Monthly Archives: September 2011

I’m about goddamned sick and tired of being put on blast by absolutely everyone all the time. It seems like whenever I make a mistake – or am perceived to have made a mistake – it gets blown up into a big thing every time no matter who is calling me on it. Any other mistakes are seemingly shrugged off with minimal drama, but God forbid if I make a mistake. I get cussed out, yelled at, de-friended, whatever stupid shit can be done to me will be done. And it’s all so stupid. I’m tired of being friends with 5 year olds who overreact to every stupid little thing. And that includes Mark too, not just Brooks, who might just be the most pathetic individual I’ve ever met in my entire life. I’m sick of it. I deserve friends that will let me make a mistake or two without yelling at me, without blasting me about it. I deserve friends who will let the occasional mistake slide without making me feel like shit for making it.

But I don’t have those. I have my overgrown fucking babies like Mark and Brooks and RJ. Well, screw that. I’m about done. I need to get out and start my life with Amy. I am better than this and I will NOT be made to feel like a screw-up just because everyone in the world apparently thinks I’m the worst piece of shit ever. I’m done, done, done, DONE. I’m almost 25 goddamn years old and I’m sick of feeling like I’m going through high school drama.