Monthly Archives: October 2010

So I haven’t checked in in over 2 months, and Brianna inspired me to do so by being the first person on my subscriptions list to update in that same time frame, so..

I have an apartment now. Life is dramatically better than it was before. Even when I spent almost all of September having to spend nearly no money because a tire blowout ended up costing me almost my entire dispensary income for the month, life was still better than it would’ve been if I’d been stuck at home. I’m still a deadbeat with no real job, but at least I’m a deadbeat paying for my own place to live and my own cable TV.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t still issues. Amy’s desire to come spend nights with me was great until Mark, who I chose to live with, inexplicably decided he didn’t want me doing that even though I took pains to make sure he dealt with it as little as possible (as in, he works 3rd shifts, so I’d have Amy come over when I was done with work, when he’d already be gone, and she would leave when he was sleeping during the day). Truth be told, there are lots of things Mark has done or decided that have been inexplicable in this last month-plus, like occasionally eating my food even though one of the first things he said regarding living together was that we shouldn’t eat each other’s food (he reimburses me but it’s still annoying). Or like complaining about the kids that live around us making noise during the day – when the only reason he hears it is because he refuses to sleep in his own room – the bigger room, by the way, that he took at a cost of an extra 9 bucks a month rent. When I mentioned this to him during one of his rants about the ‘damn kids’, he said he shouldn’t have to change what he does for them. I have yet to broach the possibility that it’s slightly annoying to me that I can’t come out and use my TV or my PlayStation without waking him up, which I don’t like doing. I doubt it would change anything. In this roommate relationship, he wears the pants and I basically have to go along.

For instance, apparently we have to move apartments soon because of these kids. They keyed his car – or somebody did, anyway – and he flipped a lid and decided that was the last straw. This would be fine except that I barely noticed the key marks when he told me to go look at how ridiculously damaged his car was. So now because of all this we appear to be moving all the way across the complex, which means I get to haul all my crap that I just moved in here a month and a half ago and move again – to an upstairs apartment, no less. Can’t wait to carry all this crap and re-set everything yet again. I probably should have just waited until Jake’s lease was up and lived with him – I kind of could’ve predicted that Mark would be this weird and Jake seems lower-maintenance, though that might be wrong too for all we know. But at least he’d sleep in his room.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest, on to the next, better thing – Amy. When my tire blew out, she paid for one of the new tires. She insisted on it and wouldn’t let me stop her. Now that I’ve got some extra cash (the result of making obscene amounts of money in the last 8 days), I need to figure out some way to spend that 60 dollars on her. I have not figured out a good thing to do that would cost about that much that we could do together – or anything good to buy that would cost that much.

Things with us continue to get better. She spent the last two weeks house-sitting her grandmother’s place while she was on a cruise with her man, so we got to somewhat play house for a little while. And it stoked my desire to live with her even further. I’m hoping once my lease ends at the end of August 2011 that we can get some sort of place together. God willing, I will have a job by then and can afford somewhere better than here – not that Park Jefferson is trash or anything. It is actually much better than I assumed it would be. The kids making noise bothers me much less than Mark, who seems to think the whole building is his property and can’t see why little kids would run around and make noise, because apparently he was never 7 years old. Other than that, it’s pretty much like any other complex. But it would be nice to have a place a little more private – and for that matter permanent. She is taking me to the Notre Dame/Tulsa game for my birthday and it will be her first game. I can’t wait.

It’s really impossible to believe that I’m the same person who wrote all the incredibly sad entries that exist in the archives of this blog. I can scarcely remember a life where I didn’t have a wonderful girlfriend anymore, and I can’t describe how lucky I feel that she’s going to be the only girlfriend. I never wanted to be a person who dated around – I wanted to be happy, and I wanted to find someone who made me happy as soon as I could. She does.

There’s still a lot in my life that needs improving – no good job, no living without a roommate (which is what I really, truly want), and no time for friends. But things could be a lot worse right now, and that’s a huge improvement over the recent past.

A. Bob