Monthly Archives: December 2010

I can’t wait to get engaged. Everyone else is. Kim became the umpteenth person in my life to get engaged and/or married since I graduated college. Heck, Michelle has done both – in the reverse order, of course…

I have to work Christmas Eve. I have to work Christmas Day. I will not get to go to church because I can’t find time between that and family gatherings. I feel like I am going to be the worst Catholic ever. I have been really awful this year in that way. By the way, I will have to work on New Year’s Eve as well. Someone find me a job that requires none of this.

Amy is quite literally my entire world. When I am not at work, I’m generally with her. And if I am not, I am sure as hell thinking about her. I always hoped I’d find a girl who’d want me to be the center of her world…I never imagined that I would find one who would be the center of mine. Somehow I found both. And believe me…if I can, anyone can.

On a tangentially related note, I will be attending the wedding of Reid Spitaels, Amy’s cousin. To this point in my life, the entirety of my relationship with Mr. Spitaels was reading his name repeatedly as PNN Sports anchor in high school when he starred on the baseball team. Funny how life works. Screw him, though, for scheduling a wedding on New Year’s Day and making me miss New Year’s Day football.

I love having an apartment. It is over 8 months until my lease is up. I already fear the end of it and possibly having to move home temporarily while figuring out another living situation.

A. Bob