Would my life be different – better – if I weren’t Catholic?

If I didn’t believe in a religion that essentially tells you that the worse off you are down here, the better off you will be up there, would my life down here be better? Would I have a job? None of the friends who have achieved job offers – graduating two years AFTER I did, they all achieved them well before I ever will – are practicing religious people that I know of. Would I be better off down here without being religious?

These are the stupid things I try to tell myself when I’m down about the state of my professional life. I try to come up with asinine defenses of these positions that make no sense to begin with. Maybe I don’t have a good job because I just flat-out haven’t earned one. I don’t know. I don’t feel like that’s true, but maybe it is. It’s as good an explanation as any right now.

A. Bob


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