY thrilled about that. Now, next week I have housekeeping to take care of – recommendation letter check-ups, financial matters and essay to write. I’m kind of curious if I’m too late, actually, but I’m still buying into the person I called way back in February, who told me that I’d be good for fall enrollment if my application was complete by July.

So that’s how things are.

A. Bob

I have a date for a wedding six weeks from now. Pretty sure this girl’s gonna be around a long time.

I’m trying to think of something else to write about in this space, but there’s not a whole lot I have to add. Basically Amy is all I think about lately. Besides work, of course.

I’ll have Sunday night off, which will be nice. Not sure what to do with it yet, though.

My editor is annoying me. Every week he tries to get me to do stuff for the paper outside my normal schedule. It’s nice that he wants me to get hours and stuff, but he needs to get that my schedule is what it is and he can’t be messing with it. If he wants me available, on call, all the time, then his paper knows what it needs to do.

A. Bob