Monthly Archives: April 2014

I probably (check that, definitely) shouldn’t care what other women do with their lives, not since I became a happily married man – after all, what they do doesn’t concern me anymore, if it ever did.

But holy shit, some women are so annoying in their choices. Putting up with being screwed over — twice — and letting the guy come back for more. From the outside looking in, without being there, it just seems like that choice was made because said guy makes a lot of money and can take her to do all sorts of expensive stuff. I know that’s probably not what it is — online posts can only tell so much of the story — but it just makes me angry. Being married is the greatest thing of all time, but it’s not a memory-eraser. I can still remember my life for the 22.5 years before I met Amy. And my inner loser is really pissed on behalf of any really great guys there are who will probably never get a chance to be with her because she wouldn’t cast that chump aside as he deserved to be after screw-up no. 2.

As for the other woman driving this sub-entry, I know even less about her, but I can only assume there’s a really good reason to date someone old enough to be your parent, who has children of his own, and isn’t a particularly handsome gentleman. I can only assume.

The only thing I know is that, while women are probably as a whole smarter than men, there’s no way in hell they’re smarter when it comes to romantic decisions. Because I’ve never met a great girl who didn’t meet a great guy beyond, like, age 22. Guys are smart and snap up good girls. But too many girls seem content to just grab whoever’s there and the hell if it makes sense.

This is a weird way to break up a long gap between posts, but I didn’t have anywhere else to put this, so there you are.

I’ll update my life later. (I can’t believe anyone actually reads this because I never publicized its existence after moving it here from Xanga…but I’ll do it anyway.)

A. Bob