Monthly Archives: November 2010

I swear, the only possible thing to happen at IHOP that would make the job completely intolerable to me, and it happens. The douchebaggy condescending prick of a manager who was there last summer and drove me insane with his bitter behavior towards me is back again and it took him exactly two hours into his first shift managing with me there to go right back to what he was before. Despite my perpetual patience as he continually told me to do things that no one else asks me to do, he decided that my work was so intolerable that he’d threaten to have me retrained. When I tried to explain that my work was perfectly adequate for every single other person that works there, he somehow twisted that into me blaming other managers for my own incompetence and/or laziness. My new strategy regarding him is simply not to speak to him unless given a direct question to answer, and explain to him said reasoning if he asks why I’m not speaking to him.

In the meantime, I am looking actively for another job again. I should have been doing this more often anyway, but laziness and (to this point) relative job satisfaction at IHOP kept me from doing so. But the place is a train wreck and I imagine it’s only a matter of time until I start getting screwed on hours or something like everyone else seems to be. I have already applied at Friday’s and Chili’s and today will apply at Nick’s Patio and Steak n’ Shake (the latter of which I hear is hiring) before I head into work. Steadily I plan to apply most everywhere I’d be qualified to work, mostly restaurants since that’s where my most recent experience is. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out of IHOP before they try to get rid of me, something I assume is only a matter of time. Also, I applied to be a teller at Wells Fargo and just completed a phone screening process. I doubt that comes to anything – the guy on the other end didn’t seem very impressed with my experience so far, nor should he have been. But at least I am trying.

Things are otherwise alright. I’m still perpetually broke, but I’ve gotten so used to that ever since shortly after college graduation that it barely even registers anymore, unfortunately. Things with Amy are still wonderful and getting better every day. We have become much stronger, I feel, by the separate issues – school and family troubles for her and employment/money issues for me – we are dealing with together. It’s truly a great thing to be a part of.

My 24th birthday was last week. I am getting far too old. It was a great day, though.

A. Bob