Monthly Archives: February 2011

I would like my engagement ring I bought for Amy to arrive soon, please. It finally listed as ‘shipped’ in an e-mail update on Monday. It’s shipping from California, so I didn’t expect it immediately, but it had better freakin’ show up soon because I am getting nervous waiting for it. I have horrible luck with these things so I’m concerned about it arriving safely.


I have never in my entire life met someone who had less motivation to do anything than Mark. Literally all he does is work or sleep, except for the occasional sporting event he watches. It doesn’t even anger me anymore as much as it confuses me. Why waste your life away so much?

The sad thing is, he and Brooks, the ones who never want to date or even have women around unless they’re drunk and horny, think they’re right on how to live their lives rather than seeing what pathetic jokes their lives have become.

My life isn’t much, but at least I try to enjoy it. My roommate doesn’t even seem willing to try.

So I bought a car yesterday. An orange 2006 Chevrolet Aveo. It’s a nice little car and it gets good mileage and it should last a very long time – it has only 55,000 miles on it. I am scheduled to be paying it off for the next 5.5 years, though I will do my best to get it paid off sooner (and I surely hope that somewhere in there I will get a good job that will enable me to do just that).

Amy was wonderful this week. She shuttled me everywhere and refused to let me pay for any meals. I feel bad because now I am going to have to stop spending much money on her. I’ve done some calculations and I’m basically going to have no money to spend on anything other than food and gas. I kind of feel like I made an impulsive decision and that I should have just sucked it up and paid for the alternator. On the other hand, I had to get a car eventually…I don’t know. Either way, I have the car now, and I’m going to be paying more to drive it (and insure it) than I am for my current place to live. If I can last the next 6 months, hopefully I can live with Amy after that and save some money.

It is going to be a very rough time until I figure this out, but in every other way, things in my life are better than they have ever been. I talked to Kim recently – it’s too bad that she is no longer remotely close to me, but it happens – and I told her the same thing. I have an army of people trying to help me, between Amy, her family, my family, and a few close friends, not to mention the managers at work, where I seem to be more popular than I ever have been before. I never had this in school, and I have it now. It’s pretty wonderful.

Back to work. I have been working 12-8 pm shifts a lot lately and they are awesome. It enables me to have the late evenings off, which helps immensely, and I have been making much more money. It’s been such a help to me and it’s the only reason I feel like I might be okay with this car – because I am presuming that as long as I have those shifts I will make more money than I have been. Worst-case scenario is that I might have to figure out another job to squeeze into my already ridiculous schedule, but I’m sure I could get one if I had to. I feel better about myself today than I maybe ever have. I really am growing up.

A. Bob