Monthly Archives: May 2014

Aug. 2013: I buy an elliptical with the intent of losing weight. After about two months of use, it breaks. We try to get replacement parts sent to us, and each time we do, there’s a new reason why the elliptical wouldn’t work. Ultimately, gave up.

Mar. 2014: I buy another elliptical, in utter desperation to lose weight due to my ballooning even further past my already-fat weight. After less than a month of use, it breaks. We get replacement parts. After two weeks, it breaks.

This coming after my ability to run was taken away by shin splints, my ability to stay fit any other way was taken away by us not having $100/month to join a gym, and now this.

I don’t know why God wants me to be fat. Apparently He does. I can only assume this because every single possible avenue I had to stay fit has been taken away from me.

Someday I’ll get some answers.