News in short:

– I have a girlfriend. I asked Amy to be my girlfriend on Tuesday and she said yes. We went out for the first time as an official couple on Thursday and were out for ten hours. We had an amazing time. She makes me so deliriously happy that it’s kind of hard to believe it’s true, even still.

– I won’t have a job this fall at the News-Sun. Things are so bad there that existing staff got their salaries cut ten percent. That paper is on its way to the grave, unfortunately. I feel for the people that are making their livings there, because I’d say it’s a decent bet it won’t be around in five years.

– I took the GRE on Tuesday, which is scored like the SAT (out of 1600), and got a 1280. I was VERY thrilled about that. Now, next week I have housekeeping to take care of – recommendation letter check-ups, financial matters and essay to write. I’m kind of curious if I’m too late, actually, but I’m still buying into the person I called way back in February, who told me that I’d be good for fall enrollment if my application was complete by July.

So that’s how things are.

A. Bob


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