Monthly Archives: April 2011

Why did I have to end up friends with so many people who had so many problems with women? And why was I dumb enough to actually believe that the person I chose to live with meant it when he said he wouldn’t have a problem with my girlfriend coming over?

I at least understand Brooks’s complaint with women even though I don’t agree with him. His parents split up, and his dad married and divorced again. From all I heard of the second marriage, it was not to a great woman at all, though I got to know and like Brooks’s mom when he lived with her. And on top of that, the only girl he ever actually was vulnerable with callously dumped him on Thanksgiving and it seems like she basically strung him along. So I at least get why he has a big problem with women. I don’t understand why Mark does apart from his selfish need to control all aspects of his living situation. That need makes me wonder why on Earth he agreed to live with me knowing I had a girlfriend. He doesn’t need a roommate, certainly not as much as I do. He makes plenty of money and has a job that allows him to take a seemingly infinite number of days off. He could have easily gotten his own place and been able to do whatever he wanted.

I did need a roommate when I moved in. I don’t really anymore, though – although it would certainly be tight without a roommate, it wouldn’t be any tighter than it was for me from September-December here before I got the 12-8s shifts that basically saved my life. I’m definitely looking forward to getting out of here and living by myself – and right now the leading contender is Autumn Lakes, because of its proximity to Amy and the fact that it fills every need on the checklist we have. However, I reserve the right to look for a cheap house if I can find one. The only thing I know is I don’t want a roommate anymore. I’m too old for one and whatever problems Mark has, I feel like I’d probably find issues with anyone I would live with. I just don’t particularly like living with people – it was awesome in college when you didn’t have many responsibilities and lots of free time, but it’s not so good anymore.

Just over four months until I can get out of here, and get a place of my own – emphasis on the last three words. It’s time for me to live by myself, something that’s never happened in my lifetime. Long overdue.

A. Bob