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I’m soon going to be a jobless married guy with no prospects and no friends, since not dropping everything and racing to whatever half-baked plans a friend happens to throw at you is grounds for yelling at you these days.

I’ve never been more sure that I won’t get a job. There’s just no hope.



Yes, it’s here, all the ND football games I’ve been to, from game 1 nine years ago to game 41 last season.

November 1, 1997: ND 21, Navy 17 (Rossum pushes Navy guy out at 1 on final-play Hail Mary to preserve winning streak over the Middies)

Went With: My Papa

October 3, 1998: ND 35, Stanford 17

Went With: My dad

October 31, 1998: ND 27, Baylor 3 (Autry Denson sets new all-time ND career rushing record)

Went With: Travis Cool

October 2, 1999: ND 34, Oklahoma 30 (ND comes back from down 30-13)

Went With: My Uncle Don

October 16, 1999: ND 25, USC 24 (New record for largest ND comeback in stadium history, as they come back from down 24-3; also the game in which the wind mysteriously shifted in ND’s favor in the 4th quarter)

Went With: My dad

September 2, 2000: ND 24, Texas A&M 10

Went With: My dad and grandparents

October 28, 2000: ND 34, Air Force 31 (OT) (Glenn Earl blocks FG at end of regulation, Joey Getherall scores winning TD directly below where I’m sitting)

Went With: My mom

September 22, 2001: Michigan State 17, ND 10 (First game after 9/11; the “DAVIE, YOU SUCK!” game; Safety Blitz II as ND loses on a long TD from a passing down on a stupid decision by Davie to blitz the safeties for the 2nd time in 2 years)

Went With: My dad and grandparents

September 7, 2002: ND 24, Purdue 17 (ND scores 3 defensive touchdowns, including 2 in 10 seconds in the first quarter)

Went With: Budd, the Ceravolos and Brock (program selling)

September 14, 2002: ND 25, Michigan 23 (Walton intercepts Navarre to clinch)

Went With: Budd, the Ceravolos and Brock (program selling)

October 5, 2002: ND 31, Stanford 7 (ND scores two defensive touchdowns inside of a minute in 3rd quarter)

Went With: Budd, the Ceravolos and Brock (program selling)

October 12, 2002: ND 14, Pittsburgh 6

Went With: Budd, the Ceravolos and Brock (program selling); I also took Mark in with me for his birthday

November 2, 2002: BC 14, ND 7 (Ty pulls out the green jerseys…I was excited, damn me)

Went With: Budd, the Ceravolos and Brock (program selling)

November 23, 2002: ND 42, Rutgers 0 (Holiday ties the then-ND record of 4 TD passes, ND has highest-scoring 3rd quarter in team history with 28 points)

Went With: Mark (program selling)

September 6, 2003: ND 29, Washington State 26 (OT) (Brady Quinn’s first appearance in an ND uniform)

Went With: Mark (program selling)

September 20, 2003: Michigan State 22, ND 16 (Carlyle Holiday’s last start for ND)

Went With: Mark (program seling)

October 18, 2003: USC 45, ND 14

Went With: no one (program selling)

October 23, 2004: BC 24, ND 23 (Seriously, why did we send Fitzpatrick out for a 57-yard field goal to try to win the game?)

Went With: My mom

October 15, 2005: USC 34, ND 31 (Best college football game this century)

Went With: Megan and my grandparents

October 22, 2005: ND 49, BYU 23 (Brady Quinn sets ND record with six TD passes, breaks single-season TD pass record at ND; Maurice Stovall sets ND record with 14 catches and 4 TD receptions)

Went With: Connor, Megan and her friend Natalie

September 16, 2006: Michigan 47, ND 21

Went With: My mom

October 7, 2006: ND 31, Stanford 10

Went With: My dad, then-stepmom, then-stepbrother, Connor, Cameron, Megan and my dad’s old friend Gordon Moore

September 1, 2007: Georgia Tech 33, ND 3

Went With: My mom

September 6, 2008: ND 21, San Diego State 13

Went With: Bobby and his mom

September 13, 2008: ND 35, Michigan 17

Went With: My mom

October 4, 2008: ND 28, Stanford 21

Went With: Mark

November 1, 2008: Pittsburgh 36, ND 33 (4 OTs)

Went With: My mom

September 19, 2009: ND 33, Michigan State 30

Went With: My mom

October 24, 2009: ND 20, Boston College 16

Went With: My mom

November 7, 2009: Navy 23, ND 21

Went With: My mom

September 4, 2010: ND 23, Purdue 12

Went With: My old roommate Chris

October 16, 2010: ND 44, Western Michigan 20

Went With: Mark

October 30, 2010: Tulsa 28, ND 27

Went With: My mom and Amy

September 3, 2011: South Florida 23, ND 20

Went With: My mom

September 17, 2011: ND 31, Michigan State 13

Went With: My mom

October 22, 2011: USC 31, ND 17 (First night game at the Stadium since 1990)

Went With: My mom

October 29, 2011: ND 56, Navy 14

Went With: Amy

November 3, 2012: ND 29, Pittsburgh 26 (3 OT) – leader in the clubhouse for craziest ND win I’ve ever attended

Went With: My mom

September 21, 2013: ND 17, Michigan State 13

Went With: Amy

October 11, 2014: ND 50, North Carolina 43

Went With: Mark

September 19, 2015: ND 30, Georgia Tech 22

Went With: Amy

October 29, 2016: ND 30, Miami 27 (My son Matthew’s first visit to Notre Dame!)

Went With: Amy

I feel so aimless sometimes.

Every week is the same. I work four days, then I get Saturday to watch football, then I work Sunday and watch football the rest of the day. I feel like I am not doing enough.

My mood isn’t helped by my friends, who continue to make everything I do a subject of their own personal microscope so that they can make fun of me, rip me, or otherwise tell me I’m a failure as a friend and a person. Anything I do is wrong, and nothing I do is right. It’s that simple.

How else to explain my suggesting going to the Penn at Goshen sectional final game if it happened, specifically saying I had no interest in going all the way to Ft. Wayne if Carroll had beaten Goshen, then not going when Carroll did…and being accused of going back on something I’d said? I get ripped for everything.

I’m always being told how whipped I am. I continue to be shocked that anyone is surprised by this. I made no bones over the first 22-odd years of my life about the fact that I was desperate to be loved, desperate to find a girl who cared about me. Just read my earliest entries to see how pathetic I was in search of that. I found it, and now I take full advantage of it by spending a lot of my time with her. I prefer doing that over most anything else. I’d call myself lucky more so than whipped. But I suppose that’s up to the beholder.

I’m aimless too because of a lack of job prospects. I’ve applied here and there for stuff, anything that I might be qualified for that I find on this journalism job site I found. I have heard nothing. One recent automated message, and that’s it. I’ve got nothing. I work for Dave at the Goshen News, yes, but that has as much chance of turning into something as all the other crap I’ve done over the years – basically none.

I feel smothered by the people I spend time with here. I think I should move. Not necessarily far away, but far enough away that I can have my own life and not be pestered. There was a time when the idea of leaving this area, unless there was a job involved, wasn’t good with me. That time is gone. I no longer really feel like making this place my home, knowing that forevermore I’ll be stuck with the people who live here, because they are not leaving either.

This all stems from my need for a job. If I had new co-workers, new money and new people to spend time with, I might be freed from all this. But I don’t know anymore how I’m ever going to make that happen.

A. Bob