Monthly Archives: February 2016

The idea of not believing in God is extremely depressing. Like, even if I didn’t objectively think there was a God (and I do), I’d probably still choose to believe in one anyway. What’s the alternative? Believe this is it? Believe that these 70 or so years out of the entire existence of planet Earth is all you get, and then you’re worm food for the rest of time? Pardon my French, but that’s fucking depressing. If that’s actually true, I’d really rather not know about it.

I do legitimately think there’s a God, though. There’s no ‘hard’ evidence of it, true. But any God worth believing in wouldn’t want everyone to know He existed, in my opinion. He’d leave it open to belief. It means more when people believe because they believe than it does if they believe it because they experienced a real-life “Heaven Is For Real” moment.

Unfortunately, because there’s no ‘hard’ evidence of it, you get people like Ricky Gervais and Neil deGrasse Tyson and 8,000 random yahoos in Facebook arguments about Planned Parenthood or LGBT rights who want to make sure you know how much better they think they are because they don’t believe in God, or as they always refer to Him, “fairy tales”, “unicorns”, or whatever pejorative fantasy term they have on their tongue at the time. I often wonder what the endgame is for people like that — if they’re actually excited about the prospect that as soon as they die, that’s the end of them being aware of anything. Eternal nothingness for billions of years. I dunno, if I actually believed in that, I don’t know that I’d be so fired up to shove it in the face of anyone who didn’t.

I long since gave up on the idea we’ll get to a place where people do believe. A large portion of society is content to make the subject taboo. The Bible often says you’re supposed to proselytize, spread the Word, and the reason I don’t really is mostly just because people don’t want to hear it. Everyone in my life is intelligent enough to know about God and what He represents (I think), and they don’t need me to tell them. Being a white straight Christian male has become, if not an outright bad thing, certainly not something to celebrate, and no one really wants to hear what any of us think about anything, least of all God.

(Did I forget to use the word ‘cis’ in my description of myself? Oh, wait, that’s right. Words that were made up about 99.7% of the population to make 0.3% of the population feel normal are fucking stupid. That’s why I didn’t use it. Never mind.)

Anyway, I don’t know really what the point was of my writing this. I’m just bored at work and have had this topic bouncing around the back of my head for quite a while — thought I’d get it out.

A. Bob